The Best Ways to Increase Energy in Black Desert Online

Energy is an important aspect of Black Desert Online. The player uses this strength to perform many gaming activities, such as gathering, trading contract workers, and many more.

Your game begins at a definitive energy measure, but you can expand it as you proceed throughout the game and partake in specific activities or quests.

Moreover, the energy bar restores automatically when you consume it. Because of some standard mechanics, you can also regain one energy point after three minutes.

You can find this energy gauge at the left nook of the screen on top with a flexing arm icon.  You can see your existing energy out of the total highest potential there.

With that being said, let us dig a bit deeper and try to find some of the most promising ways to increase energy in the online game of Black Desert.

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Things You Can Do With Energy

It is important to know that you have to share your most energy across all your identities in the account. Thus, each participant can execute a row of actions when you tinker. The fundamental activities you can do through the usage of energy include:

  • Acquiring Knowledge
  • Nodes investing
  • Hiring workers
  • Gathering and Fishing
  • Trading
  • Interacting and talking with NPCs

How Can You Get Energy?

You can get energy by using the Knowledge system of Black Desert, which is very difficult to understand if you are a newbie. 

First, on the keyboard, press the “H” key to regulate a knowledge system.

Next, move to the bottom right intersection of the screen. There is a small bar showing different topics. 

All topics are distributed into more subcategories. When you proceed through each of the lists, you can uncover various options. This depicts many character options, consisting of talking and interacting with NPCs.

When you interact with each NPC existing in the list, your energy reward gets shown. However, the award will not depend on interaction with NPCs. There will be other tasks available in the topics bar that can get you to earn more energy. 

These are the tasks present in the topics bar, which will help to receive energy:

  • Characters – These include interacting with the NPCs.
  • Sea – This involves discovering various locales in the ocean.
  • Adventure Journal – Here, you need to fulfill a particular character’s interaction with distinct NPCs to collect their bonuses.
  • Academics – It comprises visiting the different libraries accessible through the game. In it, you can read books or talk to particular characters inside them.
  • Ecology – This focuses on performing tasks related to specific gangs, like the gang of Calpheon.
  • Topography – It includes examining the specific areas of the Black Desert, like finishing region maps and restoring the misplaced regions.
  • Life skills – In this, you develop specific skills to receive rewards.

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How Can Players Fulfill Specific Tasks Given In Topics Bar?

If you want to gain energy by completing tasks, move to the Characters tab. Now, shift your pointer to the NPCs, and choose your desired NPC. For example, if it shows Heidel Marker Street’s Queen, then you need to go to the market and strive to find the Queen.

When you do not know how to begin searching for specific NPCs, you must not try to waste valuable time talking to different characters to find them. However, there is one way to find these characters. 

All you have to do is go to the Codex website of BDO. It will show every topic inside the Knowledge system. Here, you can read a comprehensive description of how to find particular NPCs. 

Searching on YouTube also helps in case you prefer watching a video instead. Players can furthermore put in screenshots when special characters are missing.

If you cannot find a unique character inside the Codex website of BDO, type the description of the character in Google. Now, enter the database website of BD, and a map alongside the red marker will show the location of the character.

These are the steps through which you can gain energy in the Black Desert Online. We hope this article solved all your doubts. Don’t forget to share this article with your game buddies who might find it useful.

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