What is Guild Storage Used for in Black Desert Online?

Society Storage is a component of Guilds that is opened when the Guild has around 20 individuals. Society Storage utilizes its arrangement of Storage Chests, which players should buy with NX. One Storage Chest costs 7,900 NX. There can be a total of 21 Storage Chests in a Guild Storage.

General Usage

Society Storage permits anybody of a similar organization to share things. This tries not to mail expenses with the Mailbox and can be utilized to share numerous things rapidly. The Guild Storage can likewise hold up to 10 million gold.


The Guild Master can set limitations on what every part rank can access with the Guild Storage. Limitations include pulling out or storing gold or things.

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How to Create (Band) or Disband the Guild?

To make a society, you will require 100,000 silver. Talk with the Manager of the Guild (NPC) to make a society. On the off chance that you attain a Clan, you could redesign it and convert it to a society. However, doing so would require a similar amount of silver. As a player, you would keep the family name or title when you move up to society, and you should dole out an agreement to every one of your individuals.

Organization (Guild) names could have a maximum of 10 characters and exclude swearing words or unique characters. Organizations get going with 80K silver (resources) in the society bank. These assets must be constrained by the organization’s domination and cannot be utilized for individual use. To disband an organization, society should have no members.

Guild (Activity)

To acquire society movement, you should have a functioning agreement. You will acquire society movement each time you add to your organization experience. This should be possible by step up a calling, acquiring commitment focuses, or expanding your greatest energy.

The quickest method to procure a ton of organization movement is by adding to society missions or tasks. In the GMS Window (Guild Member Position or Status), there would be two numbers in green color and white color which show an individual’s movement focuses in the organization.

White numbers demonstrate your all-out action and convey across if you or the player changes organization yet will be split. The green number shows the sum you have acquired while under your present agreement. The green count would reset each time you go for another agreement.

Guild Bank

The storage of Guild is utilized to pay the salary of individuals or purchase things from the organization shop. Day-by-day payment will be dispersed every day at noon, and the organization part should acknowledge the compensation that very day. The organization store can be gotten to by the society master, officials, and officers.

The organization expert can utilize the society assets unbounded yet should set a stipend for some other part to have the option to use assets in the store. For example, 10 million silver can be distributed to a part to use as a stipend. Whenever this has been spent, it should be given again by the society ace.

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Skills of Guild

Every time a society acquires a Contribution experience or finishes an organization’s journey, the organization procures insight. When the organization steps up, the Guild Master can put focus on social abilities and open them. There are latent abilities that are applied following the society ace has placed focuses into them, and there are additionally dynamic abilities that require a thing called “Promise of Blood.”

The thing can be purchased in the society store for 3k silver each and utilized by the organization’s master officials. All individuals with a society agreement will get the buff when the focus is placed on the expertise.

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