How to Make Honey Wine in Black Desert Online?

As a solitary product, honey wine does not have much significance, only offering minimal damage reduction. Still, most players consider honey wine a very lucrative item to prepare for imperial cooking delivery. The method of preparing honey wine is pretty straightforward, but there are a few extra steps that must be kept in mind. Here’s how to make honey wine in BDO:

The BDO Honey Wine Recipe

  • 6 x Water
  • 2 x Sugar
  • 2 x Essence of Liqueur
  • 3 x Cooking Honey

Among these ingredients listed, cooking honey and the essence of liqueur can either be bought from the market or you can gather them yourself. The remaining ingredients can easily be bought from any Tavern vendor. Tavern vendors are usually spotted inside or nearby the taverns in the major cities.

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Where To Get The Cooking Honey

As per the listed information, you must first attack a beehive then proceed to grind it in order to produce cooking honey. Doing this will be relatively time-consuming and hard, but don’t worry as there is a much easier way. In the northwest of Heidel, you can find Alejandro’s Farm. A worker node there oversees the production of cooking honey. By investing in that worker node and assigning the work to a worker, you would end up with more than enough cooking honey in a rather quick time.

After that, you can link the honey node to Heidel via Lynch Farm ruins. This will cost you four contribution points only if you have not spent on the Northern Guard Camp. That will be your primary source of cooking honey to make honey wine in BDO.

Essence of Liqueur Recipe In BDO

While the essence of liqueur can easily be bought from the market, it is more economical and feasible to gather the required ingredients and prepare the essence by yourself. Here’s all you need to make essence of liqueur:


  • Leavening Agent
  • Flour (2x)
  • Fruit (1x)

Among these three ingredients, you first have to gather the fruit or buy it from the market. You can then proceed to make or purchase flour using processing grains, like corn, barley, and wheat, among others. Traven vendors sell leavening agents, so you can easily buy the agent from them. These vendors are usually found inside or nearby the taverns in all major cities.

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Where to Get Fruit

In BDO, fruit is relatively tough to gather. However, just like cooking honey, you can get fruit using a much straightforward way. Roughly to the east of Olivia, you will find Costa’s Farm. In that farm, a worker node works in grape production. By investing in that worker node and assigning the work to a worker, you would end up with sufficient grapes in a relatively quick time.

If you possess fair cooking abilities, you will obtain one honey wine for every grape you utilize in the process.

How to Get Flour

Grains such as corn, wheat, and barley have to be processed in order to obtain the required flour. To start the process, simply press “L” on your keyboard, which will open the processing menu. Next, proceed to choose the preferred grinding option, after which you have to select the grain you would like to process. Every grain you process will give you roughly 2.5 flour when your character’s skill level reaches artisan 2.

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How To Make Honey Wine

To begin, prepare the required quantity of liqueur essence. After you have gathered all of the necessary ingredients, you have to combine them in the cooking utensil now and begin cooking. Place only as much as is required for a single batch. If you go any farther, you’ll lose all of your additional ingredients. Once you have everything set, you may begin the cooking procedure. When your skill level is sufficiently high, every batch should yield 2.5 essences of liqueur in total.

Finally, after you’ve gathered all of the necessary ingredients, you may begin making honey wine. Simply combine the proper quantity of every ingredient in the cooking equipment and begin the cooking process, exactly as you would with liqueur essence. Only put in the quantity required for one batch. Begin the cooking process once you’re set, and you’ll have a batch of cooked honey in no time. If you want to package it and sell this to an emperor trade delivery NPC, you’ll need 50 honey wines for each box.

There you have it! If you have followed the process step by step, you should now be left with honey wine. We hope this helps you make purified water the next time you play Black Desert Online. 

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