Closing Borders in Stellaris – The Ultimate Guide

Stellaris is an amazing game with endless opportunities and interesting missions. If you’re a beginner Stellaris player, you’re probably getting the hang of Stellaris. You explore and enjoy at least all the game’s features, you get to the border, and can’t help but wonder how you will go ahead by closing the borders. 

Closing Borders in Stellaris

This technique has prevented players from scoring a cheap victory by taking the opponent unaware. With a closed border, you cannot just fly into the enemy’s territory and declare war. For you to wage a war, the other party must be aware and prepared for combat. Even without the skirmish degenerating into a full scale war, just by closing your border, you can make life considerably difficult for the enemy ship.

Well, the significance of closing the border is that a closed border or gates mean “no entry.” This act is an action taken by players so that they are not disturbed by other empires. So, if an empire crosses a closed border, it’ll be considered trespassing and this can be rightly termed an act of war.

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Keeping Out The Fallen Empires

Players that close the borders build a wall to keep out the fallen empires from invading them. By securing the borders, they keep hostility out. This may also be taken by other empires as a call to war. This should increase the action in the game.

The good thing about Stellaris is that, even though the border is an invisible one, it is impossible to cross it. This alone makes it a good tactic that is definitely worth learning.

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The Auto-Close Function

One way to close the borders in Stellaris is to set your game policy to the auto close function. This way, your border automatically gets closed whenever you approach a new empire.

I noticed that as a default policy, the borders are set to close after the first contact with another empire. If you choose this policy, whenever you come in contact with another empire, you do not need to manually shut down the diplomatic ties you may have with the empire. So, if you would rather have a different method of shutting down the empire with each empire, you have to adopt a different approach to closing the empire.

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Clicking on an Enemy’s Flag

Another way to close the border against your enemies will be to scroll over to the enemy flag, then click on it. After this, you can go to the diplomacy tab on your screen and initiate the drop down menu. On this menu, you will see a list of all the empires available. You can then select those empires that you desire to have relations with.

It is true that after concluding a war with a certain empire, you both can call for a truce. During this time of suspended hostility, the border may be temporarily opened without either of you initiating it. To avoid this from happening, if you would rather leave your border closed against that empire, you will need to manually close your border by following any of the steps mentioned earlier.

Sometimes, you may not find the diplomacy tab and thus won’t be able to edit your preference on empires that you will want to have relations with. Imagine a scenario where your neighbor has closed ties with you by closing their border and has not declared you a rival. Also, you desire to do the same; ironically, you cannot find the diplomacy bar so that you can do the needful. Well, in such a scenario, all you need to do is check if your settings have not automatically blocked all the borders that you meet for the first time.

Also, some empires have certain limitations and cannot perform all the functions in the game. It is great to know the origin of all the empires and choose those that are leaders so that you can enjoy a more satisfying game. An example of an empire from an inferior origin is the Scions Empire; they are known as underlings and have very limited functions to perform. This particular empire cannot perform the function of closing the border, which is why the diplomatic tab is missing whenever you are playing with this particular empire.

It’s great to keep in mind that you can change your settings to close borders for a year or more, and then open them up again when you are ready to start having a diplomatic relationship with other empires again.

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