How to Get Roaring Magical Armor in Black Desert Online?

Life in the photo-realistic fantasy world of Black Desert Online does not only fascinate but can throw up some challenges. Some of these challenges may come in the form of wars. No Black Desert Online player wants to lose any conquest. 

One of the easiest ways to win off all your conquests in BDO is to reduce the extent of damage from opponents’ attacks. You can do this by either reducing the damages from opponents’ attacks that land or by evading the attacks.

Armors are valued by players of BDO for their defensive capability. Roaring magical armor is high-grade armor in Black Desert Online renowned for boosting your Defensive points (DP). This armor will equip you to win your combats. Let’s guide you on how to get this armor in the Black Desert Online.

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Why Should You Get the Roaring Magical Armor in BDO?

  1. Roaring magical armor boosts your defense: This makes you strong in evading attacks and reducing damages from monsters and other opponent’s attacks that land.
  1. It emits powerful energies: These energies are powerful and magical. It will aid you in warding off attacks from enemies.
  1. It can help you to survive while fighting witches and wizards: You will need a lot of maneuverability to evade the attacks of these witches and wizards. Only a robust Health Life enhanced by acquiring The Roaring Magical Armor can help you survive the demonic attacks. 
  1. It increases your Health Point (HP), with Max 50+ Hp.
  1. The increased Health Point (HP) also increases the weight limit of your character.
  1. It is durable: You will enjoy the benefits of a Roaring Magical Armor for a long time.

How to Get the Roaring Magical Armor — A Step-to-Step Guide for Beginners and Experts of BDO

As that wise saying goes, nothing good comes easy. What it means is that getting the Roaring Magical Armor is not an easy task. However, based on its many benefits, it should be a task you are willing to meet with joy. The quests that lead up to acquiring the roaring magical armor are not that difficult. You simply have to follow instructions and prepare for it to achieve your roaring magical armor successfully. The steps are stated below.

Step 1: Obtain your Dim Magical Armor: 

You must first obtain your Dim Magical Armor by completing the main quest, “Looking of Adventurers,” and then the Mediah main quest.

An alternate method of obtaining the Dim Magical Armor is completing the quest “Boss Witch-Hunting” and “World of Enemies #6: Hexe sanctuary Skeleton”.

Step 2: Go for your Magical Armor Exchange I:

You will receive the questline for this armor exchange from black spirits.

Step 3: Proceed with Magical Armor Exchange II:

You have to visit the blacksmith in Altinova. Engage him in discussions for the new quest. You will be directed to go and defeat the enemies of Calpheon. 

Step 4: Go back for Magical Armor Exchange III: 

You will be given the questline for Magical Armor Exchange III. The black spirit will direct you to Long Leave to receive your reward for defeating the enemies of Calpheon.

Step 5: Magical Armor Exchange IV:

Visit Savena at the Longleaf Tree Sentry Post. Hand your Dim Magical Shield to him and receive Roaring Magical Armor, a Concentrated Magical Power shield.

Now that you have gotten your Roaring Magical Armor, you can enjoy its many benefits.

Some players of Black Desert Online have complained that they have gotten the Dim Magical Armor without being able to access the questline for Roaring Magical Armor. As a solution, it is suggested that your level should be about 56 and above before you can access the questline for Roaring Magical Armor.

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The Roaring Magical Armor is valued for the extra boost it adds to defenses. It can increase the health life of your character and help you in winning off conquests. Before you can access the quests that lead to your acquiring The Roaring Magical Armor, you have to get to level 56 and above. 

Obtaining the Dim Magical Armor is a prerequisite before questing for The Roaring Magical Armor. The black spirits initiate the quests that lead to your acquiring the roaring magical armor. After completing four different Dim Armor Exchange quests, you will be rewarded with The Roaring Magical Armor. 

So, that’s pretty much it. All the things and tactics we discussed in this article are practically legit and working. Various experienced and OG gamers guided us a lot in writing this article for you. We hope it was a fun read for you. 

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