Black Desert Online Valks Cry – Explained (2022)

Black Desert Online is truly an oasis, a breath of new air in a genre that is becoming extremely conservative and largely free-to-play. It is an MMORPG equipped with the gorgeous fantasy realms and lots of grinds that you’d expect from either a Korean MMO. Yet, behind that lies a plethora of sophisticated, interwoven mechanisms that gives fresh life to frequently ignored features such as commerce and discussion.

The unusual style of the game implies that there is indeed a lot of knowledge, including for experienced MMO explorers, as well as the crucial knowledge required to get one’s mind around the multiplicity of new technologies is sometimes buried away or not given when it is required.

The interface has also been split into numerous sections and is highly user-friendly. All of the essential parameters are available here, which you may freely alter inside the game settings menu. You may disable items including the minimap and quest at any time. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding Valks Cry in Black Desert Online and some additional information.

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Black Desert Online Valks Cry 

Many new gamers may wonder, what is enhancing? You should be aware that in several MMOs, you obtain gear by accomplishing high-level dungeons, raiding, and group activities that change with every patch, rendering your prior gear obsolete.

BDO, on the other hand, is the polar reverse of that! The gear will be there for you for seasons to come, so you can simply advance by upgrading it, starting at zero level – zero enhancement – and progressing up to +20, termed as PEN.

It will get increasingly difficult to gain a higher level for your gear as time goes on. Hard, which is highly expensive in terms of upgrading materials at first, with the danger of downgrading or perhaps damaging it forever.

To try and improve the gear, you must utilize certain unique enhancing elements, which may be obtained in a variety of locations around the world of Black Desert.

The game’s major plot missions will provide you with most of these materials and also guide you through a sequence of challenges that give you a short introduction to the upgrading system. Therefore, be sure to finish every one of the major quests as quickly as possible. The benefits are simply too tremendous to pass up!

Without any further fuss, the most significant boosting goods include Valks cry, and it is recommended that you put that together in velia storage. Valks cry is an item worth appreciating, and its counterpart, which is fairy blessings, will make it so much easier to improve these vital pieces of equipment!

In short, you could pile up to ten valks’ cries/fairy’s blessings or mix any of these two, and each one counts as an additional “free fail stack.” These were originally introduced with a basic 1% probability throughout the patch notes. However, with the latest patch that disclosed enhanced chance, they appear to be operating like standard fail stacks.

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How Can You Get Valks Cry

Attendance awards and special occasions will provide you with a great number of valks cry, so It is recommended to stack them for the appropriate moment and never having fewer than 20 accessible at any time. You may also purchase these with values, up to 5 every week for 100 loyalties.

Fairy’s Blessings are simply another method to exchange Leila’s petals. It is recommended that once you are finished and satisfied with the fairies you have, you can transform them into such an item that operates in the same way as valks cry.

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Few Tips For New Players In Black Desert Online

  1. Ways To Play Black Desert Online

One of the reasons why so many Black Desert Online players become upset would be that committed to a specific style of play causes them to dry out or smooth out all other features. This happens during battle and grinding. Some locations need a high degree of gear.

The problem is that the game does not require people to play in this manner. For just a change of pace, people might choose to be traders or farmers alternatively. Many can also go whaling or fishing on the high seas.

  1. Get A Guild

In Black Desert Online, if you’re a combat gamer or a merchant, you’ll want to join a guild. This is due to the game’s fully accessible PvP aspect, in which users can attack or murder other players after reaching a certain level.

Nobody is protected from this. However, you can seek some kind of protection against wanton PvP murdering or grief by joining a PvP guild. Guilds here defend their people and therefore can declare war on anybody who preys on them. Furthermore, guild activities give opportunities to make money in this game.

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