How To Whistle For A Horse In Black Desert Online?

In Black Desert Online, horses play a very important role. They help us save time in the game by transporting to desired locations. In addition, horses develop a strategy for players as they are effective in combat. Taming your horse makes you better equipped and acquires life skills.

A horse whistle is a tool rather than a weapon. It can be a part of training to develop life skills. However, how to whistle for a horse in Black Desert Online?

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How to Whistle for a Horse?

In Black Desert Online, a whistle is a signal for the horse to come to you. It is not a weapon that you can use on your enemy, but it is found under the tool tab of the Connor’s Weapon Wheel.

The whistle is used as an item like a triangle or a Y in the game. Once the whistle goes off, the horse will automatically come to you. It means the horse symbol will appear mechanically on the mini-map as an assassin symbol.

Will My Horse Respond to the Whistle?

Responding to a whistle is part of the training. If your horse is well trained, it will come on the sound of the whistle. The horses also learn from their pasture mates. If one horse responds to the whistle, other horses will also follow him and respond to the whistle. Remember to pen your horse in a limited area so that he can hear your whistle and respond.

Will My Horse Hear a Dog Whistle?

As highlighted earlier, training a horse for whistles is the important part. A horse can hear basic sounds that we humans can hear. In addition, horses can also listen to sounds of higher pitch that humans cannot hear.

However, the sound rise is not as high as dogs and cats can hear. A horse will listen to a dog whistle but will be confused about the direction from where it is coming. Moreover, you can train your horse and see if it responds in the game.

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How Can You Obtain Horses?

There are various methods in the game to obtain horses. Here are some ways to get a horse.

  • Horse Quest: There is a quest in the game that earns a reward of a tier 5 horse.
  • Horse Breeding: You can breed at least two horses in the stable with a stable keeper.
  • Horse Taming: You can capture a horse at specific locations in the forest and tame it.
  • Horse Market: There are marketplaces in the game where you can buy a horse. You can also buy a horse from a stable keeper at 15K.


Animals are important assets in Black Desert Online. If you have a horse, you have upskilled yourself for many resources, including mounted battles. Training the horse is also an important aspect of the game. A horse whistle is just one way to tame your horse to be at your disposal in no time.

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