MapleStory Evan – The Ultimate Skill Build Guide

Evan is one of the Lead Heroes that are a part of the magical branch. This character is unique as he uses his Dragon to fight rather than the weapons. Evan excels at micromanaging and moving his pet Dragon. He combines the mobbing strategies to form a map dominance.

This character focuses on improving the fifth job skill. Here is the complete Evan class skill-building guide. 

Mir is the primary weapon of Evan and blasts enemies with his monstrous breath. Slowly, Evan learns the dragon-riding skill. As a true dragon tamer, he sits atop Mir when fighting against his opponents.

Fusion Skills of this dragon master include wind breath, earth drive, and wind drive. On improving your leveling potential, you’ll learn more about his skillset and combine them into new ones. 

Spirit Pack

Evan, the son of a farmer, dreamt that he met Afrien in a mysterious forest, and told him about fulfilling his responsibility as Dragon master. As Evan awakened, he found a strange symbol near his head. He spent his day feeding his cow and handling the chores. 

Suddenly he found himself in a forest that appeared to be the same as that of his dream. Instead of Afrien, he found an egg that had the same symbol as that of his hand. 

Evan took the egg and returned to his farm. After some days, the egg hatched, and a baby dragon emerged. Mir, the Dragon, told Evan about their Bond and the responsibility they had to fulfill.

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Who is Evan in Maplestory? 

Evan belongs to the hero class of Maplestory. He was second of the top six characters to be released. Evan’s class got released in 2010 and went through changes in the last ten years. Heroes of the Maplestory changed their game tactics. For instance, Evan focuses on attacking, instead of depending on his pet, Mir. 

As mentioned before, Evan belongs to the hero class in the series. Luminous Phantom, Mercedes, Shade, and Aryan are other heroes of Maplestory. Evan was a simple farm boy until he came across a bizarre dragon egg.

Black Mage cursed the Onyx Dragon that laid for centuries, waiting for a true hero that awakens the beast inside. Mir is the steadfast companion of Evan. The game starts with the hatchling. However, as the series progresses, Mir grows stronger with Evan. 

Evan has unique mobbing and impressive link skills. Try out his skills, and combine them to form new ones. Perhaps he doesn’t have optimistic defensive and damage skills. However, he learns to hold on his own in the 5th skill. 

Once you learn managing skills, you’ll find that It’s a rewarding persona. Evan outshines micromanaging Mir and utilizing fusion skills. It’s how he maximizes his map control. 

As a heroic class, Evan has better recovery time. His skills got improved, which eliminated skill cast time and made him more dynamic. Evan has Wand or Staff as his primary weapon and Documents as a secondary. 

Evan is not the only character that fought against Black Mage. He is one of those legendary characters that got nearly wiped out by his enemy. 

Unique Attributes of Evan Class

  • Central attribute-Intelligence
  • Primary Weapon -Wand or Staff
  • Main Points/Hit Points – High or Low
  • Legion Bank -70% chance to score MP in attack mode
  • Ability: +1 Attack Speed 
  • Skill: 70% Rune Duration

Evan First Skill Build Guide

Dragon’s SparkIt causes Mir, the Dragon, to attack along with his master.
Mana Burst OneAs the game progresses, it develops into Mana V. It causes two explosion Attacks on the Frontier of the enemies at a time.
Magic GuardUse the skill when you have at least 1 MP left. Otherwise, it would not function with 0 MP. It is because the damage you face will affect your MP rather than your BP. 
Thus, it preserves your health. However, Magic guard is useless against attacks that consume at least a portion of the max MP.
Dragon SoulThis skill increases the power and speed of the Dragon.
TeleportIt teleports a range of fixed maps. 

Evan Second Job Skill Building Guide

By following this second job building skill guide, you can maximize the following power:

  • Boost magical power
  • Mana burst 1
  • Wind circulation
  • Flashing Wind +1
  • Flash of Dragon + 1
  • Optimize your Magical spell expertise 
  • Level up your wisdom
  • Maximize the magical booster
  • Layer up jumping skills

It is not until the second job that your Fusion skill gets upgraded. The new fusion skill is the Wind strike. Fusion skill automatically activates when you use the Dragon strike and wind Circulation at a go. It fires off the elements All around as it gets started. Do you want to baffle your enemies? Use the returning skill and the Spell booster for the same.

Mana B urst TwoIt has the same effect as that of Mana Burst. However, there is a difference. In the second job, it Attacks thrice rather than attacking two times. 
Wind CirculationWind circulation skill summons a windstorm that blows enemies away while inflicting damage. It does not affect all the enemies. Except that, it is quite useful. 
Wind CircleThis attack summons a strong wind that blows away the enemy, causing significant damage. Except for the fact that it doesn’t damage all enemies, it’s a useful skill.
Support Jumping SkillsEvan Mixed-use of the strong wind generated by the flapping sound of the Dragon’s wings. air current helps Evan to jump high,
Expertising Magical Spells This unique skill energizes the Magic ATT, CTR. It boosts the magical power of Evan’s character.
Return FlashIt’s a special type of fusion skill where Mir resists attacks. He flies back to his master. As it returns back, mid punishes the neighboring enemies, inflicting them serious damage.
Magical Skill BoosterAs the name implies, the magic booster enhances the Magic attack speed of Evan.
High Wisdom This skill triggers your brain to become more intelligent for the rest of the game.
Dragon FlashIt’s the skill of Mir. The Dragon passes through the enemy. It kills all that comes on his way. It doesn’t cause you any damage as the target Enemies from larger angles.

Evan’s Third Job Skill Building Guide

You can amplify the following skills in your third job:

  • Thunder circulation + 1
  • Dive of the Dragon + 1
  • 3rd job Mana burst 
  • Maximize Thunder circulation
  • Maximize Magic critical rate 
  • Maximize the potential of the Dragon
  • Decrease elemental resistivity
  • Reduced element 
  • Maximize return drive 

The third job gives you better fusion skills. Players acquire a better circulation skill which is known as thunder circulation—level up to the third job to get the best Dragon return skill possible. Use either the flash or dive of thunder. Your magical skills summons Magical elements that you can use while attacking. It flies towards the mob when you attack. 

Mana Burst ThreeMana burst three skills shoots four Mana that destroy enemies that stand ahead. 
Thunder BlastIt’s a fusion attack that generates 5 Pentacles. It combines the Dragon flash with Mir’s magical power while smashing the adversary.
Thunder DiveIt’s a fusion attack that delivers powerful electric orbs to damage enemies. It mixes the Dragons Dive with Evan’s magic.
Thunder CircleBy Conjuring tentacles, this skill damages enemies.
Return DriveIt resists Mir from striking enemies. The Dragon returns to Evan. It temporarily increases your team’s speed by one unit.
Magical ResistivityThis third job skill increases or boosts your Attacking skills and Overall MP cost.
Magical DebrisWhen implemented, it creates magic Debris surrounding your enemies. Locks the Enemies in the fusion skill and kills those near Evan.
Magic AmplificationMagical amplification improves your resistance power. It likewise boosts your abnormal status quo. 
Elemental DecreaseIt lowers down your resistance while causing damage to the enemies eternally.
Dragon DiveIt is the Dragon specialty. When triggered, it dashes ahead of his Master. This second job skill allows the Dragon to generate shock waves using his wings. It causes ultimate damage to the enemy.
Dragon PotentialThis skill Unleashes the Beast and exposes his full potential.
Critical MagicThis second job skill maximizes your critical rate and damage at a time. 

Evan Fourth Job Skill Building Guide

Earth circulation is your new skill. You will find it useful in hitting multiple platforms, as it is an active attack. Mir acquires a new Dragon skill. His breath results in a huge blast of Fire. Breath is the improved version of the fusion skill. Grey fog is a map attack that helps reduce the number of Magical debris.

Get a number of fourth Job skills, including Mana bust, Earth circulation, Magic expertise, and graded potential of the Dragon. Here’s the fourth job skill description and overview. 

Fourth Job Skill NameLevel DescriptionType
Mana Burst 4th Job SkillIt’s linked with a Mana cost of 42. It inflicts 290% damage on the first hit. It attacks four times at a go. It kills eight enemies at a time. The second hit causes 330% of damage and attacks repetitively.If you want to apply a mobbing skill to why Mir is there, go for the Mana burst.
Earth Circulation It links with a Mana cost of 58. It causes damage to eight enemies. It inflicts up to 320% damage. Use this fourth job skill to strike four times at a go.
The only downfall is that the MP cost is multiplied by 3.It is using Earth circulation after the Dragon skill triggers a fusion skill. It casts Mana before circling Earth, causing Earth skill as it lies down. 
It doesn’t prevent fusion skills from triggering
It has an exceptional range and power. Combining it with Dragon breath causes impressive results.
Silent Breath of the WindIt links with a Mana cost of 80. It hits 4 Enemies at a time. It causes five back-to-back attacks. Damage inflicted gets divided by the number of Enemies present. It lasts 3.5 seconds. Need decent mobbing skills? Perhaps the wind circulation has a solution.
Breath of the DragonIt links with 80 Mana cost. It attacks eight enemies at a go. It inflicts 240% damage to the enemies. Dragon Glaze has a cool-down period of 10 seconds. Are you looking for a smooth horizontal burst skill? Simply press the return button, and the fire ring circulates the ground. 
Dive from the Earth It links with a Mana cost of 70. It forms Rock particles and causes three crashes. It has over 190% damage per crash. 
It inflicts six back-to-back damages. It causes harm to six enemies. 
Earth diving is a decent fusion skill. It Returns attacking speed. 
Creation of the dark fogIt links with a Mana cost of 400. It hits up to 15 rivals at a time. It has a cooldown period of 40 seconds. 
The cooldown period brings in damage to the Critical fog. 
Use this fourth Jobs skill to get the most out of the Magical debris. 
Onyx’s blessing It links with a mana cost of 48. It has 50 magical OTT. It lasts for 180 seconds. Want to take your passive skills to the fourth job level? Blessing comes to the rescue,
Enhancing debris creationIt results in unit debris creation. Debris creation has a cooldown of 40 seconds. 
Optimize debris creation to 25. It hits up to 15 enemies. The fourth job skill inflicts 110% damage. On the first hit, it inflicts damage.
For every five damage, n inactivated debris disappears after some time. 
Looking for an active skill to sharpen mobbing? Go for it. 
Will power of Onyx It absorbs up to 20% damage. It has 70% knockdown resistance. Inflict permanent damage when Mir is attacking. Are you looking for a passive effect that causes harm to your rival? Will power comes to the rescue.
Rage of the Dragon Associated with magical att of 35%. The MP range varies from 30% to 100%.It’s a decent passive effect
Maximize the Dragon Potential It brings in 20% permanent damage to the Bosses. It’s the passive mode of attack.
Worshipper of the MapleIt’s associated with an MP cost of 70. It increases the stats located to the AP by 15% and lasts for 900 s. Looking for active stuff? Maple worshippers take a stand for you.
Will power of the HeroIt has an MP cost of 30. The willpower will cool down for 300 seconds.It’s an active attacking power. 

Evan’s Fifth Job Skill Building Guide

As you reach the fifth job, you gain access to Matrix V. Not just Evan, but Use the boosting node to enhance the damage of your existing forces. Moreover, to assess new skills, you need to hone your current skills. Unlock the nodestone that The mobs drop in The Arcade river. 

Stay alert to the Limited gaps in Matrix V. You want to unlock the perfect nodes to maximize the Damage of your character. 

Nodestone includes the following:

  • Slam of the Dragon
  • Optimal Speed
  • Mana spiral
  • Trinodes combine three skills at a time. A trinode may include:
    • Earth circulation
    • Wind circulation
    • Thunder circulation

The fifth job trinode may include the following:

  • IV Mana bursts 
  • Magical debris 
  • Spark of the Dragon

As you climb up to the fifth job skill, you need to quire the following:

  • A pious symbol
  • Sober Speed diffusion
  • Lift up the rope
  • Wisdom Of the Freud
  • Overload Mana Spirit

Hyper Skill Build of Evan 

As you level up to 140, you advance to the hyper-skill build of the character. You may level up to 120, but you won’t get many skills. Choose the skills that you will use wisely because these skills will drastically affect your gameplay experience in the future.

  • Speedy dive of the
  • Dragon
  • A speedy flash of the Dragon 
  • The speedy breadth of the Dragon 
  • Memories of heroism 
  • Summon Onyx 

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MapleStory Evan Elemental Combo Pack of Skills

The best elemental Radiance combo skill for Evan re as follows:

  • Elemental Radiance
  • Wind circulation 
  • Flash of the Dragon 
  • Flash of thunderstorm
  • Magical debris 
Combo Skill NameLevel DescriptionPurpose of the Skill
Slam of MirThe Dragon Slams down and keeps on attacking the enemy. It remains unaffected by attack reflectionIt’s a combo skill with Attacking Barrage
Elementary BarrageIt uses a powerful magical skill repetitively. It gives you new power after a short time of using power. It’s a Combo skill with the Slam attack. You can use it with the slam, but it’s not worth it otherwise.
Breath of the wiring The Shepherd boy infuses his dragon with the magical skill during Mir slam. It releases a blast of elemental energy. It works along with Dragon slam. Are you looking for a decent mobbing or bossing skill? Go for the breath combo attack. 
Farcical speedIt causes the Dragon to stop attacking and Fly back to his master. It creates a vortex that causes immediate injuries to the enemies. Looking for a return skill that enhances your DPS? Go for it. 
Elemental glamCast some magical ring to lead the constellations. Magical ATT starts charging as the Shepherds spell hits the target. You can combine and charge it using the fusion skills. Not really beneficial if you get 210. 

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