The Best Link Skills in MapleStory

Skills are unique abilities that are classified as either Active Skills, Passive Skills or Buff Skills and can be learnt and mastered by characters. Active skills have to be activated manually to perform their actions. Passive skills, unlike active skills, don’t need to be activated. They work constantly and do not need to be assigned to any ability slots. Buff skills have to be activated like active skills and provide a temporary boost and their effects expire after a period of time which you can see by clicking the buff icon.

Link skills are special skills that each class possesses and can be shared with other characters you own on the same server as an additional power boost.

They are either passive or active skills that characters possess and when you get to certain levels the link skills level up and these skills can then be transferred to another character.

These link skills get unlocked at level 70 and level up at level 120 and level 210 but some link skills can’t level up past level 2.

You can only have one link skill from each character at any time. All classes can have 12 link skills assigned to them and link skills can also be stacked. If you have more than one copy of certain link skills you can transfer them to different characters. Your characters will still get the benefits of their link skills even though they have been transferred.

These link skill boosts will last for a specific character until you assign them to another character. They can only be transferred once every 24 hours (either linked to a character or relinked to another character) or when the server resets at midnight (12:00AM UTC).

Since you can only use 12 link skills at a time, you should go for the best ones so you can have the most effective setup. In my opinion these will work best:

12. Close Call

Class – Hero – Shade

Level 1 = +5% Chance of surviving a fatal attack

Level 2 = +10% Chance of surviving a fatal attack

A very useful passive skill that gives you a “second chance”. Unless you’re really lucky and somehow it happens multiple times.

11. Phantom Instinct

Class – Hero – Phantom

Level 1 = +10% Critical rate

Level 2 = +15% Critical rate

Level 3 = +20% Critical rate

Critical rate is the chance of getting a critical hit so this combined with Judgement can do a lot for you.

10. Judgement

Class – Kinesis

Level 1 = +2% Critical Damage

Level 2 = +4% Critical Damage

Critical damage is multiplied from your regular damage so 2 to 4 percent is actually much more than it seems. It’s a passive skill and has a maximum level of 2.

9. Iron Will

Class – Nova – Kaiser

Level 1 = +10% Max HP

Level 2 = +15% Max HP

Level 3 = +20% Max HP

This passive skill gives additional HP. In case you haven’t noticed health is a really important thing to have in this game.

8. Light Wash

Class – Hero – Luminous

Level 1 = +10% Ignore Enemy DEF

Level 2 = +15% Ignore Enemy DEF

Level 3 = +20% Ignore Enemy DEF

This is a passive skill that can break down an enemy’s defense and allow your attacks to go through. It is very useful against those bosses and enemies that negate a lot of your damage.

7. Hybrid Logic

Class – Xenon

Level 1 = +5% for all stats

Level 2 = +10% for all stats

A very useful skill with a stat increase across the board.

6. Tide of Battle

Class – Flora – Illium

Level 1 = +1% Damage per stack, Duration of 5 seconds and a max stack of 6 times.

Level 2 = +2% Damage per stack, Duration of 5 seconds and a max stack of 6 times.

This skill is activated when you move a certain distance. It is a really useful passive skill that gives you a damage boost of up to 6% on level 1 and 12% on level 2 just for moving around. Its maximum level is 2.

5. Fury Unleashed

Class – Demon Slayer

Level 1 = +5% Boss Damage

Level 2 = +10% Boss Damage

Level 3 = +15% Boss Damage

Simply put, a Passive Skill with some more damage increases, but this time just against bosses.

4. Focus Spirit

Class – Beast Tamer

Level 1 = +4% Boss Damage, +4% Critical Rate, +3% Max HP, +3% Max MP

Level 2 = +7% Boss Damage, +7% Critical Rate, +4% Max HP, +4% Max MP

Level 3 = +10% Boss Damage, +10% Critical Rate, +5% Max HP, +5% Max MP

Almost as important as all round damage is boss damage which gives this its place on this list – damage!

It also comes with a few other pretty useful buffs and is a Passive Skill.

3. Elementalism

Class – Kanna

Level 1 = +5% Damage

Level 2 = +10% Damage

This is also a passive skill with a damage boost but it has a maximum level of 2. A high damage stat never hurt anyone. Well, except everyone you’re fighting but it’s good for you.

2. Elven Blessing

Class – Hero – Mercedes

Level 1 = Permanent 10% additional EXP

Level 2 = Permanent 15% additional EXP

Level 3 = Permanent 20% additional EXP

Each level also allows you to return to Elluel (This has a 10 minute cooldown).

It is an active skill and the permanent EXP bonus will really help train other characters which will in turn give you more link skills.

And finally…we approach our number one skill, that can’t be ignored by any player.  

1. Wild Rage

Class – Demon Avenger

Level 1 = +5% Damage

Level 2 = +10% Damage

Level 3 = +15% Damage

This is a passive skill and takes this position because damage is a pretty important stat and I don’t think I have to explain why (You’re playing a game where you do a lot of fighting, that’s why).

You can level up these link skills with other characters and then transfer them to your main characters and become almost unstoppable. Master these skills and you will become the ultimate player!

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