Can You Upgrade Armor in Elden Ring?

A good set of armor is crucial to get through FromSoftware’s latest hit, Elden Ring. Else, we’d be getting the beating of our lives by the nightmares in The Lands Between. 

With a plethora of armor available at one’s disposal, it is only natural that players would wonder about how long a piece of armor would last them in-game. Here is our article on whether armor can be upgraded in Elden Ring.

The short answer is, no. Armor cannot be upgraded through any means in Elden Ring. Due to reasons like maintaining balance and encouraging exploration, Elden Ring does not contain an option for upgrading armor. Players need to venture and don better armor as they progress through the game.

Is the inability to upgrade armor a flop or a clever little detail? Does any game mechanic come close to it? Keep reading to find out the various reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of having no option to upgrade Armor in Elden Ring. Without further ado, let’s break down whether Armor can be upgraded and whether it has any close alternatives.

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Upgrading Your Armor: Elden Ring

As aforementioned, there is no way that a player can upgrade their armor in Elden Ring and carry it with them to later parts of the game. 

Consequently, players are compelled to find and equip better sets of armor that can match the taxing challenges they will face as they make their way through the engaging story and world of Elden Ring.

Significance of Armor

Armor is a substantial part of your character’s defense and strength. A low-level piece of armor can prove to be quite punishing, especially in the late game. 

Armor determines a player’s Poise, which is the amount of damage that can be sustained before the character is stunned, open to a possible riposte from the enemy.

The better the armor, the better the Poise. So, unless you are a legend who can clear the game without taking hits, we suggest you keep switching armors for better ones as you make your way through Elden Ring.

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Players not being able to upgrade their armor definitely comes with its disadvantages. These are:

  • Players are forced to dump their favorite armors when they’re underpowered
  • Difficulty can take an uncomfortable spike if you are not one to explore and get better armor
  • It can feel like a chore constantly having to venture and change your armor
  • Dark Souls players who were fond of the mechanic are bound to frown at this


On the contrary, there are reasons why the inability to upgrade your armor will appear beneficial. There are actually quite a few advantages to Elden Ring armor not being upgradeable. These are:

  • PvP balance is maintained: Limited trolling, effective and fair matchmaking, and more satisfied players.
  • Promotes exploration. Players can find themselves venturing into unplanned locations they would have otherwise been oblivious to.
  • The enjoyable variety of armor fits the aesthetic preference of just about any kind of player.
  • It fits the story of a lowly Tarnished slowly making his way to greatness, obviously looking glamorous in some fresh chainmail.
  • Players can take a break from the main game and indulge themselves in searching for better armor as a fun treat.

Does Anything Come Close to Upgrading Armor?

The answer is, yes! While you cannot improve the stats on an armor set, it is possible to change its appearance. For this, players require the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Kit which can be obtained by defeating the optional Demi-human chiefs in the Coastal Cave.

Once you have the tools, you can visit any Site of Grace and alter your garments for a price. However, the number of armor sets that can be altered is limited and the alterations are in general unimpressive and bleak. More often than not, the cost is not worth it.

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This was our article on whether you can upgrade your armor in Elden Ring. The inability to do so is a subjective matter amongst players. You can choose to like or dislike this feature of the game. 

Fortunately, this is not a dealbreaker and players can still have a blast exploring enchanted woods and battling gargantuan demigods in Elden Ring. 

Leave a comment below and let us know if this helped clear up any confusion you had on the matter. Good luck, Tarnished!

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