MapleStory IED – How Does It Work And How Much Do You Need It?

Are you an online gaming enthusiast? If you are, you are probably familiar with the game MapleStory. If you haven’t yet played the game, you should know that it is well worth your time.

MapleStory is a 2D premier MMORPG side-scrolling, launched by Wizet, a South Korean Company, in April 2003. Over the years, several narratives of the game were introduced for specific regions or countries, each getting published by different companies. Nexon, Shanda, AsiaSoft, Gamania were included in this list.

In the game, you have to explore the Maple World. To move ahead, you need to defeat the monsters and develop their characters’ abilities and skills, just like other RPGs. MapleStory also allows you to interact with other players in multiple ways. Furthermore, you can create or join a group of players to join parties to hunt monsters and share rewards. 

MapleStory has been around for quite a while now. It’s not a surprise that it has an IED (In-Game Explosive Device) that can be used in the game. On MapleStory, IEDs are rare because they have a low spawn rate and are not easy to find. They also have a long cool-down time, so they should be used as needed.

What are IEDs

MapleStory IED is a one of the weapons that players have at their disposal It does not require any specialties, but it requires all the usual weapon skills. IEDs are bombs that can be planted and detonated at will by players. When it is detonated, the blast from the IED will cause all players within its range to take damage. The damage done by these bombs depends on many factors such as range, duration of time for which it is set up, power of explosion and other factors. This explosive weapon, when used, has a random chance of producing an electric shock along with the blast that it creates, making it more difficult for players to get close without being harmed or killed. A player might injure members of their own party.

How To Find an IED

Players of the game can find IEDs by killing a player in-game with the IED. Players should remember that this weapon does require a skill.The dead player will drop the item. Players can also get IEDs by completing certain missions for the “Convoy” quest line or through tycoon shops.

IED Hacking 

Players who don’t want to spend money on the game have the option of using an IED map to hack into other players’ accounts and steal their items. A player can do this by downloading a MapleStory IED map, which is usually free, from a website. Then they enter the account details of another player and get access to all their items for free. 

There are some limitations with this, though. Firstly, there’s no guarantee that the hacked account will have enough money for the player who has hacked it to continue playing, so they might need to work more jobs or sell more items on the market if they want to keep going in the market game. Secondly, when players hack each other’s accounts, it messes up both users’ accounts. Some people might think that hacking a player account is really hard to do, but in reality, it’s not. All you need is a stolen password and the MapleStory game account that you want to get into. 

Is Hacking Ethical?

Some people want to hack MapleStory and take advantage of the game mechanics in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. A hacking account is when someone uses an external program to alter the game data file, including players’ stats and items.That way they can do things like mine more resources or occasionally teleport just by pressing a button in their hacking software without having to play the game themselves or spend hours training their character’s skill points so that they have enough magic power for teleportation and any other special skills players may have gained. Hacking is taking a chance, the chance that the hacked player has an IED.

Why an IED Is A Must-Have

MapleStory IEDs are used to deal severe damage to enemies. It is a must-have in the game for those who want to level up fast. They are like a bomb that can be dropped on an enemy and then detonated by pressing a button. The player has to be close enough to work correctly, but there is no range limit. Being that they are challenging to find, a player should use IED sparingly. If one considers hacking, then one should think if this is an ethical means to obtain IEDs. There is no guarantee that the hacked player will have an IED or any valuable items and points to justify the hacking. 

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