The Best BDO Horse Training Imperial Delivery Guide

Horses in Black Desert Online assist players in getting from one location to the other in minimal time. Horses not just allow players to move quicker, but they even offer hours of strategizing as users study horse data in order to educate, train, and raise the finest horses.

The Life Skill devoted to horse training may be entertaining, particularly if players have the opportunity to equip and fight with their horses!

How to Acquire a Horse

The Stable Keepers

IN BDO, the stable keeper sells some of the best horses. Speak with the stable keeper, then go to the lower corner of the screen, redirecting yourself to the central horse market, where you may sort by level, skill, or breed to find the horse you want.

You can also hit the M button on your keyboard. Doing so will bring up the horse market on your screen, from where players may see all the horses that they can buy.

This option, however, does not allow you to purchase a horse. To purchase a horse, you must talk to the stable keeper.

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Capture Horses From The Wild

When capturing a horse, you’ll require two things: a chunk of raw sugar (available in the market) or raw sugar acquired from any culinary NPC in the game, mixed with water from another cooking NPC.

When you heat ten raw sugars with 1x mineral water, you’ll obtain raw sugar clumps. A catching rope, which you can get from most stable keepers, is also required. After that,  you must locate horses to capture.

When you get to a location that has wild horses, grab the rope plus raw sugar chunks and place them in the game’s hot bar. You have to use the raw sugar chunks to select the horse you want to capture in the location, then sneak up behind it and push the rope and toss.

After this, you have to move closer to the horse, and a mini-game will start. You must play this game to catch the horse. Next, you have to feed the horse raw sugar lumps open, being close to it. That’s it, you have tamed the horse, and you can bring it home with you!

The catch is that catching a horse is dependent on the number of raw sugar chunks you gave the wild horse. The process might still go wrong. Upon success, you have to ride the horse to the stable keeper and speak with him for your horse’s registration.

Trading/Training Gear for Imperial Horses

As far as gear is considered, you simply have to use generic supplies. There are various levels for the accessories. You may get extra mastery by picking up life skill items like Manos or Loggia. Mastery may also be gained by wearing life skill clothes.

There are many outfits to select from, each of which grants you an EXP boost and mastery. Even if you are not interested in horse instruction, riding crops are an essential tool to have. This gear improves your mastery.

Mastery increases your chances of levelling up as well as your movement speed. Having a riding crop also boosts your horse’s max speed as well as your max autorun pace. You will go farther and earn more EXP when your autorun is quicker. Since it is not applicable to multi-horse levelling, this is critical if you intend on levelling up only one horse.

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Training for AFK Horses

Duvencrune is the best place to AFK level your horses. T4/T5 horses are frequently seen outside of Duvencrune, which explains why. Furthermore, since you will be inside a town, your horse is safe from any threats. Bring out a horse, line it up in the street, view the map, select a place, such as the stable keeper, choose “set auto loop route”, tick the first checkbox, exit the map, then press T.

You’re already levelling your horse AFK this way. You can speed things up by buying goods that help your horse move faster, such as a horseshoe gear slot. For imperial trade, raise the horse’s level up to 15.

Multiple Horses Training

You’ll need a wagon for training more than one horse. The Merchant Wagon comes highly recommended. To purchase a wagon, head to the market and search for a wagon.

Merchant wagons and noble wagons are the two types of four-horse carts available, so you may choose one depending on how much cash you have and what your preferences are.

After you’ve received your wagon, you’ll need to register it, select it, and link it. Then you pick the horses for the wagon, get inside it, align it with the route, and repeat the process with your map to begin AFK levelling up to a particular place. Carry on like this till your horses reach level 15.

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Imperial Trading

Your horse will now be able to be sold to the imperial merchant once it has reached level 15. To do so, mouse over the horse, then tap on it to unhook it from the wagon. You can now sell your horse by clicking the “Imperial Horse Delivery” button.

Here, seals are the most precious items. To exchange your horse for Black Essence: Viper, which you can use to create Black Magic Crystal – Viper, utilize 12 of these seals. Every Black Essence: Viper is worth 33 mil silver and may be purchased on the market. If you were to AFK horse train every night, you’d make somewhere between 30 and 40 million dollars per night simply from seals. Pretty great for someone who is just AFKing!

It will be a course if you see a gold symbol on your horse’s chest, as this means you can sell it for a higher price in the market as compared to the imperial merchant’s bid.

To sell your horse in the central market, select it and then click “register at the market,” which will display the current market price for the horse.

There you go! We hope this helps you easily train and trade horses the next time you play Black Desert Online. Have a great day!

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