Maplestory Ark Skill – The Ultimate Build Guide

MapleStory Ark is one of the pirates that specialises in using a knuckle weapon to strike adversaries in close quarters. Ark, a member of Grandis’ Higher Flora race, was involved in a dishonourable deed that resulted in the transformation of half of his body into Spectre. As he meanders across the abyss, Ark wakes with lost memories. In this tumultuous situation, he now fights to find his actual identity.

Ark has two modes: Spectral Form, in which he gets monster power from the abyss, and Flora Kind, in which he uses ancient High Flora combat methods along with magic. It is critical to devote time to levelling up at the start of the game.

Ark is a member of the Flora class family in MapleStory, which has the ability to transform to Specter State mode to destroy monsters and bosses. Ark obtains Spectra through conventional assaults, which he then transforms into far more powerful versions once the Specter State is awakened. Ark is a pirate who wields the Knuckle and the Abyssal Path as a secondary weapon.

Overview of the Ark

Ark is a Flora class, along with Illium and Adele, that was introduced in GMS patch v196 in July 2018. Ark’s mission is to build up Spectra and sustain the character so that he can stay in the Specter State for as long as possible. During the Specter Condition, several of Ark’s skills will become very powerful, yet in the normal state, they will be lacklustre.

Ark is a straightforward and enjoyable class to play. Despite the fact that it has a unique mechanic, it is really simple to grasp. Mobbing in Specter State is highly overpowering and enjoyable—the problem is that it doesn’t stay long, so you’ll go from feeling super overpowered to feeling like your talents could all use a buff. They are a sound clap in terms of damage.

Bossing is all about managing your Specter State so you can give your party the best DPS while also maximising your Flora state bonuses.You can utilise your charge attacks and Spell Bullets to cast various buffs that improve Ark’s damage in Flora State. As part of your Job Advancements, you can choose from a variety of charge attacks, and with proper management, you can have them all cast at the same time.

Build Your First Job Skill in Ark

Ark has little authority over the Specter State in his first employment. When you use the Ominous Nightmare, it will happen at random. Mystic Leap should be maxed early on for map mobility. Basic Charge Drive is your spammable talent, and you should utilise Spell Bullets to trigger the bonus it provides when the Spectra diamond charge UI fills up with them. In Specter State, you can keep spamming Ominous Nightmare until you die.

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Overview and Description of the Skill

A Dreadful Nightmare

Using your spectre hand, inflict severe lacerations on foes. In the Specter State, the mood shifts to an ominous dream.

  • Bullets Spell

All charged spells are fired at the same time, like bullets. Non-Basic spells can only be charged once. Attack reflection has no effect on charged spells. Instead of being charged, the shots appear as Spell Bullets in Auto Mode. On/off Auto Mode: Right-click

Mystic Leap is a game about taking a leap of faith.While still in the air, take another leap. To advance upward, simultaneously press the up and down keys. This skill is enhanced to Instinctual Leap in Specter State.

Mastery of the Mystic Arts

Mastery of the Mystic Arts strengthens you by channelling the flow of your magic.

  • Charge Drive 

Attacks your adversaries with magically boosted strength. When an attack hits, it charges Basic Cast. Any skill can be linked to. Directional keys can be used to move the talents associated with Basic Charge Drive. This item can only be utilised in the Flora State.

Build a Second Job Skill in Ark

With the Master Corruption skill in the second profession, you get control over when you can convert to Specter State. Toggle between the two states with this; if your Spectra Diamond runs out, you won’t gain any Spectra for 20 seconds, so keep an eye on it to avoid a lengthier downtime between states. Scarlet Charge Drive can be used to rush foes, but it has the same limitations as your other charge abilities.

  • Drive Scarlet Charge

Uses fire magic to charge ahead, creating a trail of fire in his wake. When the attack hits, it charges Scarlet Cast. In the Specter State, it changes to Grievous Wound.

  • Unstoppable Force

Transforms your entire body into a blade, allowing you to leap and slash at foes at the same time. By pressing the directional key at the same moment, you can jump upward or downward. In the Specter State, it changes to Tenacious Instinct. Tenacious Instinct’s cooldown is shared.

  • Physical Training 

Strengthen your body by working out.

  • Mastery of the Knuckles

Increases attack power and knuckle mastery.

  • Start the fusion process.

As the Specter’s power fuses with yours, your physical ability improves.

  • Death on the Horizon

When attacking with skills in Specter State, Abyssal Aura is released. Attack reflection has no effect on this character. It’s possible to turn it on and off.

Build a Third-Job Skill in Ark

Your main striking talent is upgraded to Vivid Nightmare in the third job. Gust Charge Drive is a new charge skill that needs you to be in the air to utilise (its buff provides you +1 attack speed, so it’s better to keep it up). Your other skills receive damage upgrades, as well as a hold down skill called Creeping Terror. Vengeful Hate increases the chance of dealing extra damage on target.

  • Nightmare in Color

Enhances the effect of Ominous Nightmare.

  • Hatred with a vengeance

In the shape of a lethal blade, summon an Abyssal Aura. If one leaves an Abyssal Mark in the place where Impending Death hits before using this talent, the blade will show aggression towards everything between the mark and where you activate the skill.

This only works in the Specter State. Attack reflection has no effect, and cooldown reset has no effect. To activate Vengeful Hate automatically, turn on Auto Mode.

  • Training in the Arts

Learn how to use the Specter’s power to your advantage. One of the best ways to do so is through training. By practicing you can get good at almost any skill that is present in the game. Remember, repetition is the key to improvement.

  • Drive Against 

The Wind Uses gust magic to attack from the air. When an attack hits, it charges Gust Cast. In the Specter State, hunger becomes insatiable.

  • Terror that creeps up on you

As the Specter’s power fuses with yours, your physical ability improves. Not only can you match stronger enemies but also outmatch many that you previously couldn’t. Specter’s powers are very diverse and immense in nature.

  • Fusion Technology at its Finest

As the Specter’s power melds with yours, your physical ability improves even more. This includes being able to use higher level guns, better crossbows, daggers and wands.

Build Your Fourth Job Skill in Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is one of the few classes that doesn’t have hundreds of abilities to manage, and as you can see, there aren’t many talents to worry about in the fourth job. Endless Nightmare is the final enhancement of your main attacking skill. With Advanced Mystic Arts and Advanced Innate Arts adding greater damage, you get a lot of passive bonuses for your other skills. Battle Frenzy increases your final damage by 20%, according to Bliss.

  • Flora’s Hero 

Invokes the Flora’s power. President’s Orders, Anima Warrior, and Rhinne’s Protection do not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President’s Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne’s Protection.

  • Will of the Florentine Hero

Strengthens your resolve to ignore the consequences of certain abnormal statuses. For 3 seconds after use, you are immune to abnormal status. This is an immense add-on to your power and can prove to be extremely potent in the long run.

  • Restful Bliss

Charges ahead, erecting an Abyssal Prison that ties and imprisons the foe. When Blissful Restraint ends, the damage dealt to the imprisoned adversary is applied. When you use the skill, Specter State is activated. While Spectra Fatigue is active, it cannot be used. Cooldown reset has no effect. Within range, the adversary with the highest maximum health will be targeted first. Unaffected by anything at all.

  • Battle Frenzy is an action game.

Attacking without taking a break allows you to push yourself beyond your typical limitations and improve your physical abilities.Final Damage is also increased.

  • Abyssal Charge

Drive is a game that takes place in the depths of the ocean

During an attack, Abyssal magic is released. When the attack hits, it charges Abyssal Cast. In Specter State, the state shifts to Unbridled Chaos.


Since Battle Frenzy is mostly used for bossing, it can be prioritised later. The Battle Frenzy bonus only lasts a limited time and is best used by continuously performing chain skills. Both Flora and Spectral Form can use chain skills. To unlock all 4th Job Skills except Flora Warrior and Flora Warrior Will, first add 1 SP. Start with Expert Knuckle and work your way up.

Build Your Fifth Job Skill in Ark

When you achieve level 200, you’ll unlock the V Matrix, which serves as your new fifth job skill. Each class has its own set of skills, as well as boosting nodes that improve the damage of existing talents. Nodestones, which drop from every enemy in Arcane River, can be used to learn new talents. Since the amount of slots in your V Matrix is limited, you must achieve perfection.

  • Recall from the Abyss

You remember the exact instant your consciousness connected to the Abyssal power source. When you use this skill, you enter Specter State, which prohibits you from consuming Spectra for skills. If your Spectra has already been drained, you won’t be able to use this. You can use Attack Reflection or Attack Ignore to deal damage to foes, however Impending Death will not initiate.

  • Nightmare With A Twist

The energy of a spectre that escapes during battle and strikes opponents. It is bolstered by the omnipresent dreams that emerge during the Specter State.

  • Endlessly Hungry Beast

Command a voracious beast to emerge from the Abyssal depths and consume all in its path. There is a time gap between the opening of the depths and the entrance of the beast, however good application of Specter’s Force talents can speed the beast’s arrival. Attack ignore and attack reflection have no effect on the Endlessly Starving Beast.

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What You Should Know Before Building An Ark

First and foremost, whether you’re a major or not, you should always create an Ark. The Ark has a fantastic link talent that gives you up to +16 percent damage at max stacks. It takes some getting accustomed to Ark, especially if you can’t one-shot mobs without using your Spectra form. However, if you know how to use Specter form effectively, you’ll be tearing through the maps with ease and murdering everything. 

If you’re considering making an Ark your main, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ark possesses excellent mobbing and mobility, excellent utility (2 I-frames and numerous buffs), a bind, super stance while in spectra form, and a talent that allows you to fly for a short period of time.

Allow yourself to remain in the Specter form at all times. If you do, you’ll have to wait for a cooldown period before regaining Spectra. There will be no cooldown period if you change forms soon before it runs out, and you will recoup Spectra quickly.

Contact Caravan is a novice skill in Ark that can grant you bonus EXP, bonus Damage, or bonus CD reduction. You may or may not be called, depending on who is called.

Ark’s Inner Strength

Passive Skills +1 (Prime line), Boss Damage (2nd line), and Cooldown Skip are Ark’s finest inner skills (3rd line). Passive Skill +1 is vital for Arks because they gain a lot of passive boosts as they reach 4th and 5th job, and this inner will help you climb over the cap.

If you want to boss with your Ark, Boss Damage is secondary; otherwise, ATK or Cooldown Skip will suffice.

Guide to the Ark V Matrix and the Perfect Boost Node

Basic Charge Drive, Impending Death, and Ominous Nightmare are the most critical three. There are only 8 talents listed and 9 node slots to fill, as you may have seen. You’ll put a random skill there, preferably one of the top three, until you’ve maxed out all of your nodes.

Unstoppable Impulse, Gust Charge Drive, and Awakening are the second triad.

The final trio (Creeping Terror, Scarlet Charge Drive, or your option) is simple to put together and does not necessitate a lot of attention.

Small Tip: While a 100 percent critical rate is ideal, you just need 80 percent because Scarlet Charge Drive provides you with 20%.

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Ark’s History

Ark, a descendent of the High Flora race, enlisted in the military, fighting for what he considered to be a worthwhile cause, a war for peace within Grandis’ chaotic world. He awoke years later amid the arid desert wasteland of Verdel, barely evading a Spectre’s usurpation. He now fights to discover his right self and resist evil, remembering just his name.

Ark walks into the abyss in pursuit of his true identity, with no recollection of who he was. Ark is a pirate-style character who wields Knuckles as a primary weapon and Abyssal Arm as a secondary. He has the ability to transition between two states at will: Flora Type — Combines magic and traditional High Flora battle methods. Spectre Kind – The abyss provides tremendous energy.

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