What Black Desert Online Class Am I?

Black Desert Online is an entertainment game that requires precise aiming and unrestricted movement in the same way as third-person shooters do. Building, mining, farming, and business are all available in the game, and also massive player against player besieged events, including castle fights. It’s known for its extensive and detailed character customization.

However, unlike the toolbar method used in several MMORPGs, an interactive combat system necessitates accurate manually aiming, evading, and employing combinations. Combos for striking, evading, and blocking can also be used to trigger skills. Mounted combat is also available to players. Mounts may be tamed in the wild, and unique mounts can be bred by marrying specific sorts of mounts. Mounts must be fed and cared for, and they cannot be held in the inventories. They may also be killed.

Throughout Black Desert Online, there are several classes to choose from. It’s easy to get confused about which of these classes would be the greatest match for you as a player. Pick a good class that interests you the most to get more out of the game. We’ve included a few distinct classes and their characteristics further down in this article.

Classes In Black Desert Online

  1. The Archer

An Archer is a character from the C-tier. The main weapon for this character is a crossbow, with the region acting as a secondary weapon and the huge bow as an awakened weapon. An archer is a distant combatant that is both flexible and dependable. Due to his power to shoot packs of monsters even at long range, he’s indeed an appealing PvE character when grinding.

  1. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is also a B-tier character that wields a kriegsmesser as the main weapon, and an ornamental tie as a secondary weapon, as well as a vediant as the awakened weapon. The spellcasting, as well as melee strikes, enable her to execute a precise hit and demolish opponents from a great distance. It works in all combat positions, which makes it a great addition to any PvE and PvP team.

  1. The Guardian

A guardian may be a powerful foe. A battle axe is her primary weapon, with either armor as a secondary weapon and an earring as an awakened weapon. She has the ability to deal three times significant hit damage to all opponents in a greater area. This class is really for you if you want a tougher, gangster-looking female character in Black Desert.

  1. The Hashashin

Hashashin is a ruthless assassin who kills without mercy. Shamshir is the character’s primary weapon, with saladie serving as a secondary weapon and a dual glaive serving as an awakened weapon. When he slams his shamshir blade into the surface, it creates a tremendous shockwave. He can also manipulate fireballs as well as sandstorms because of his wind-based powers. This makes him a useful character to employ in the deserts, especially while grinding.

  1. The Lhan

Lahn is an A-Tier. She possesses a one-of-a-kind ability to fly without using any electricity. The character’s main weapon is a celestial metronome, with a heroic sword as a secondary weapon as well as a scarlet glaive as an awakened weapon. Not just because of her attractiveness and also because of her capacity to glide, she is among the most suggested characters for newcomers. She can go to remote areas in the Black Desert for just a shorter amount of time.

  1. The Maehwa

Maehwa is also an A-tier warrior that wields a sword as her main weapon, a horn arrow as a secondary weapon, as well as a kerispear as an awakened weapon. Her asiatic fighting style allows her to excel in one-on-one PvP battles. Her strikes are quick and precise, and she can deliver huge damage to adversaries with a single strike.

  1. The Berserker

Berserker is a Tier A character. His main weapon is a hammer, his secondary weapon is an ornate knot, and his awakened weapon is a steel buster. Thanks to his overpowering stature, ruthless strength, as well as large health pools, he can wreak havoc on both PvP and Pv opponents. This heinous class has the ability to grasp, trample, turn, and kill its foes in a flash.

  1. The Musa

The Musa is an S–Tier. He wields a sword as his main weapon, a horned bow as a secondary weapon, as well as a circular blade as an awakened weapon. He’s a good hunter and a good character to use when grinding. You’ll be able to eliminate monsters in no time because of his tremendous capacity to move swiftly.

  1. The Mystic 

In PvE battles, this female S–Tier character proved to be tough and adaptable. Her primary weapon is a bracelet, plus vambrace and pestus as secondary weapons as well as the awakened weapon. You’ll have a character that, with or without the finest gears, can survive several hours of grinding in high-level regions because of her regeneration abilities. She already has a bunch of Cs support and is capable of performing at any stage.

  1. The Ninja

The Ninja is a character who belongs to the D-Tier. A shortsword is this character’s primary weapon, with chakram and Munai as secondary weapons and a psalm blade as an awakened weapon. His capability to merge into the backdrop allows users to move about unseen, which is advantageous in duel PvP engagements. If skirmishing is your game, Ninja is indeed the character that will help you win battles.

  1. The Nova

Morning stars are Nova’s primary weapon, with Suoratum as a secondary and stinger as an awakened weapon. She is a capable warrior that can be used in either PvE and PvP battles. She can invoke the royal guard’s ghosts to protect her in combat after the last successor of Calpheon’s royal dynasty.

  1. The Ranger

Ranger is a C-tier character. Her main weapon is a longbow, with a knife as a secondary weapon and a kamasylven sword as an awakened weapon. She is a skilled long-range combatant who can also protect herself against close-range attacks. This character can provide with control necessary damage to adversaries in PvP battle.

  1. The Sage

Sage is an Elementalist character. Its main weapon is a container kyve, while its secondary weapon is an amulet. By stretching spacetime, this figure may freely change his location and influence the fight situation. He may also access the dungeon of Aakman Temple as well as the Hysteria Ruins without any entrance items.

  1. The Shai 

Shai is a wacky character that works as a support class. Her main weapon is florang, while her secondary weapon is vitclari. Shai could repair and buff teammates while debuffing opponents, making him a valuable ally. This adorable figure is an excellent choice if you wish to get further in Life Skills. The significant weight increase, as well as the additional 10% Exp she gains through collecting and alchemy, would benefit you.

  1. The Sorceress

Sorceress is a C-tier character. Her main weapon is an emerald, with a pendant as a secondary weapon and a scythe as an awakening weapon. Her strong magic allows her to easily defeat her foes. She also can clear enemies quickly, making her useful for PvE grinding. When it goes towards one fighting, her ability to manoeuvre in various ranges of movements makes her successful.

  1. The Striker

The striker belongs to the S-Tier. He wields a forearm as his main weapon, a vambrace as a secondary weapon, as well as a gardbrace as an awakened weapon. Striker is a very well-known martial artist with a wide range of abilities. He uses his kicks and punches to inflict harm on his opponents while also taking an amount of pain from them.

  1. The Tamer

Tamer is a character from the D–Tier. This character’s main weapon is a shortsword, with a pendant as a secondary weapon as well as a heavenly bo staff as an awakened weapon. Heilang, a strong pet that she could mount and depend on during battle, is included in this class. Heilang’s abilities may be borrowed by the tamer and used to vanquish her foes.

  1. The Valkyrie

Valkyrie is an A-Tier character. Her main weapon is a longsword, her secondary weapon is a shield, while her awakened weapon is Lancia. This is a class with a strong attack and defensive rating. She can also boost and heal teammates, making her effective as a combatant as well as a support. Her endurance will allow her to clear high-level monsters with ease.

  1. The Warrior

Warrior is a Tier A character. This character’s main weapon is a longsword, with a shield as a secondary weapon and also a greatsword as an awakened weapon. If you’re looking for a major change in your existing gaming, this character will provide. It’s a tough class that has proved to outlast other classes in both PvP and PvE.

  1. The Witch

The witch is a character from the B–Tier. The character’s primary weapon is a staff, with a dagger as a secondary weapon as well as a god sphere as an awakened weapon. She is a multi-talented character that can cure and also do damage to her foes.

  1. The Wizard 

The Wizard is a B-tier character that is the male equivalent of the witch class. Its sorceress counterpart has the same main weapons, secondary weapon and awakened weapon. Aside from healing and enhancing teammates, this character’s strong abilities may also be used to destroy a large number of monsters.

  1. The Kunoichi

The Kunoichi is a D-tier character. The character’s main weapon is a shortsword, with kunai with shuriken as secondary weapons as well as sah chakram as an awakened weapon. Kunoichi is the female counterpart of the Ninja class, and she excels at PvP battles. She has the ability to blend into the background, making her a dangerous opponent in duels.

Final Thoughts

Black Desert Online has the best graphics of any MMORPG you’ve ever seen. Everything in the game is great, from the visuals to the character creator to the animations. You may learn more than you’ll ever imagine while playing this game, which includes harvesting, fishing, cooking, combat, and much more.

A lot of elements are included in the game to aid engagement as well as the sandbox element. Typhoons and other large-scale occurrences will be influenced by the dynamic, global weather system.

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