Resident Evil Village (RE8) Castle Dimitrescu – Opera Hall Collection Guide

RE 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Opera Hall find search finished necessitates the discovery of 6-7 hidden supplies to obtain the blue pointer on your map when you’re playing the Capcom video game. The RE Village Opera is easy to walk, but you should be cautious because you may miss several Lei, Ammo, Crafting-Materials, and one piece of Crystal as it is hard to spot.

If you wish to obtain the Opera Hall Search Completed, you may view the location of all items. The RE VIII Village Hall includes several elements that you should not overlook. 

As a result, the following tutorial gives detailed knowledge of all of them, and I’ll also guide you on what you need to accomplish in that area. Do not forget that when you enter the gateway in the Pavilion, you’ll be in the hallway, where you’ll find more hidden things. 

If you have completed all the objectives and have performed the Castle Dimitrescu Items tutorial, you should have Dimitrescu’s Passcode, which allows you to access the northern section.

You must also ensure that you obtain all hack-able panes in this region, as well as any treasures mentioned in the tutorial above. If they don’t contribute to the Search goal, we’re discussing. After you’ve obtained those, you’ll have to obtain the following.

Scrap Metal

Metal Scrap can be found within the vent. The Insignia Key is hidden behind the table piano, behind the chimney, where you must solve a little riddle.


Gunpowder is a type of explosive (Crafting Material). Gunpowder can be found a few steps distant from the last item.

It’s present on the surface of the green chair in the room’s corner.

Money (Lei)

Money (Lei) is good, so start playing the piano and earn the Insignia Lock when you get the Gunpowder.

After retrieving the key, proceed to the stairwell directed towards Opera Hall 2F.

After that, look for the money behind the stairs, though it may potentially contain Ammo. You would be able to see the Opera Hall 1F Search Completed blue marking on your map once you receive this vase. Let’s take a look at the second or third floor now. 

Ammunition for Sniper Rifles

Several lockpicks are strewn throughout the house in various rooms. When you find one, return here. However, do not put the wigs before accessing this cabinet, or you will be required to flee Castle Dimitrescu forever.

A Sniper Rifle Cartridge can be found in this cabinet.

The following item is listed among the most difficult and, most likely, the ending Opera Hall items you’ll require.

Turn around but walk around the core area from the previous job.

A cabin with a tiny table may be found on the left flank. A bright dot can be found on the rafters. You must fire a Crystal Shard, which will fall on the surface of the table.

The room is located in Opera Hall 2F’s southernmost reaches. 

Key Item: Flower Blades Ball

The Flower Blades Ball is the final object in the Opera Hall, and it is used to resolve the Labyrinth Puzzle. If you look through the pane in the northern room on the third or second floor, you should be able to find that quite easily. You’ll get the blue marker on the in-game map once you pick it up; moreover, there are the following points to note:

  • As I explained in this guide, you should hit several Opera Hall Panes & windows for the Hooligan achievement.
  • There are three more things to be found in the hallway between the Library and Opera Hall 2F. The first (Gunpowder) is located on the eastern side of the cabinets.

Location of Opera Hall Items

RE8 has many valuable items to encounter, and people just looking to clear out the Main Hall could gain from realizing where to look. The next edition in Capcom’s iconic zombie survival game, Resident Evil Village, has led Ethan Winters to return on a journey to locate his stolen daughter. Resident Evil Village has indeed surpassed Capcom’s sales expectations in less than a week, indicating that many gamers will need to know the Main Hall item positions if they intend to erase all of the crimsons off their globe.

Players must turn right as soon as they enter the Main Hall from the Hall of the Four (where they brought the four angel masks they had to find earlier in Resident Evil Village). There are two seats along the wall and a tiny dresser beside them. When players approach the right-most drawer, they’ll encounter a prompt and a box of Handgun Ammo inside.

Next, players must proceed to the opposite (northeast) corner of the chamber, where they will discover a massive, decorative vase. Players can make roughly 330 Lei after smashing the vase. The first floor of the Main Hall is now complete, so players must ascend the stairs to the second floor. At the end of the corridor, players will notice a blue-curtained doorway on the right side of the mezzanine that leads to the south hallway. 

Following the doorway, the hallway sharply turns right, and players will see a framed portrait above two chairs immediately after the turn. The unmistakable glint of a Crystal Fragment can be seen if players glance up in the center of the screen. The Fragment will fall into reach if you shoot this sparkle, and Crystal Pieces are pretty precious in REV. Proceeding down the corridor, players will come across a flower pot near the Prioress Gate at the very end. The players will receive another box of Handgun Ammo if they break this vase. Players can now proceed over the balcony and through the opposite doorway into the north hallway (also draped with blue curtains).

Players might see a beautiful jar on a wooden stand instantly to their left along the wall as they turn left. When broken, this jar yields around 200 Lei. After that, players must sprint to the end of the corridor, where they will find the third pot in a nook on their wing. To obtain Gunpowder, players must break this vase.

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