BDO Kzarka World Boss – The Ultimate Guide

In BDO, world bosses provide an exciting PvE element to the game, and they may also provide you with some of the most sought-after boss gear!

In this article, we will go through all you need to know about Kzarka, the global boss in BDO. This guide will be quite thorough, including all of the pertinent facts regarding the boss.

Kzarka is a world boss in BDO who drops the best-in-slot main hand weapon for all characters as of now. He may drop a variety of excellent loot, including rare jewels, 10 G gold bars, and Liverto weapons, on top of the finest in slot equipment. He’s a fantastic monster to fight and farm if you want to earn some fast and easy money in Black Desert since they can be socketed into lots of coins, gear, and more.

Before we dive into specifics about Kzarka, let’s go through some basic rules for dealing with all the BDO world bosses.

Basic Rules

To begin with, your whole server will be fighting the world bosses alongside you, and a large number of people in a tiny location may lead your frame rate to decrease significantly, resulting in your loss. Reduce the quantity of stuff shown on your screen to assist fight this.

Other players’ skill motions may be turned off in the screen settings, and their pets and names can be removed from your game settings. This will significantly increase your frame rate when defeating world bosses, allowing you to view the boss’s attacks rather than dozens of other players’ game animations.

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Kzarka Node

After that, you can improve your chances of getting loot by linking to and leveling up the node connected with the boss you intend to defeat. Serendia Shrine is the node responsible for Kzarka’s Serendia Shrine. You may reach there by beginning at Glish and linking the nodes Serendia Shrine, Southern Cienaga, and Southern Guard Camp. From here, you may level up your player by channeling your protagonist’s energy into the Serendia Shrine mode.

Rare loot from all monsters in that node location, especially world bosses, is more likely to be found at higher levels as the node level rises. Presently, it is unclear how much leveling up any node is meant to aid in increasing the probability of obtaining uncommon loot, and right now, it seems that the mechanism has been broken and is no longer influencing loot probability at all.

But, perhaps, by the time you read this, it’ll have been fixed, making the time and effort you put into Serendia Shrine worthwhile since it will increase your chances of obtaining rare treasure from Kzarka.

What Is Kzarka Knowledge?

Now, you can gain information about a boss before ever trying to fight it, increasing your possibility of gaining rare loot while also allowing you to see precisely the amount of health the world boss has remaining as you defeat it. You may learn more about Kzarka in general by chatting with Hakkon, an NPC that can be found just next to the Serendia Shrine location’s node manager. Hakkon can provide you with information about Kzarka in particular.

In order to receive a chat option, you must first select the chat option and afterward play the Amity game with this NPC till you exceed 50 Amity with them. After that, you must abandon the conversation and chat with them again in order to receive the knowledge option, which will provide you with information about Kzarka. To maximize your chances of receiving uncommon treasure, you should raise your knowledge level to S or A+ Rank before trying to defeat the boss.

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Kzarka Spawning

Let’s go into the boss battle and the actual combat itself. Approximately every nine to twelve hours, Kzarka will arrive on your game’s server, and you will be notified via a message on your screen when he does so. While the Olvia channels do not include world bosses, new players will need to switch to another channel after the bosses have been spawned. There is a special discord server that is very helpful for spawning world bosses, plus it will provide you with information on each and every boss you encounter.

Level and Gear Recommendations

Although it is recommended that you be at minimum level 54 in order to try to fight Kzarka, you will get much more regular loot if your character is awoken and at minimum level 56. If you defeat Kzarka, there is a possibility that you may get totally no loot in return. Despite this, it seems that loot is allocated mainly based on the damage done, which means that if your damage performance is among the top 30 to 40 individuals at the boss, you will get loot on almost all of your kills.

Suppose you strike the boss once, then hide and simply wait for it to die. In that case, you can still try to kill it or use leash abilities and hope to get fortunate with loot if you’re a relatively low level or under-geared. Still, the chances of getting loot are much larger if you deal a significant amount of damage to the bosses or leash skills. Consequently, if you are unawakened or do not have enough gear, we would not suggest attempting world boss farming at this time.

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Where to Find Kzarka/Where Does Kzarka Spawn

The Serendia Shrine, which would be situated directly south of Hydel and slightly southeast of Glish, contains the Kzarka, which is housed inside the Serendia Shrine. Then, after you’ve reached the shrine, you’ll want to sprint through it, taking the leftmost route past all of the doors and into its last chamber to locate Kzarka.

The Fight

The battle itself is fairly simple since Kzarka doesn’t really have too many elements that you’ll have to be concerned with throughout the fight. Auto attacks, in which he whacks his arms about in front of him, inflicting mild damage to anybody who is in front of him, will account for the bulk of the fight.

How to Win The Fight With Kzarka

The best approach for dealing with Kzarka’s auto attacks is to always remain behind him, which keeps you out of his auto strikes’ AoE damage range. Strafe right and left, and take advantage of your class’s mobility abilities to ensure that you always have your back to the boss’s back while fighting him. In any case, dealing rear damage is much more efficient than dealing upfront damage, and you’ll be protected from his strikes if you do it correctly. He will be spinning around the room during the fight, so keep that in mind.

Despite this, after a few moments of battling him, you’ll be able to anticipate his attack patterns and utilize your class’s mobility abilities to ensure that you always remain behind them and strike his back from behind. You will be able to consume a potion and, after that, sprint behind him to continue inflicting damage if you are caught off guard and struck by one of his auto strikes, which should not do so much damage to kill you unless your armor’s DP value is not sufficient.

The two special mechanisms he employs during the battle, apart from the auto strikes mentioned above, are ones that you should definitely avoid. When he executes any of his special attacks, a black smoke animation will play, in which smoke will build around him on the four sides, rendering him untargetable in the process. It is your job to get off of Kzarka as soon as possible and take shelter behind the pillars inside the room once you see any black smoke or realize that you are no longer able to target him.

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Kzarka Mechanics

The first mechanism is fire breath, in which Kzarka breathes fire in a forward AoE cone that lands right on the floor in front of him. To indicate where the harm from this mechanic will be delivered, a large red cone will be drawn on the floor. Ensure that you are not standing inside the red cone, and you will be protected.

Additionally, if you want to be cautious, you may position your character behind any one pillar in the room, and you will get zero damage from them. If you find yourself caught in the red circle, you will almost certainly die regardless of how well equipped you are, so it is a smart option to hit V and efficiently move away if you start noticing that the red cone is beneath you and you do not have enough time to leave immediately. Once you’ve gotten out of the red zone’s fire, you’ll be able to cope with Kzarka’s damage once more. The mechanism will be finished shortly, and as long as you’re not in the red zone, you won’t suffer any damage.

Second Mechanic

In the second and last unique mechanism, there are three phases:

The initial phase is characterized by a swarm of tiny red circles that emerge on the floor across the room in succession. During this section, be sure that your character is not trapped in the red circles to avoid danger. Following then, a massive red circle with AoE damage will emerge, encompassing almost the whole room, and you will have two methods to escape this AoE circle of damage.

First, you may go to the outer border of the chamber in order to reach outside of the red circle, at which time you will be safe from further damage. Another option is to hide among the four pillars at the corners of the chamber; if your character is exactly behind a pillar, you will not be affected by the AoE damage, despite the fact that you are within the circle.

Following the massive AoE assault, there’ll be a last wave of tiny circles that emerge on the floor, indicating that the AoE attack has ended. We recommend avoiding them until they are no longer there, following which you may return to causing damage to Kzarka since the unique mechanism will no longer be active once the second wave of tiny circles departs. The majority of players make the error of coming back in to strike Kzarka too soon during the second stage of the red circle attack. So keep in mind to wait after all the red circles have vanished completely before running back in to fight the boss; otherwise, you may be struck just as they are about to vanish and die.

Throughout the battle, these two mechanics will be replayed at random intervals, so ensure that you are constantly doing damage to Kzarka and also evading his auto attacks, and pay attention to the black smoke indicates one of the special mechanics.

Move to the outer edge of the room or hide behind any of the pillars as soon as you see the circles or smoke. You must, at all costs, avoid red once you notice the smoke. Repetition of these steps throughout the battle will ensure that Kzarka and the rest of your server are defeated without difficulty.

If you, unfortunately, die while fighting, you may opt to respawn at the closest node, and you’ll be re-spawned just outside the shrine, allowing you to rush back in and resume battling straight away.

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Kzarka Loot

If you get any loot, your pets will loot Kzarka’s body automatically after he dies. If there are no pets with you, run up to Kzarka’s corpse and click on R to check if you have any treasure. Everyone is after the Sealed Weapon Box of Kzarka, which may be opened to get a best-in-slot main hand weapon.

The great thing about these sealed boxes is that you won’t receive the weapon unless you open it, so if upon opening the box, you get a weapon from one class but want another class, you may store the sealed box, go to your desired class, and then open it. This way, upon opening the sealed box, your weapon will be of your desired class.

The weapon box is said to have a 1% drop probability for all gamers that get loot. However, given that not every person will obtain loot, this implies that on average, the probability of getting a weapon box after every kill is less than 1 percent. This is a rare drop, so don’t hold your breath for one if you defeat this boss.

You may also obtain Kzarka’s Latent Aura apart from the weapon box. If you gather one hundred Auras across a large number of total kills, you may turn them into Serendia Shrine node manager, who will offer you a Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box in exchange for 100 Auras.

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