Maplestory – Bishop Level Skill Development Guide

Bishop in Maplestory is an exceptional class that explores and hones impeccable job skills. It serves as one of the most supporting Classes in the action game. As part of the fourth job skill, It’s a magical class that uses its wand and other pieces of Stuff to defend itself and cause harm to the enemies. It likewise has magical skills that help its team members to pass through the most challenging Opponents in the game. 

A new event starts on the island. No doubt bishop is one of the evergreen classes that a gamer starts to play. 

All That You Need to Know About Training the Bishop Class in Maplestory

Bishop is a magician in the Explorer class. Do you want to learn how you can transform into a bishop class? Firstly, choose a Cleric class after advancing to second job completion at the 30th level. While the second form is cleric, the third is Priest. The fourth job is Bishop. 

An overview of the bishop class includes all the transformations from Cleric to priest and Bishop. 

This article covers the following topics: 

  1. First level skill development of the magician class
  2. First level skill development of the Cleric class
  3. Third level skill formation of the Priest class
  4. Fourth level skill development of the Bishop class
  5. What makes the Bishop class stand apart from the rest?

Bishop’s class goes through different forms in the game. The Bishop class specializes in Party support and fundamental skills. Here is a full list showing what all the Bishop class includes and a brief note of what it does in the game::

  • Blessing power: It increases both the attacking powers and the magical skills of the team members. As the game progresses, blessing power advances to optimal spiritual blessing in the final chapter. 
  • The prowess of the Holy emblem: It dramatically increases the EXP point allotted to the player and members of the team. 
  • The healing power: As the name suggests, this healing power cures the team members within a particular range.
  • Angel Ray: Even though it is the chief attacking skill in the Bishop’s fourth job skill, it has the same effect as the healing power. 
  • Dispel power: It’s a fourth job skill that counterbalances the Abnormal buff left on the enemies and the attacking player. The most sought-after power would give them 1.5 EXP. 
  • Effect of the Sacred fountain: It results in the formation of a sacred fountain that heals the team members surrounding it. 
  • The power of Magical Shield: It can protect up to 10 hits at a time. 
  • Resurrecting power: It gets the fallen supporters Back To Life. 

The blessed cast is one of the most critical skills of the Explorer class in MapleStory. For each buff inflicted on the team members, they get expert damage for it. In addition, it gives an extra EXP point to the Cleric class. 

The hyper-skill of the category converts to Angelic ray while transforming the mobbing skill into single target destruction. 

Today, Maplestory got Shifted in a unidirectional game. Still, the Bishop is one of the most desired classes for training. They make use of the Complete stack Genesis. They will stay in one place for one moment and the other the next. Like every other Explorer class, the impeccable stack has a cool-down duration of 30 seconds. 

The only downside is that the class has the slowest training period. Moreover, it didn’t update since the Maplestory red evolution. Trainers might find it disappointing and deliberate. 

Explorer warlocks have the liberty to move on to arc wizard or evil mage. 

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Key Attributes of the Bishop Class

Chief Weapons Wand and staff
Attacking styleMagic
Shop InventoryMagical explore
Ledger block+ Int 100/ 80/ 40/ 20/ 10 
Magical skillEmpirical buff
Key StatisticsPlus one taking skills

As the Explorer class crosses the 101st level, they can move from one job to the other. For instance, you can shift from the Dark Knight to the Militant Warrior. On the other hand, you will find it easy to play with the Bishop class. Often he would love to teleport maps and use Bigbang skills. Occasionally the Bishop places a buff on the enemies and uses map attacks. 

Note that they can change classes within the same branch. It implies that if you are playing with the Archer class, you need to choose one from the Archer class itself. For job advancement in Maplestory, use advancement coins or Mesos. 

First Job Skill Development of the Bishop Class

You can expand job skills at the initial level. Bishop is an inspiring member of the magician class in Maplestory. The Bishop with a wide variety of different powers and unique abilities that can help transform your character to a completely new league.

Skills that you can use in the first level are as follows: 

On advancing to the 10th level as a beginner, Magicians get transported to the magical memorabilia.

There you will meet Grendle, a character that explains the role of a magician. You will get an MP and HP boost. Likewise, you can use a magical power to defend yourself from time to time. 

Following Are the First Level Skills Set of a Bishop

  • Energy lock (+1) 
  • Teleport skill (+1) 
  • Energy lock ( maximize)
  • Empirical farmer(+1)
  • MP (Aka Mana point) Maximize

Energy lock is the main attacking power of the Bishop. The old Big Bang attack got upgraded to the Thunderbolt attack. You might want to maximize the benefit of transport skills as it boosts Your mobility. 

The magic guard is a useful fifth job skill of the Bishop. The best part is that it transforms your MP to HP while absorbing the damage inflicted on you. Toggle it on and off at per convenience. 

Overview of the First Level Skills of the Bishop in Maplestory

Name of the skill Skill descriptionPurpose of the attack
Energy lockEnergy lock consumes Mana points to fire bolts that target the opponents. It’s the main attacking skill of the bishop. 
Teleport mapIt moves from one place to the other on the map. Can prove to be super useful in desperate situations or hostile environments.If you need the first-level skill to move from one place to the other at a rapid pace, use teleport mapping.
Mana point boostThis first-level skill increases your Mana point permanently. An increase in Mana points is equal to the level of the game.It is a passive attacking skill. Teleport mapping throws buff on the enemies. 
Magic shielding The percentage of the damage inflicted on you affects your MP instead of BP. Players can activate it when they have at least one Mana point at their disposal.Do you need a toggle first-level skill? Magic shielding is an excellent option. Do you need a toggle first-level skill? Magic shielding is an excellent option. 
Spiritual armor It makes use of Magical power to increase DEF pointsIt is a passive attacking skill. 

As you cross level 30, you get a light bulb from Grendel. Come back to the magical Book Store. The player has the liberty to choose from cleric, wizard (poison, fire), and sorcerer (lightning, ice). If you want to play with a Bishop, you need to choose a cleric. Grendel, the Old wizard, sends you to fetch the black marble. 

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Second Level Skills of Cleric in Maplestory

The following are the second-level skills that you can boost in Maplestory. These are skills that make Cleric stand apart from others.

  • Spiritual bolts (+1)
  • Magic Espouser (+2)
  • Spiritual blessings (optimize)
  • Indomitable 
  • Magical Expertise
  • Healing effects (Max)
  • Optimal Intelligence( Max)
  • MP consumer (optimize)

The healing power doesn’t remain confined to the first job label. The cleric has a new mobbing skill. It has a cool-down period of 4 seconds, and you will no longer find it useful. Are you looking for a better mobbing skill? Holy spear has you covered. It is a better mobbing skill and is capable of absorbing more damage. 

If you’re facing Bosses in Maplestory, mobbing skills are a game-changer. 

Name of the skillDescriptionPurpose of the skill 
Holy spear It allows the player to attack enemies. It is quite effective against venomous and live monsters. It is the main attacking power
Mana point consumerThe second job skill absorbs the Mana points while attacking the Opponent. It keeps on taking them until the MP becomes zero. It doesn’t apply to the bosses. It’s a passive attacking skill. 
Magical expertise It increases the spiritual ATTIt’s a passive attacking skill. 
indomitableIt absorbs all the damage inflicted on the players. It’s a passive attacking skill.
Optimal wisdomIt permanently increases NT While boosting willpower. It’s a passive attacking style 
Healing powerIt increases the HP points of the surrounding members, including the player itself. It increases the cooldown period of the healing power. Enemies within the range Get infected that increases damage for a Meantime. Opponents get inflicted with extra damage. Do you want to revive your existing power? Healing power has your back. 
Blessing power Increases DEF, Attacking ATT of the Player and team members. You have the liberty to couple it with other attacking skills. It is an active attack.

Overview of the Third Level Skills of the Priest in Maplestory

  • Shining armor (MX)
  • Holy emblem (MX)
  • Holy Nucleus (MX)
  • Teleport expertise (MX)
  • Arcane Burn out
  • Holy cascade 
  • Spiritual protection
  • Divine barrier

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All That You Need to Know About Third Level Skills of Bishop

  • Occult Window (MX) Shining armor remains one of the key Attacking and mobbing skills of the priest while developing the third level skills. As you reach the Third Level, leveling speeds up. It is better not to maximize the power of the Holy emblem until you define your Max attacking skill. 
  • The best part of the Holy emblem is that It increases your EXP Point by 50%. However, Maple story nerfs The attacking skill. As the player comes out of the character, their attack speed will reduce. 

The rest of the third-level skills are perfect for defending the boss Demons. Players find the Magical shells useful. It helps decrease damage inflicted on the players for the last 15 seconds. Magical Shell doubles as an iframe on certain occasions. It is particularly true for Level 20. When you want to come out of the atypical status of the player,

Holy Cascade is more than enough. It helps heal the player and the team members within a particular range. The magical door doesn’t go anywhere. You will find it in the Third Level skill. However, it is not as essential as it used to be. When you have the hyper teleporting skills at your disposal, you don’t need them often. 

Name of the skillDescriptionPurpose of the skill 
Sparkling rayIt attacks multiple opponents at a time. It causes massive damage to the venomous Monsters that are surviving. It is one of the key attacking styles of the bishop.
Spiritual emblem It offers an additional EXP point to the team members in the meantime. If you go away from the Enemy Casting a spiritual symbol, Effectiveness will reduce by 50%. It keeps on attacking the still there HP reduces to 0 
Teleporting skillThis third skill causes your opponent Within a particular range to observe the damage. They remain inactive for a certain period.It likewise increases the attacking distance. Switch on and off the skill using The toggle button. It is a passive attacking style.
Mystical portIt creates a pathway that takes you to the nearest town. Mystical Portals came as a huge relief for many adventurous players who like to travel long distances and explore a lot.Want to go from one place to the other within a limited time? Mystical port creates a way for you. 
Spiritual cast It’s the 4th job skill of the Bishop. Once it gets activated, you can’t activate it. It is an attacking buff. 
Magical protection It increases both fundamental resistance and an atypical state. Use the spiritual power to create a magical path while blocking the Abnormal breakdown. It throws buff on the enemies.
Dispel attackIt cancels all the magical effects of the damages instilled in the player. In general combat this can be a huge decisive factor which will decide who wins and who loses the battle.Do you want to get control over the opponents? Dispel attack has your back. 
Arcane overflowThe fourth job skill boosts critical damage. Likewise, it increases the critical speed of the player. It keeps on throwing buffs on the enemies. 

You can increase all fourth-level skills. Do you want to go beyond Bishop’s tenth-level skill? For that, you need to procure 20 and 30 volumes of MapleStory. You can buy the book from the general store of Leartre. Skills that you can improve in the fourth jobs kill are as follows: 

  • Emergence 
  • Buff Skill (+1) 
  • Maximize the Arcane Motive
  • Optimal Blessing
  • Maple militants 
  • Infinite skills (MX)
  • Bahamut skills by PLUs 1 optimize 

Bigbang is one of the chief attacking skills of the Bishop. To make proper use of the skill, you need to Cast emergence from time to time. Bishop can summon the demon, but it keeps on following you. So, you can’t direct it to somewhere where you aren’t present. 

Resurrection comes in handy when dealing with both demons.Angel beam and Infinite skills keep on attacking the Bosses. 

Name of the skillDescriptionPurpose of the Attack
Big Bang immersionIt unifies strength to form a vortex. Decreases the DEF point of the enemy and results in a spiritual explosion. Uni-directional attacking skill 
Angel bem It keeps on attacking with a Holy sper. It proves to be quite effective against the Monstrous enemies that are alive.Unidirectional tracking skill 

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