What Exactly Are The Two Fingers in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an excellent work of art with a masterfully crafted narrative that tugs at your heartstrings. The lore is embedded deep within scenic castles and meaningful conversations with side characters. 

Miyazaki has never disappointed with the worldbuilding in SoulsBorne games. One of the most intriguing parts of Elden Ring lore is The Two Fingers. In this article, we will discuss exactly what The Two Fingers in Elden Ring are.

It is best to think of The Two Fingers as conveyors or envoys of The Greater Will. The abundant hints throughout Elden Ring bring us to the conclusion that The Greater Will, while All-Powerful and in control of The Lands Between, could not have physically interacted with the world. Consequently, The Two Fingers were assigned the task of interpretation on behalf of The Greater Will. 

Confused? We don’t blame you. The Elden Ring lore flew over our heads sometimes too! Keep reading to see how we landed on this conclusion and how significant the Two Fingers actually are to the world of Elden Ring. Without further ado, here is our article on what exactly The Two Fingers in Elden Ring are:

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The Two Fingers

If you have ever encountered those annoying old Finger reading crones during your playthrough and wondered what they were rambling on about, this article is for you. What may seem confusing actually has a lot of depth which contributes to the phenomenal world-building of an already amazing game. 


While Miyazaki gave the players homework (for once, we want to do it) to figure out what exactly the Two Fingers are, the Two Fingers Heirloom actually gives a vague description of what they might be. It reads: 

Fingers cannot speak, yet these are eloquent.

Persistently they wriggle, spelling out mysteries in the air.

Thus did we gain the words. The words of our faith.


The Two Fingers look like… surprise! Two Fingers! The (somewhat) alive Two Fingers that the player encounters in Roundtable Hold look like part of a whole hand. The ‘palm’ is indented and the two appendages extending from it appear ominous and fatigued. 

Their appearance lands them the name of Two Fingers, which opens up the question: Are there more? Keep reading to find out.


In actuality, there are multiple sets of Two Fingers spread throughout Elden Ring’s vast map. They can be found on top of the Divine Towers you might have encountered while venturing into The Lands Between. 

However, all you would be greeted with are the corpses of these sets of Two Fingers. It has been long since they shook hands with death.

There is, however, one pair of the Two Fingers that is still alive. These Two Fingers can be found in Roundtable Hold. You will also find Finger Reader Enia in a room where the Two Fingers are located inside Roundtable Hold. 

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What Do They Do?

While the Two Fingers in Roundtable Hold do not give you anything of value, you can loot the dead Two Fingers on top of the Divine Towers in order to activate the true power of a Great Rune. 

In lore terms, you are returning benediction to that Great Rune, which in turn activates it. In essence, it is comparable to taking a blessing from the corpses of the Two Fingers. 

There are multiple blessings which these Two Fingers can bestow like eternal life to the Finger Readers. The lore implications of these hints are very significant. 

Lore Interpretations

Envoys to The Greater Will

Based on all that we know by now, The Two Fingers were sent to The Lands Between by The Greater Will to act as conveyors of its rule. Not only did The Two Fingers aid those who resided in The Lands Between in understanding what The Greater Will passed on, but they also had an active part in maintaining the order of the world itself.

More Than What Meets The Eye

The fact that the corpses of The Two Fingers contain benediction strong enough to activate Great Runes is evidence that they were more than mere puppets that passed forward orders. 

No, it was the Two Fingers that granted the Finger Readers their eternal life, and that alone is sufficient to insinuate that the Two Fingers had actual power and not just influence. They were a necessity to The Greater Will that, while Almighty, was shackled to the confines of space and time. 

This theory is solidified further by the fact that instead of entering The Lands Between personally, The Greater Will used the Elden Beast as a vassal.

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The Finger Readers

The Finger Readers are the crones you can encounter all over the Elden Ring map. They will ask to read your fingers and act delirious. What do they represent, though?

The Finger Readers were interpreters to the Two Fingers and translated whatever ‘words’ they spoke. Aside from Enia, all the Finger Readers are the same in the game. 

From the lore aspect of Elden Ring, those Finger Readers were the interpreters of the deceased Two Fingers on the tops of The Divine Towers. Now that the Fingers have passed, they are desperate to read your fingers.

The Three Fingers

Meeting the Three Fingers sets you on the path towards the Frenzied Flame ending, which you can get by completing Hyetta’s questline. However, the Three Fingers may have a huge role in explaining the role of the Two Fingers… and vice versa!

It is a classic Yin and Yang theory. The Two Fingers and the Three Fingers together make a hand. This symbolizes that the Two Fingers and Three Fingers are both crucial to a system being whole

If the Three Fingers represent Frenzy (chaos) and the Two Fingers represent Benediction (harmony), then the two of them together represent balance in The Lands Between.

One cannot exist without the other.


This was our article on what precisely the Two Fingers in Elden Ring are. While a few elements of the lore are still shrouded in mystery (most likely intentional), the aforementioned interpretations set down a solid foundation for the world of Elden Ring and its deeply intricate narrative. Learned something new? 

Leave a comment below and let us know if you want to add anything to the topic. We hope this article helped you clear some doubts, and we wish you the best of luck for your future ventures into The Lands Between!

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