MapleStory Dream Defender – The Ultimate Guide

The mini-game Dream Defender was developed by MapleStory, in which players play to win Symbols of Lachelein Arcane. It is declared a fate game as participants can try their luck in the game only thrice a day.

Maple Story Dream Defender game is available to participants who finish the Pre quests of Lachelein, beginning at 220th level. The game considers destruction and your moves as you progress to higher stages. With every progress, you are becoming stronger than ever before.

In this article, we will provide you with all the important details about the game of Dream Defenders. So sit tighter as many beneficial facts will get presented before you in a few minutes of reading.

How Does a Dream Defender Work?

So folks, as you all know that in this mini-game, you can not collaborate with others for playing. In other words, it implies that you have to play solo. The third main area in the Arcane River is Lachelein. You can enter the game from the clock tower of Lachelein, where you need to fight with Lucid. After fighting, have a dialogue with the Dreamweaver, Mr. Flopsy.

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What Is a Dream Gauge?

Every session is similar. So, there will be five maps containing a Music Box named Sleepy Time. Your purpose is to safeguard them from the mobs of Lachelein.

The sessions are of 3 minutes each. The allotted time will reduce on its own when you fail in filling the Dream Gauge to 100%.

The gangs will gradually destroy music boxes or alter them into the Nightmare Music-Boxes. Whenever the shifting of music boxes happens, the Gauge begins working in courtesy of Nightmare boxes. However, when Gauge restores to 100% under consideration of the Nightmare Boxes of music, the game will be declared over. Now, if it restores to 100% under the courtesy of Sleepy Time Music Boxes, you will succeed the round and thus shift onto the following level.

In total, there are 999 distinct levels of hardships. Most people quit at level 100. However, level 170 is the topmost level where you can earn maximum rewards. After level 170, the next highest level is 202, where solo players can beat other editions of MapleStory.

Nightmare Music Boxes – What Are These?

These are the kind of Music Boxes that get changed back into Sleepy Time Music Boxes when you attack them. With your progress in the levels, the nature of the mobs and music boxes increases, creating it hard to revamp them back.

If you want Dream Gauge to act for the welfare of the Sleepy Time Music Boxes, you need to have three Sleepy Time Music Boxes at least functional on the outline of the map at once. When you arrange to revamp all music boxes into Sleepy Time ones, the Dream Gauge will run fast in the given directions provided by you.

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What Is A Tactics Board?

Tactics Board can help you in discovering the detailed view of maps. It depicts which map has Nightmare Music Boxes and which has Sleepy Time Music Boxes. 

You can also recognize the Nightmare Boxes with purple color. When you begin a session, two maps that already possess Nightmare Music Boxes become active. So your primary goal is to move the maps to trigger the transformation process to Sleepy Time Music Boxes.

You will also see that you get Dream Points whenever you complete a session. You can store these points forever in the game and can use them to buy various power boosts. When you click on the additions in Tactics Board, it will prompt special effects, which are as follows:

  • Power Boost 200 can frost the gauge for five seconds.
  • Power Boost 300 can modify your Nightmare Box into a Sleepy Time Music Box.
  • Power Boost 400 warrants Mr. Flopsy for enticing gangs.
  • Power Boost 900 can defeat all gangs present in maps plus, frosts spawn for ten seconds.

Maximum Points You Can Earn

You can earn and retain a maximum of 3000 points in this game. You can employ abilities on many levels that you generally face a hard time doing. Your use of coins depends on the level you are. However, you are required to keep moving, which means you can’t stop at a point in the game.

So here is an essential tip for you: Use wood arrows to hover to the place which is above them. By doing this, you can save your time for some other sessions.

What Rewards Can You Get In Dream Defender?

For every session you finish, you earn one coin of Dream Defender. For every ten sessions, your growth is protected as checkpoints. When you begin a contest, you can commence from a checkpoint of your choice. You can modify thirty Dream Defender Coins into one Arcane symbol of Lachelein. That might appear a lot for you if you are at the initial levels of the game. However, when your power increases and you become stronger, you become competent to attain unlimited coins.

Levels In Dream Defender Game

Every ten levels in this game is a checkpoint. With the start of a current game, you can employ these checkpoints to begin. So when you enter Level 35, use a checkpoint earned to start over the play from Level 30 in the next game. 

You become eligible to get Dream Defender coins when you win one round. So when you begin again at level 30 and hit that session to get on to Level 31, only nudge the Retreat button to earn those thirty Defender coins for only wiping one level.

Through this strategy, the game turns out to be very simple to attain coins. You will also earn two automated clears in a day if you open Esfera and Morass locations. So you barely need to wipe one stage a day to receive all the coins. However, the only tricky part of this game is reaping enough destruction to be competent to wipe the higher levels.

The maximum proportion of coins you get in a day is 500. To get these 500 coins, you need to win at level 170 thrice.

What Weekly Rankings Can You Get In-Game?

Like other games, this game also publishes weekly ratings. These ratings permit you to plead around thirty Dream Defender Coins. To claim coins, you need to have finished three everyday games of Dream Defender.

If you have finished three everyday games for pleading coins, move to the town map of Lachelein and head for the NPCs of players, which will be near the clock tower of Lachelein. Click on NPCs to earn Lachelein coins.

The rankings reset once every week. The top five performers of the game get the position of NPC. The performers get the trades based on the most challenging level they wiped in the shortest time.

On A Final Note

We will recommend you to use skills wisely so that you can do tremendous destruction than your average. Try to utilize buffs as much as possible, especially at times of falling. Also, you can disable the volume of the game if it disturbs you while protecting music boxes or while killing monsters. We hope you will have a good time playing MapleStory!

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