MapleStory Kanna – The Ultimate Skill Build Guide

Kanna is one of the most powerful classes in Maplestory.  It has amazing skills, party buffs, impressive spawn rate, longest bind, and exceptional map control.

It’s because of these skills that players get tempted to make Kanna and advance to higher levels. 

Having it at your disposal makes dropping and farming a bit easier. However, if you don’t like the Kanna Maplestory class, you shouldn’t make it. 

It keeps your summons in place while maintaining a steady uptime. If you prefer jumping and blasting bombs, you should focus on that instead. Note that Maplestory is a marathon rather than a sprint. 

By putting in effort and time, you can progress further and protect yourself against burning out. Keep in mind that Kanna requires a lot of funding to optimize farming. 

You want to score meso points, boost inner abilities and drop rate stats. It requires you to shoot mobs and potent gears for advancing to higher levels. 

Advancing to the level needs time investment and costs you millions of meso points. Considering these facts, stay alert of the Kanna trap. 

Yaksha Boss, Spirit Dominance, and Kishin Shoukan are some vital skills of the Kanna Maplestory class. 

He has other skills but focuses on the suggested ones. It will help you to progress in the game. Read on to know more about Kanna Class and skills owned by the Maplestory class. 

All That You Should Know About Kanna – Kanna Overview

Kanna is an impressive class of the Maplestory epic who becomes part of the Sengoku class in spot V. Oda Nobunaga is an insane landlord that controls Japan in 1582. He performs rituals at Honnou-Ji and gets thwarted by Kanna, the occult priestess.

While Oda was dueling with a samurai, Kanna performed a magical stunt. A ray of light emerged from the corner and took the three to a mysterious world.

No matter what happens to the rest, Oda wouldn’t stop till he gains eternity. It relies on Kanna whether she would save her land from evil powers. 

Kanna belongs to the magical world and summons ghastly wraiths to combat her rivals. A spirit fox named Haku accompanies her to the battlefield. If you’re looking for a twist or an above-average magical effect, choose Kanna to fight against the ominous powers. 

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What Makes Kanna a Unique Maplestory Class?

Kanna is a magical Character that utilizes INT equipment and magical spells to combat her enemies. As a Maplestory class, she has everything and can make impossible things possible. She combines her mobility skills with her warp skills, cleans mobsters by placing giant summons around maps. 

As mentioned before, Kanna uses Mana instead of MP. It gets replenished or reimbursed over time. Kishin Shoukan makes the training process quite easy and increases the number of mobs on the screen for the next 30 seconds. Thus, it allows them to score more EXP points within no time. 

As a member of the boss class, it’s beneficial to have Kanna in your team. She has decent skills like the domain of the spirit that increases the damage of party members. The most significant part of the class is that it increases damage to other party members. 

They have two magic wands at their disposal, which allows them to maximize the Advantages of magical powers. It has lots of impressive features to choose from, but it has a disadvantage too. It lacks an I-frame to counterplay KO attacks.

List of Skill and Attributes

Main weapon Fan
Inner AbilitySengoku
Key Shop InventoryHayato, Kanna
Link SkillInflicts damage to boss -20%
Key responsibilityMage

First Job Skill Guide of Kanna 

You can level up your skill sets using the guide. When compared to other characters in the Maplestory game, Kanna has an impressive first job skill. It’s the time when you get your ghost to summon a trainee that keeps on upgrading with level progressions. Shinigami Haunting Comes with an impressive mobbing skill. If you need aids to improve your teleport transportation, you have Mana warp. Read on to know how you can maximize the benefits of the first job skills. 

First Job Skill Name Lvl DetailsPurpose of the attack 
Familiar Two Skills of HakuThis skill increases luck by 30 units. It raises the skill by 20 points. It realizes the type of Bonus points and Potential, PTR, LUK, and hex of the fan that Haku has. Kanna will increase his stats.As the level progresses, the Passive buff keeps on increasing. 
Shikigami Haunting SkillsIt inflicts 50% of the damage on the first hit while causing 150% of the damage to the enemies. It attacks twice.It causes 50% of the effects on the second hit. Likewise, it brings in 150% of the damage of the enemies. It attacks twice.The third hit brings in 180% of the damage of the enemies. It attacks twice.Mobbing
Geomancy Shikigami Haunting skills fall between first to third-grade skills.Shikigami or Exorcist’s Charm is the 2nd skill, whereas Falling Sakura is the fourth. 
Natural energy flows within the Mana Vein, which allows Kanna to recover his mana skills quickly. It differentiates Mana stacks from other Kanna skills.
It activates up to 3 Mana Veins at a go. 
It includes positive effects like Mana Regen that increase barrier intensity.It’s what a Mana Vein seems like. Keep your barriers there while standing on Mana Vein. 
Mana Warp Skills Players utilize combined keys, skills, and directional keys to teleport. It lets you port up to 300 units of vertical distance and 400 horizontal distance units. 
Press the skill key only when you find a mana vein. It takes you to one of the mana veins.
If you want to teleport to an unknown distance in town, press the skill key. 
Mobility skills transport to mana veins automatically. However, it’s better to use skill and input directionally, as it’s more consistent. 
Yaksha Shinigami It summons yaksha Shinigami. It costs you 20 Mana and persists for up to 30 seconds.It kills 6 Enemies at a time and causes up to 120 % damage four times. Use the skill again, And it causes sleep up to 350% damage to the nearby enemies. If there is a skill that helps clear maps, it is the s you m m on skill. It levels up along with you.
Power of Spiritual EnlightenmentIt causes a permanent increase in Defence by 400 points and INT by 40. It’s a submissive attack.

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Second Level Skill Guide for Kanna

The following are the skill sets that you can amplify using the second job build guide.

  • Shinigami Haunting 2
  • Vibrant peacock (+2)
  • Maximize Shinigami Haunting skill 
  • MAX yaksha brother
  • soul bombardment 
  • The charm of shinigami power

Using the second job skill guide, you can upgrade your shinigami Haunting skill. Optimize it to a decent surrounding skill. Boost your speed using the radiant peacock. The sooner you upgrade, the better you perform.

Haku reborn is one of the skills that doesn’t score mobs but places stuff on you. Haku equips a second wand to improve his Attacking style. 

Ghost damage is an exceptional surmounting skill. However, its damage is low in the initial phase.

Second Level Skill Name Lvl DetailsPurpose of the attack 
Exorcist HauntingIt inflicts 170% of the damage on the first hit. It attacks six enemies at a go. It attacks twice.It inflicts 170% of the damage on the second hit. It attacks six enemies at a go. It attacks twice.It inflicts 210% of the damage on the third hit. It attacks six enemies at a go. It attacks twice.There is a 40% activation chance. It reduces speed by 60% while causing 105% of the damage. It enhances your present mobbing skill. 
Haku Regeneration Mana rate: 50 Transformation periodCooldown period: 5 seconds Spirit Walker skill set Gift of Haku:If Kanna HP is less than 90%, it restores 50% of the max value. 
It summons a barrier comprising six whips for a duration of thirty seconds. When Kanna gets hit, foxfire absorbs the damage instead. It counterattacks, causing 800% damage. Firefox takes 6 seconds to cool down. Haku has a blessing for you!
Increases the magic ATT 
Ultimate damage of the Kanna class gets enhanced by 3%. It’s the same for each class member.
It’s an activator. Haku Reborn – it’s free of effects and free stats. It’s characterized by fast healing. Causes damage absorption and Increase.
The charm of the Shinigami Here the Mana cost is 40. it inflicts 350% damage. 
This skill lasts for six seconds. Summons a dark cloud.
When your Enemies come in contact with the cloud, there is 200 percent damage for every 1 second. 
It has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
It is an additional mobbing skill. It is better if you get used to the skill. Why don’t you incorporate it into your rotation?
You will need to use it frequently as it allows you to have Kishin Shoukan at 100% uptime. Moreover, it teleports midscale animation while repositioning damage. 
Yaksha brother It is associated with the Mana cost of 30. It has a time duration of 30 s. In addition to these, summons a yaksha. 
When summoned, the Exorcist Repeatedly goes on attacking the enemies. It attacks four times and causes 150% of the damage. 
Have a problem in dismissing it? While it functions, press the button again, and it will go.
It inflicts 350% of the damage to the nearby enemies.It has a cool-down period of 3 secs. 
It is an upgraded version of summoning skills. 
Stay mindful of recasting every 30 seconds of the skill. 
Shinigami CharmIt’s linked with a Mana cost of 25. It results in 180% of the damage. It attacks up to four times at a go.
It creates a vortex That causes harm to enemies. It flings back 130 pixels at the same time. It also causes a cooldown of 30 seconds.
It is a diagonal mobility skill. If you need to lean Upwards, hone the benefits of the Shinigami charm. 
Radiant Peacock It Increases that attacking speed by 2. It has an attacking duration of 100 seconds. It’s an active buff. If you need to increase your attacking speed actively, hone the benefits of the Radiant peacock.

It’s not until the third job skill that you get Kishin Shoukan that increases your mob while decreasing your respawn rate. Nexon Nerfed it and lowered the time duration. It stays for 30 seconds, and the cooldown is for 60 seconds.

You can’t do anything about it. Progress to the fourth job. There you will get a passive skill Kishin for cent percent time. 

Kanna Third Job Skills

Kanna Third Job Skills are as follows:

  • Yaksha Lieutenant up-gradation 
  • ShikIgami 3 Haunting (+1)
  • Yosuzume 
  • Kishan shokan ( max stay)
  • The path laid by the spirit
  • Yosuzume ( max stay)
  • Rituals of lifeblood ( max stay)
  • Barrier blossom ( max stay)
  • Counterbalance Mana (max stay)
Third level Skill Name Lvl DetailsPurpose of the attack 
Ward of barriers It deploys three barriers at a time. It causes 4% Mana production per barrier. 
Barrier Blossom It links with a Mana cost of 20. It persists for up to 30 seconds. It reduces damage by 33%. It Increases the knockdown resistance by 32%. It has a cool-down duration of hundred seconds.If you need a barrier that reduces damage and Increases resistance, go for the blossom barrier.
Ghost haunting 3 The first hit inflicts 200% damage, killing 6 Enemies at a time. It attacks four times at a go. The Second hit inflicts 200% damage, killing 6 Enemies at a time. It attacks four times at a go. The second hit inflicts 200% damage, killing 6 Enemies at a time. It attacks four times at a go. Want to upgrade your mobbing skill? Shinigami 3 Haunting might be your solution. 
YosuzumeEvery successful attack of Kanna has a 70% potential to summon exorcist charms. Charms fly to the nearby Enemies that cause 195% of damage to the enemies. It leaves behind a mark of 5% damage to the harm caused by Karna. It lasts for 5 seconds.It bears similarity to that of the nightwalker. It gets activated via Skills like Exorcist and Shinigami Charm

Kanna is one of MapleStory’s greatest classes. Longest Bind, Increasing Spawn Rate, Insane Party Buffs + Utility, Great Link Skill, Great Legion Effect, and Amazing Map Control are just a few of the features they provide. Due to all of these wonderful things, many people believe that in order to advance, you must create a Kanna. While having a Kanna makes farming for Mesos and drops a lot easier, it’s not without its drawbacks.

Kanna is all about placing summons in strategic locations and ensuring that they remain operational at all times. You should play that instead if you prefer bouncing around and shooting off attacks. Remember that MapleStory isn’t a sprint game; it’s more like a marathon in which putting in the effort will get you a long way and prevent you from burning out.

Keep in mind that farming Kanna optimally costs a lot of money. To begin, you’ll need the maximum amount of meso (125 percent) and a high drop rate on equips and inner abilities. Another requirement is the ability to one-shot enemies, which requires very good gear in higher-level maps. Be aware that getting to this point will cost you billions of Mesos and a significant amount of time.

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Kanna Fourth Job Skill Build

Shinigami Haunt 4 is one of the offensive abilities. Conqueror’s aura is designed for single-level targeting, although owing to the lack of Mana, most players will still employ Shinigami Haunting as 4th job skill. The Nightghost Guide should be maxed first because it keeps Kishin Shoukan up while you’re striking enemies.

The final form of your summons is delivered to you. There is a nine-tailed fury that strikes all creatures, locating them over the map. It likewise serves a 40-second bonus that inflicts damage. So it’s worth including in your rotation. Instead of using Tempest, which takes 10 seconds to bind, use Veritable Pandemonium, a 15-second bind Hyper Skill.

  • Shikigami Haunting 4 

Consistent training has resulted in the expertise of Shinigami Haunting. It allows you to hone the expertise to its full potential. Shikigami Haunting’s attack power, range, and the number of foes hit are all increased.

  • The charm of the Vanquishers

Using evil-defeating charms, blast the opponent. Press the skill key and surround yourself with a fire blast strike. The 5th skill upgraded skill, ‘Released Spirit encircles,’ will be activated on the spot if it has been mastered and is not during cooldown.

  • Doppelganger Shikigami

Make a big paper Shikigami in the shape of Kanna. Each time Kanna’s Mana is consumed, the Shikigami Charm collects a portion of it, and after enough Mana has been accumulated, it will burn, inflicting damage on nearby opponents. 

  • Unbound Orochi

Release the trapped Shikigami, Orochi, for a limited time to immolate foes across a large region with its mighty strength.

While casting, Knockback Resistance is immediately set to 100%.

  • Fury with Nine Tails

Use Haku’s strength to attack any opponents in your path. After the attack, Haku adds a damage increase boost and reacts to Kanna’s attacks by launching his own attacks.

  • Guide to the Nightmares

Allows you to summon a spirit that causes damage to enemies and curses them as you attack. Enemies afflicted by the ghost gain more EXP and are more likely to drop higher-quality equipment when defeated.

  • Will of the Hero

Strengthens your skills for neglecting the consequences of certain abnormal statuses. For 3 seconds after use, you are immune to abnormal status.

  • Perfected Haku

Upgrade Haku Regeneration to the next level by releasing Haku’s mana. Haku takes human shape for a long time. It allows you to use upgraded Spirit Walker talents now that his powers are unrestricted.

  • Tempest’s Binding

Toss a charm infused with the ability to summon demons in front of foes in front of you while transforming them to gravels. It makes them stunned.

  • Bellflower Obstacle 

As a soul tracer, you can generate Bellflower Barriers to protect you and your team members. Attack Power and inflict damage to the boss are both enhanced by a percentage when inside the Bellflower Barrier. When placed over a Mana Vein, the barrier absorbs the vein’s energy, enhancing the barrier and restoring Mana to you as you step on it.

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