Black Desert Online: Are Liverto Weapons Worth It?

In Black Desert Online, gear development is critical. Attack points and defense points take priority over character variations at Black Desert Online. You can annihilate opponents in your way with the right armor, weaponry, and upgrades. You’ll have a difficult time moving through the sport if you don’t have the proper gear.

The rarity of gear in Black Desert Online is categorized and shaded. Compared to similar gear, such gear grade generally shows gamers how helpful and extremely effective armor weapons are.

Boss Armor is the best in Gear. Tree armor, giant helmets, bhegs glove, kalyan boots – the set delivers the game’s finest set gains. Another item to consider is Rocaba’s armor set. The evasion +bonus evasion, as well as WP/MP/SP +reward evasion that this armor set provides, are frequently noted for witches and wizards. Cast gameplay gives you the freedom to optimize your Magic pool while evading using skills and distance.

There are times when the distances get too narrow, forcing the cast to rely on gear augmentation to stay alive. Rocaba could provide such casters everything they need to strike large and hard even while giving them the evasion they require.

Grunil sets are normally advised for both the attack points as well as HPs they provide and also the additional attack points they provide. There are two crystal slots on the gear. Several players combine crystals to gain mobility, raise weight limitations, enhance attack speed, and so on. You may also utilize specific armor sets to suit the character’s demands. You can increase your statistics by using crystal and armor gains.

Heve is the next armor set. It is a full HP set with two slots per armor piece. Crystal slots are a popular enhancement option due to their flexibility, HPs, and consistent accessibility in special offers. Grunil is not bound by specific limits when it comes to triggering the armor benefit. As a result, Heve ranks second only to boss gear in terms of HP increases and Have pieces serve as excellent placeholders till boss gear is obtained.

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All The Weapons In Black Desert Online

Weapons and secondary weapons are unique to each class. Some weapons can be used by more than one class. Wizards and witches, for example, wield the employees’ main hand weapon. Wizards and rangers all use the steel dagger as a backup weapon.

Steel Dagger is a secondary weapon shared by witches, wizards, as well as rangers. Breakthrough weapons can only be equipped by characters that have completed their class’s specific Woke-up mission line and are level 58 or higher. The only exception is archery, who is limited to rookie archery rising weapon until level 55. It is not possible to transfer rising weapons across classes.

The majority of your attack points come through the weapons. Kzarka, as well as Liverto, are by far the most powerful weapons. Kzarka major, or kutum auxiliary, as well as dandelion awakened, are the best in gear.

The major hand of Liverto comes next. The only reason why Kzarka is superior is that he possesses +validity, which is beneficial against all competitors against you, whether they are players or monsters. As a major weapon, Liverto is equally as effective. Since Liverto is so common, most players have it. Almost all-level bosses can drop the Liverto weapon package. When they get their hands on a Kzarka weapon container, this is what most gamers utilize. Even then, you’ll have to decide whether you want to restore your Liverto or offer the Kzarka for 94 million dollars.

A Krea set is below Liverto. KREA is often one of the best attack points items in the game. The krea set has two crystal slots and also offers attack points with accuracy. The krea scepter and krea dagger make up the wizard’s krea set.

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Which Weapons Are The Most Useful In Black Desert Online

Rosar mainhand is an excellent weapon to utilize right now in the early game. It has the best attack points as well as two crystal slots. Bares is also an excellent alternative with just one crystal slot and also fewer attack points but higher all-species dmg to compensate. 

Azwell is another good alternative, as it provides greater accuracy in return for one fewer attack point and just 1 crystal slot over Rosar. Elsh is another excellent choice, with the best accuracy of any anti weapon, has low attack points and +species dmg to compensate. It’s a little hard to come by in larger amounts, and it’s a touch risky.

Even though it gives fewer attack points or defense points than other offhand, you need to use one of those with +accuracy. The dull magical one you receive for free is alright for the duration being. Still, when you enhance it to the latter stages, it becomes useless because it only has a single-crystal slot and has lesser accuracy.

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