How to Buy a Pickaxe in Black Desert Online? – A Complete Guide

Do you like playing Black Desert Online? Of course, why wouldn’t you? It is after all an amazing game worth playing. However, players can get confused about certain events like how to buy a pickaxe in Black Desert Online. So, if you are wondering about how and where to buy a pickaxe in Black Desert Online, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you so that you would never get confused whenever it comes to buying a pickaxe in Black Desert Online (Mobile Version).

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First of all, we need to find the tools to craft a pickaxe. Different tiers in Black Desert Online have different tools. As everything has a duration value and gets expired or broken after a certain time so in BDO, the tiers determine how long it takes to use a tool for gathering and how many times it can be used before it breaks down. Keep in mind that repairing tools is impossible.

Sources of Tools

Tools can be manufactured by workers in tool workshops and purchased from the material vendors in various towns. Tools can also be obtained as a reward for completing quests and achieving certain game goals. You can also get the tools in the game with the more priced game bundle.

Types of Tools

There are different types of tools such as axes, syringes, pickaxes, bottles, tanning knife, butchering knife, gathering hoe, fishing rod, and rifles.

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How to Buy a Pickaxe in BDO?

Enough said about tools, and their different types; now let’s get to the point. Different material vendors sell the pickaxe in Black Desert Online (Mobile Version). However, the quality of different vendors is different. You can buy a pickaxe from the material vendor in Veila, but you should also note that he sells the worst type of pickaxe, which can break by a little push.

So to buy the best pickaxe in BDO, you can go to the material vendor NPC Feina in Western Guard. He will give you the best quality pickaxe that can be used to gather stones, ores, and gems from rocks in the world. It can be used for a much longer time than the usual pickaxe.

Furthermore, you can also craft a pickaxe from different tool workshops such as:

  • Olvia 3-2 Tool Workshop
  • Olvia 4-3 Tool Workshop
  • Heidel 8-4 Tool Workshop
  • Heidel 7-4 Tool Workshop
  • Heidel 5-3 Tool Workshop

You can also craft a pickaxe with ash timber and copper ingot in any tool workshop. You can also get a byproduct while crafting a pickaxe, i.e Lucky Pickaxe.

By now, you must have figured out how to and where to buy a pickaxe in Black Desert Online (Mobile Version). Still, if you are facing any trouble buying pickaxe, please leave a comment below. We would try our best to help you in this regard. So, that’s it. Game it on gamers! 

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