Black Desert Online – Ring of Power Quest – Explained

One of the factors that made Black Desert Online a significant hit among its players worldwide is its action-packed adventures. The adventures in the black desert are awe-inspiring based on their semblance to real-life events and activities.

Just as in a real-life situation, any gift from the royal family is greatly valued. The same is also true of the black desert. The Ring of Power is one of such gifts you can receive from the royal family in the black desert. Being a gift from royalty, the Ring of Power is highly valued by players. What is the Ring of Power, and how can one get it? We will discuss everything you need to know in this article.

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The Ring of Power BDO; What Is It?

The ring of power is a ring bestowed upon a player by Sahazad Nesser, the King of Valencia. This ring belongs to the royal family. It is highly valued because of the way it can help a payer boost up his attack. Any player having this ring in his possession has automatically boosted his attacking power and accuracy by +11AP and 6CC, respectively.

A ring with such positive influence in attack and accuracy received free of charge is highly valuable and sought after by players in the black desert. So, how can you obtain the ring of power in Black Desert? You have to follow our step-by-step guide to get it.

How To Get The Ring of Power in the Black Desert?

The Name of the Quest that Leads to Obtaining the Ring of Power: The quest you must complete to obtain the ring of power is called an Ominous Sign Quest.

Quests you must complete before qualifying for an Ominous Sign Quest: Before qualifying for an ominous sign quest, you must complete the Valencia storyline quest and the Kamasylvia story quest.

How to Prepare for This Quest?

Ensure you have enough AP build before embarking on the ominous sign quest. This is because part of the missions you will fulfill in this quest-line is killing off 550 high-level Pila Ku mobs. You need enough attack power to accomplish that. You should also have supplies that will sustain you in Pila Ku Jail. You will spend considerable time slaying 550 Pila Ku mobs.

  • Level needed for the Quest: It is advisable to be in level 58 and above because of the demand of this level.
  • Duration of Quest: About 40 minutes.

Procedures of Quest

  1. Use an NPC locator to locate Purajin. Then travel to meet King Nesser by carefully following the directions of the quest locator. On meeting King Nesser, speak to him and follow his instructions.
  2. Follow the quest pointer in the direction of Barhan Nesser. On meeting Barhan Nesser, he will give you the task of killing off 550 Pila Ku mobs.
  3. Travel to Pila Ku Jail. Pila Ku is located south of Valencia. On reaching the Pila Ku Jail, kill off the 550 Pila Ku mobs.
  4. Travel back to the City of Valencia and follow the directions of the quest pointer to meet King Nesser.
  5. King Nesser will assign you the “Prayer of Purification” Quest.
  6. Follow the quest pointer to Saya Nesser, and you will be assigned to embark on the “Seed of Ruin” quest by Saya. The mission for this quest is to search the box that contains the seal of the royal family. On exploring this box, you will get a key.
  7. Go back to Saya with the discovered key. Saya will instruct you to throw the key at Gavinya Great Crater.
  8. Follow the quest-pointer to the Gavinya Great Crater and throw the key inside.
  9. Go back to Saya in Valencia.
  10. To complete the Ominous Sign Quest, speak to King Sahazad Nesser and claim your Ring of Power as your reward.

Now that you have gotten the much-coveted ring of power, you need to wear it and enjoy the extra boost it gives you in attack and accuracy.

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Players of Black Desert Online are constantly looking out for avenues to boost their attack and accuracy. One of the ways they can accomplish that is by possessing the ring of power. The ring of power is highly valued in the black desert since it is a reward from the royal family.

Success in completing an Ominous Sign Quest will deliver the Ring of Power to the player. A player should be in level 58 and above before embarking on this quest because of the challenges of killing off 550 Pila Ku mobs. By completing all the tasks and missions involved in an Ominous Sign Quest, the player will be rewarded with the much sought-after Ring of Power.

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