The Best Recommended Level For Fighting Godrick The Grafted

Man, do we love Elden Ring! But man, do we hate stumbling upon a boss fight and getting our butts handed to us by a menacing boss way above our level and skill set! That happened to us with Godrick The Grafted. 

To save other players from a similar, rather embarrassing fate as ours, here is our guide on the best-recommended level for Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring.

The best-recommended level for taking on Godrick The Grafted is around Level 25-30. While your level plays a role in your character’s attributes and powerful abilities, your skill and weapon level matter a lot more here. If you were able to defeat Margit, then Godrick ought to be a cakewalk for you!

A lot of players online have different preferences for their recommended level on certain bosses and areas. If you are curious as to why we suggest you face Godrick The Grafted around Level 25-30, keep reading to find out! 

Without further ado, let us discuss the best-recommended level for Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is a beautiful game with layers of intricacy and wonders around every corner in its vast open world. The densely-packed Lands Between allow players to wander wherever their hearts desire, combating foes they encounter along the way. 

Sometimes, one might find themselves in an area of overwhelming hostility which cannot be dealt with at their current level. It varies from player to player, but a ballpark never goes unappreciated!

What Level To Fight Godrick At?

Godrick The Grafted can be a challenging foe, especially for new players. Most of the players encounter Godrick within their first few hours of firing up Elden Ring, which explains their frustration. Godrick is a worthy foe, but nothing that cannot be dealt with if you’re suitably armed.

We suggest you attempt to take on Godrick The Grafted once you have leveled up your character to Level 25-30. This will ensure that you get a balanced experience and a fun time, without compromising too much on the challenge.

Why Choose This Level?

Choosing to fight Godrick The Grafted at our suggested level of 25-30 will ensure that you are equipped well enough for the boss fight. On the other hand, this level does not mitigate the difficulty of the encounter too much. 

Those players who would like to experience Elden Ring properly in its entirety would get a great experience taking Godrick on around this level. 

If you wish for the fight to be easier, feel free to level up further and give Godrick a go later on. There’s so much more you can do in the meantime! 

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Weapon Level

Your character level does not necessarily make a boss fight easy or hard. In fact, your skill level plays a much bigger hand in your overall Elden Ring experience. In actuality, your weapon level will be your best friend not only for Godrick but for all boss fights. 

There are instances of Level 14 players absolutely demolishing Godrick The Grafted and other cases of Level 50 players struggling with him. 

We suggest you focus more on upgrading your weapon and healing for his fight instead of stressing over farming for runes and upgrading your levels. 

A +2 or +3 weapon would be ideal for Godrick The Grafted and with some skill and a little bit of luck on your side, you’ll be done with the boss fight before you know it. As per our experience, Godrick was a much more merciful fight than Margit. So, perhaps consider fighting these two in that order. 

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Tips For Fighting Godrick The Grafted

No amount of levels can save you if you screw up and end up getting killed before the fight even begins. Contradictory to our previous statement, Godrick can and absolutely will punish players for getting sloppy and greedy. 

Here are some basic tips to help you get through Godrick without much trouble:

  • Maintain a fair distance and do not get greedy.
  • Keep an eye out for his slam attack.
  • Cash on his AoE attack and get in a few hits after jumping over the second shockwave.
  • That laugh is ominous. Beware!
  • Attack Godrick from behind during his phase transition.
  • Listen for the dragon’s roar in the second phase and dodge at all costs.


This has been our guide on the best-recommended level for fighting Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring. While the true best level for any boss or area in the game is entirely subjective, this is a good standard for those looking for a challenge but not wanting to sacrifice their sanity and controller. 

Give the fight a shot and see if it is right for you at your current level. We hope this guide helped and made Godrick a tad bit easier to defeat. Good luck, Tarnished! 

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