How to Claim Unowned Star Systems in Stellaris?

Take Advantage of the Nearby System

When playing Stellaris, you will be conquering adjacent planetary systems all across the game. After clicking just on the green arrowhead, you can switch to a nearby system. Arrowheads point to nearby systems which can be investigated, and they stay active for systems that can be examined.

Choose the science ship, then direct it to survey the nearby system. When seizing any system, you must conduct a thorough examination of its assets and planets.

The course will be determined by the science ship. The survey involves several moments, and you can speed things up by clicking the + option on the time-control panel.

Pick the building ship but have it go into the neighboring system after you’ve inspected the system.

You’ll observe that the blue region representing the empire has grown a little larger, up to the point in which the system’s star is located.

You must hit RMB on the system’s star as fast as the engineering ship arrives at its location. Choose “Build Frontier Outpost” from the menu. Since the cost of construction is indicated in minerals and impact, the expansion options are now restricted. 

The ship will begin to assemble after you know the optimal choice.

The outpost will be completed in a few minutes, and it will define the parameters of the empire. You must defend it since they are costly to construct and if the adversary destroys it, you will lose complete control over the system.

Your zone of control has grown since the outpost was created. You will now be updated on the activities of friendly and hostile troops in that region on a routine basis.

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Construct Structures on Your Planet

Different sectors can be expanded on colonized planets, which influences the implementation of collecting individual resources. You must establish colonies of value to gain influence.

A green growth bar can be seen by one of the communities. This indicates that the planet’s particular sector has been colonized. The residents of specific sectors that are already colonized are represented by the green bar.

A population’s pace of development is determined by its characteristics (low or high natural growth ratio). A planet’s population is expected to increase until it has inhabited all of the accessible sectors.

Installations take place in each of the planet’s various sectors, a few at a time. You can see the bonus you’ll get once it’s been resolved under every sector. At the start of the game, the player can set aside a few of the rewards or create buildings to receive extra or other rewards.

A new panel will appear after you choose an unstable sector. The button that makes it possible to create a certain structure has been highlighted. Select the highlighted button.

The panel displays a list of all accessible buildings in a certain sector. Each image of a structure has been accompanied by facts about the income that you will receive from that structure. Choose the structure that you require.

The construction process begins when you select the structure in the region panel. The process of establishing a mineral mine is depicted. The mining building arises when the work is completed, and the earlier profit is converted into income.

Keep in mind that you must only construct structures in areas that have already been settled, as this will allow you to benefit from the minute the building is completed.

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Clearing Planetary Sectors

Individual parts of the population of the planet will continue to grow. Some planet sectors would be plagued with unprofitable buildings or antiquated structures which you must destroy to keep your population growing. At the same time, it is a method of obtaining income for certain sectors or the construction of new structures.

A distinctive frame has been placed around the obstructed sections of planets. Select one of these sectors by clicking on it.

The additional field should appear in the panel as a result of this. This is how you’ll be able to sweep the sector. Just on the panel, you can see how much it will cost to clean the sector and how long it will take. 

A new window will open on the panel, allowing you to see how much time is left till the process is completed. You can cancel the clearance of the sector, and you will be reimbursed for your spending. 

An orange status meter reflects the amount of time required to complete the procedure. Clearing sectors is costly, especially early in the game, so try to do so only once the population in the free regions has grown significantly.

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