How to Solve the Camel Quest in Black Desert Online?

The action-filled MMORPG Black Desert Online does not cease to fascinate its millions of players worldwide. If you are not fishing, you are engaging in guild wars or any exciting mission. During your adventure in the black desert, you will discover items that boost your stats and put you ahead of other players.

During your adventure, you will come to discover how great a need you have for a camel. You will have to solve some quests to have a camel. We will guide you on the quests and solve the camel quest in the Black Desert Online. 

Why Should You Own a Camel in BDO?

To be successful in the black desert, you should know what items and livestock to own and when to hold them. Important livestock you need in BDO is the camel. You may already have a horse, but you must consider obtaining a camel once you are close to the Valencia Desert. The reasons for you to get your camel are as follows.

  • To boost up your stats: The reskin Deep Brown Camel has 105 base stats at level 20. Its high weight limit is desirable stats that will improve your performance in the black forest. Players are always looking for opportunities to boost up their stats in BDO. Owning a camel will enhance your performance in the black desert.
  • Owning a Camel will aid your mobility in Valencia: Horses are very slow in the Valencia forest. To move at a faster pace and save time on your missions, you need a camel.

Prerequisite for the Camel Quest

  • The quest to complete: Complete the Valencia City Storyline Quest
  • Quest time: you can achieve this quest in a matter of minutes.
  • The level to be attained before you can quest for the camel: You must be level 54 and above before you can quest for the camel.

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Quest Procedures:

  1. Go to the Sand Grain Bazaar in Valencia to meet Bochio. Bochio is a stable keeper in Sand Grain Bazaar. Bochio will give you the “Your Best Friend in the Desert” quest. He will advise you to talk to the villagers and get all the knowledge about a camel.
  1. While on this quest, engage in active conversations with the Non-Player Characters (NPC) in Sand Grain Bazaar. The reason for this is to obtain three crucial pieces of information from them. The information you need from these NPCs are:
  • The difference between a camel and a horse
  • The pros of a camel
  • How to get a camel?

After getting satisfactory answers to these three questions, report back to Bochio. 

Bochio will test your knowledge about camels. He rewards people who know camels. Once you pass Bochio’s test, he will reward you with a camel.

The Second Way of Solving the Camel Quest

The Imperial Seal

This is another easy way to solve the camel quest. You will need to have an imperial seal. Once you have this imperial seal, you can go ahead and exchange it with a camel.

How To Obtain The Imperial Seal?

If you have a wild tier 5 horse leveled to level 15, you can use it in exchange for the shiny goldenseal.

This means that you need to capture the horse required in this exchange. To catch a horse successfully, you must learn how to tame a horse. 

Complete the quest “Have you…Ever Tamed a Horse?” to learn how to tame a horse. When you have completed this quest, you will be able to tame and capture a horse. 

After obtaining the seal, please take it to any NPC stable keeper and exchange it for a camel. You can take it to Bochio in the Sand Grain Bazaar, Tanzine in Valencia City, or any other stable keeper of your choice. The stable keeper will joyfully give you a camel in exchange for this imperial seal.

If you have up to 15 seals, use it to exchange a Deep Brown Camel. This Deep Brown Camel has better base stats.

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Camels are valuable in the black desert because of their speed. It is generally faster than horses in the Valencia desert. Once you have a camel, it can build up your stats. You can obtain a camel by solving the camel quest in the black desert.

Bochio, the NPC stable keeper, rewards any who have adequate knowledge about camels. By having the basic knowledge he expects of you, he will reward you with a camel. You can also get your camel by exchanging an imperial seal with a camel. To get your imperial seal, you have to capture wild horses in the black desert.

You can take your imperial seal to any stable keeper to exchange it for a camel. These are two of the ways you can solve the camel quest in the Black Desert Online.

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