How Many Science Ships Do You Need in Stellaris?

When playing Stellaris, many beginners are confused about how many science ships you need in the game. There’s no straight answer to this question. The truth is that the choice is entirely yours. One thing to note for sure is that, in this game, it is necessary to build as many science ships as possible. Players that have a leadership capacity can build as many as 5 or 6 science ships. The nature of the game you want to play will determine just how many ships you will build to enable you to achieve your goal.

Science Ships Needed in Stellaris

For me, a major aim of playing this game is to explore my planet, observe and reach out at the odd species in the planet quite quickly and try to eliminate them. To achieve the most from this game, it will be a good idea to create the science ships in batches of 4, 6, 8, and so on. 

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Creating Many Science Ships – Often a Disadvantage

A disadvantage of creating so many science ships so early in the game is that it may affect your economy and this may be disastrous for your game. While it is good to build as many science ships as you want for your game, using the alloy that you otherwise would have used to create a good military base or star base upgrades. So it may be wise to tread cautiously when making use of your resources, because you may need them later for more crucial projects. However, it is not a bad idea to gather enough technology gadgets to enable me to locate the anomalies and enjoy my game.

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Number of AL’s in Stellaris 

Another factor that determines the number of spaceships that you need is to take cognizance of the number of AL’s that are in the game. However, most importantly, the size of the Galaxy will help you decide how many science ships you will need to successfully conclude the game. On average, a small Galaxy will need 4 to 6 Science ships, the bigger Galaxies will definitely need more ships. 

Play Mode in Stellaris

Another factor that determines how many Science ships a player will need to create is based on the mode of play of the player. For me, I start the game by building approximately 4 to 6 Science ships for exploration of the planet. Then I like to keep two science ships as patrol ships to help me survey the Galaxy to prevent any anomaly from springing any surprise on me. This is one of my strategies for the game that helps me assign different duties and gain more points. While I have scientists that are available to perform survey duties, others are free to perform anomaly duties and I get to earn more bonus from their activity.

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Building More Ships than Necessary

Another way to earn more points is to build more ships than necessary. Some will be placed on patrol and exploration, 2 or more may be working on the available projects, and others may be produced to assist in the research of the Galaxy. This way you get a lot done with very minimal effort.

For some players, they begin their game by building a minimum of five science ships and place them all on patrol or the survey of the Galaxy. They do this regardless of the size of the galaxy. They adopt this approach because they are in a race to survey the system and get the anomalies. This principle of “first empire to survey the system gets the anomalies” may make a player build more science ships than is necessary, so that you can have more than enough ships to quickly survey the system.

However, if you take cognizance of the new location and the archaeology of the area, you may need to take up more ships. These new site is lot bigger and will need the services of more ships to quickly complete the survey, bearing in mind that it is only the first empire that completely surveys the system that gets to get the anomalies, now what is a game of Stellaris without getting the bonus points that comes from acquiring anomalies and exploring them. This may be the thrill for some players.


One thing is sure; there may be no specific number of science ships that a player needs to collect to get ahead in the game. A player just has to work out his personal preference and get a working strategy that will help you succeed in the game. While science ships are important in the game, too many or little of them may make or mar the success of the player.

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