Inner Ability Skills in Maplestory – The Ultimate Guide

With the inner ability, characters can gain extra stats, similar to the game’s potential system. A Maplestory player unlocks inner ability at level 50. Maximize the inner ability benefit to the Legendary Rank.

Inner ability uses the potential cubes rather than the Honour points. Use them in several ways in the game. Read on this guide to know how you can maximize the benefit of the inner ability system.

All characters will be able to utilize their inner ability system from stage 50 onwards. It can be found on the start page. Press the button that says “Detail” and see the detailed stats. From stage 50, the character finds the quest on the left side of the navigation page. Usually, a MapleStory player starts at the rank of “Rare Ability.” But you can start the following too:

  • Unique
  • Legendary
  • Epic 
  • Rare 

Overview of the Maplestory Inner Ability

Press the Reset button so that all the inner ability stats are rerolled. One reset button will cost you 100 honor XP. Reframe the inner ability to form Three lines. It allows you to level up or down the Inner ability of your character.

However, your rank will not be lesser than Rare and more than legendary. To prevent degradation, lock the Inner ability. 

Locking the inner ability will prevent ranking up and down. However, it will cost you a lot of honor EXP.

Know More About the Inner Ability Skills

You can Unlock from a total of three lines. 

Inner Ability skills boost your strength while minimizing your damage and strengthening it. It rounds out your character in terms of its requirements, critical rate, and critical speed. Assuming that you’ve exceptional Inner ability, this guide tells you about the Inner class abilities of all classes. 

Note that scoring three perfect lines is perfect if it’s the best use of Meso. Now that you scored a perfect line and Starforce starts working on your character’s Inner Ability. Great ability skills include Passive Skills% +1, Attack speed% +1 for your prime point. 

If you’re making a farmer, Drop percent, and Meso is the best. 

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When Should You Start Working on Ability Skills?

Inner Ability isn’t your priority when starting. Start working on Ability skills when you hit the threshold with your equips and game stats. It’s the best thing when creating main or legion link mules.

  • Set your inner ability to Unique or epic and score your Meso lines. Next, drop them.
  • Drop it there. Make 200 or more BP. 
  • Complete your Starforce work, and start working on the potential lines. 
  • Get Legendary Inner ability.
  • Choose between bossing and continued labeling.
  • Get your Boss or level character based on your Class and choice.
  • Once you complete farming and gear forming, check the list for your class.
  • Advance to perfect Inner Abilities.

Players want to keep the Drop rate and Meso lines intact as much as possible. It’s because they won’t be doing hard Bosses till they score 220 BP or more. In the beginning, you will find it easy to get epic and unique with the honor exp. 

After the epic, use circulatory to score legendary. If you want to make profits, consider investing in Potential and Starforce.

Inner Ability List of the Warrior Class

The inner Ability of the warrior class is the best in a lot. Do boss damage on a character. As long as it is on the fast lines, it’s a good idea. As it’s on the first line, it gets a Cooldown speed rather than the attack Speed. Rely on mass binding in parties. 

Character Name1st Line2nd Line3rd Line
Adele 20% Skip (CD)Critical Rate -20%Attack -21
Aran20% Damage (Boss)Critical Rate -20% Attack -21
BlasterSkills + 1Boss Damage 10%Debuffled Damage -8%
Dawn Warrior20% Damage (Boss)Buff Duration -38% Attack – 21
Dark KnightSpeed +1Debuffled Damage -8% Attack – 21
Demon AvengerSpeed +1CD Skip -10%Critical Rate -20% 
Demon SlayerSkip CD -20% Attack -21Critical Rate -20% 
Hayato20% Damage (Boss)Attack -21Boss Damage 10%
HeroSpeed +1Critical Rate -20%Debuffled Damage -8%
KaiserSpeed +1Buff Duration -38% Boss Damage 10%
Mihile20% Damage (Boss)Magic Attack – 21Boss Damage 10%
PaladinSpeed +1Buff Duration -38% Critical Rate -20% 
ZeroSpeed +1Skip CD -20% Debuffled Damage -8%

Inner Ability List of the Magic Class

Character Name1st Line2nd Line3rd Line
Battle MageBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%Attack -21
Beast TrainerBoss Damage -20%
Buff Duration -38% Attack -21
EvanSpeed +1Critical Rate -20%Boss Damage -10%
Poison or Fire Arch MageSpeed +1Buff Duration -38% Buff Duration -38% 
Lightning or Ice Arch MageSpeed +1Buff Duration -38% Attack – 21
IlliumSpeed +1Boss Damage -10%Critical Rate -20%
KinesisBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%Critical Rate -20%
LuminousSpeed +1Buff Duration -38% Magic Attack – 21
(Bossing) KannaBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%Magic Attack – 21
(Farming)KannaMeso Obtained – 20%Drop Rate -15%Magic Attack – 21

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Inner Ability List of the Thief Class

Character Name1st Line2nd Line3rd Line
CadenaCD Skip -20%Attack -21Boss Damage -10%
Dual BladeBoss Damage -20%Attack -21CD Skip -10%
Ho YoungSkills +1Buff Duration -38%Critical Rate -20%
Night LordBoss Damage -20%Debuffed Damage -8%Attack -21
Night WalkerBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%Attack -21
PhantomBoss Damage -20%Buff Duration -38%Attack -21
ShadowerBoss Damage -20%Attack -21Critical Rate -20%
XenonBoss Damage -20%Buff Duration -38%Boss Damage -10%

Inner Ability List of the Magic Class

1st Line2nd Line3rd Line
BowmasterBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate-20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage 
MarksmanSpeed +1Boss Damage -10%Critical Rate -20%
MercedesBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage. 
PathfinderBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage 
Wild HunterBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage. 
Wind ArcherBoss Damage -20% Critical Rate -20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage 
KainBoss Damage -20%Critical Rate -20%When the Bowmaster character attacks victims with Abnormal attributes, it experiences 8% or more damage 

Ability Events

Ability events can be very useful in optimizing your honor XP and maximize the benefits of Bonus Miracle circulators. Such events usually happen once every year. Special events take place throughout the year.

Bright Sunday Events

Bright Sunday events are included in Maplestory notes. Players get updated with the timings of the events. It helps them prepare and plan for pre-rolling. Get hands-on experience with the ability skills. 

The best part of the Sunday event is that it gives you 50% rerolls. It is the best opportunity to try claiming the perfect lines. Keep in mind that unlocking the legendary rank will set you back more than 10k honor XP. However, with the Sunday event, you can get it to as low as 5k per reroll. 

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All About MIracirculator (Aka Miracle Circulator) Event

Do you know what a miracle circulator is? It is a cash shop Store available in both the regular and Reboot world of the Maplestory Kingdom. However, the cost will vary from Meso to the Regular world. A miracle circulator will cost you 1900 NX, whereas it costs 1900 000 in the reboot world.

Maplestory Point Events 

Players can buy miracle circulators and honored medals from the event shops. Staying updated with the event dates will help you earn more XP points. As the quantity is limited, choose the points carefully.

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