Dissecting the BDO Tent – The Ultimate Guide

To commemorate the Black Desert Online occasion, we will speak about the tent. In particular, we want to tell you about an essential aspect of Black Desert Online: the tent. 

Pearl offers a free version of the tent and a more expensive value for the tent in their store. We shall contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Dollarama to see if it is worth 4900 pearls. Let’s find out.

Free Tent

Let’s start by pointing out the free Tent version. After completing a quest, the free version of the tent is available for you. You get the tent, its accessories, and all the gear that comes with it. The tent should have poles, stakes, a rainfly, sleeping bags, and pillows. You’ll also need to buy a couple of trees, a pole, thread, and silk to set up the tent. Using the materials already in your inventory, you can easily coordinate with your party members and place a tent in an area you want.

Once you have the free gear for completing quests, you may buy and sell gold bars and use storage facilities and things from the free tent. The tent components only last a day or so, and the warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused by excessive use.

The money it costs to maintain these items is wasteful because you’re just spitting out gold. The NPCs have offered these materials in the major cities.

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Tent of Pearl Shop

I know you’re all curious to hear about the pearls, but what are they doing? Is that valuable? Also, how does the free version fundamentally differ from this tent? 

You receive four cubes of orange fabric to enter your tent when you buy the Perl Shop temple. The major positive of tent payment is that these add-ons don’t expire, meaning you can use them on whatever trip or excursion you are planning. These four accessories are named campfire, yellow, metal containers, and storage containers. Let’s go through the things for which they’re used.

Villa Buff Tent

Villa Buff tent is a service that allows people to purchase boosts for Villa rewards in-game. If you have a villa scroll, you can purchase the display and order it in advance. Once your order is processed, the display will be delivered to your villa. 

The Villa Buff can be bought in what amounts to one scroll, or you may purchase it with three scrolls. It is a significant benefit to buying an assortment of Billy buffs. It cannot possibly acquire three similar scrolls. To purchase on this method, it’s adequate that you now possess one only. Utilizing such a resource, you can effortlessly complete your mission.

It pulls you out of your current region when you buy these Villa boosts. If you had been in Calpheon to withdraw money from a bank, you wouldn’t have been able to buy the bill.

If you are here, it will withdraw from the city of Valencia.

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Store and Repair of Tents

Right now, the container is relatively simple. It has 16 stock slots and 200 weights, so you can insert anything you want. We can trade goods worldwide, too. Also, it’s easy to place your equipment in a container, change characters, and pull that equipment on the second character.

It is also possible to fix your equipment and resources. That is why it’s essential to have someone you can rely on if you’re ever in need. Tents are durable, so you don’t need to go back to the smithy for repairs. If your tent tears, fix it yourself with a needle and thread, even if it gets wet or muddy.

Tent Shop

The last thing we’re going to talk about is the gold shops. You can buy and sell gold bars in London, and they are distinctive. You might be wondering what you would need these bars for. The player might not want it to be used because silver no longer weighs anything. Pools may be purchasable for double the standard cost, and you can purchase a cheaper villa buff. 

The lower-level Villa bonuses offer ten skills, 10% resistance to desert debuffs, and 40% monster damage. If these are the same of a kind, then the upgrades in the villa do not stack.

For instance, with mass damage attached plus 10, you cannot bring about the enlargement of your physique. Also, with talented and spirited people above Ville, there is no need to rank skills with experience.

It’s practically impossible to stack food buses with the same type of food. Often, they have a heavy focus on one type of food, which means they don’t have space for anything else. There is one exception: if you have the Vela skill and unpacked time, there’s a bonus of 10%.

If you upgrade from a villa buff to the next tier, your old buff will be overwritten. You may pick the level that you’re going to pay for, so it’s possible to acquire as much as you’re able. There is a choice between regular and premium.

If you buy the Villa boost skills and experience for 3 hours, it will be a great example. After that, you buy the one-hour training experience + 10 percent, so you can genuinely erase the Villa buff.

I’ve noticed many people thinking and selling to the business whatever they don’t want. In essence, this means that those who have a strong opinion on what they want to buy will go elsewhere as it’s not available here.

For those who wish to buy a Basic or Basic Villa Package, the Shop will provide you with everything you need. Currently, only gold bars are permitted to be sold in the store. In the future, this can all change.

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Is the Tent Payable for Winning?

Is the tent being paid for winning? It’s all about that. I don’t think this is a personal decision to make, even though it may seem like one. If you think you’re gambling for winning, then you’re not gambling at all. The amount of money in the process is not that substantial. If you want to make a lot of money, your best bet is to work for someone else and receive compensation. It’s hard to make a lot of money if you stay put.

I think the tent is worth buying, and I got it myself if you want some additional money on the side. It’s a nice tent, even though it’s not as big as some people were hoping for.

I’m sure you want to get more income. A one-hour grinding session can last for hours if you don’t have to move the items constantly. For example, if you’re leveling up your character and need money or experience.

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