Top 10 Best Operator Skins in Warzone (2022 Guide)

Warzone has made a name for itself amongst gamers. It is one of the best shooting, action, and adventure games you’ll ever come across. Of course, every gamer wants to win and experience the thrills and spills that the warzone game has to offer; you must strive to get essential operator skins and weaponry to stay alive.

In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 most useful operator skins in Warzone to make your gaming experience that much better.

Top 10 Best Operator Skins in Warzone

The battles in Warzone are always epic, and every player wants to knock out their opponent. Each character in Warzone has its unique abilities, and knowing how to use these powers will give you the upper hand over your opponents. Here are the ten best operator skins in Warzone and how to unlock them.

10. Rook-Roze

This is one unique skin you’ll always find on the lips of warzone gamers. The looks and skin of this character are enough to terrify any opponent. If you want to make your opponents go crazy, choose this skin and use it in dark areas. 

Rook is tough skin to knock down, and her perfectly designed black skin makes it easy for her to blend in the shadows and become nearly invincible.

This character can easily pop and score a kill in seconds, and all you have to do to unlock the Rook-Roze is to reach tier 100 in the Season 4 Battle Pass. You can also get this character by purchasing the Roze Operator Bundle.

9. Ghost – Azrael skin

Ghost is also a legend on Warzone and among call-of-duty gamers. This operator skin will turn you into an angel of death or at least make your enemies submit to your will. Its intimidating, dark skin can help you easily manipulate the game’s color scheme.

The one and major difference between Roze and this skin is that Ghost has a badass mask. This skin isn’t just called the Ghost for nothing; you can go invisible in dark areas and finish off your enemies easily.

The Ghost-Azrael skin is available in the season six bundle of Ghost the grim reaper. However, to get your hands on it, you’ll need to purchase the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in the store for 2400 CP.

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8. Mace – Metal Phantom Skin

If you are in search of another dark, scary skin to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, then Mace does a perfect job at that. Mace comes highly recommended as an Ex-US Ranger turned gun for hire. His scars and viciousness have earned him a reputation among call of duty fans.

His metallic face masks and scary skin modifications make him look impenetrable, which is what you need to strike fear into the heart of your enemies. This operator skin is worth every penny, and you can only get started with it by buying the Mace Operator bundle in the store.

7. Mara-Notice Meow

Mara, the cat woman, is a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. Although this operator’s skin appears harmless, her skills and abilities make her an excellent choice. Also, the inclusion of a cat ear on Mara’s helmet has made her a popular skin amongst anime fans.

With her stern looks and hardcore outfits, she is the perfect example of what strong women can do. Maria’s Notice Meow skin comes with bright colors, and it is very easy for enemies to spot. You can purchase the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in the store for 2400 CP.

6. Morte-Billy from Saw

This operator skin is the perfect idea of how to combine horror, action, and adventure all in one place. Billy is one of the popular scary skins released during the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event.

If you think the leather face of this joker-looking character isn’t terrifying enough, then think again. If finishing off your enemies is your primary concern, then Billy is an expert at his job, which is killing.

You can unlock Billy by purchasing the SAW bundle in the store for 2400 CP. This bundle comes with a brutal throwing Phlebotomist knife and will drill off your enemies in no time. 

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5. Syd

Syd is a unique female fighter; she has all the makings of an elite soldier. By killing five juggernauts, you can use her for any multiplayer spec ops mission. 

However, the best way to obtain Syd is to tell your friend to leave every juggernaut to you during missions. Don’t be deceived by her smile; she’s capable of finishing off any enemy when and where you need her.

4. Grinch

Talking about an operator skin who love to take out terrorist on the battlefield, Grinch is an interesting soldier with a talent for camouflage. This operator skin comes with a camo outfit, a hoodie, and a facemask to disguise his identity during combat.

Grinch is a great choice for players that love to snipe and blend with their surroundings. You can use this operator skin to take cover in trees and surrounding bushes and hit your enemies from miles away.

What’s more, this skin has a variety of nice Ghillie suit to make him even more invincible. You can easily unlock this operator skin by completing the 100 elimination challenge in multiplayer.

3. Thorne

Like Syd, Thorne is another standard soldier who knows how to get his job done. Thorne is a member of the SAS faction and one of the best operator skins to finish off enemies. Thorne sometimes puts on a nice hooded jacket during gameplay and sometimes goes shirtless with a painted body.

The customized Thorne skin gives this soldier a stern look and a much higher level.  Unlock Thorne’s skin by completing the Piccadilly campaign mission.

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2. Talon

If you are a fan of ruggedness and creativity, this operator skin has all the features you need. You can purchase this solder as part of the Talon Operator bundle. One look at this guy’s tattoos and painted face will give you a hint that he has been part of a special combat training exercise.

In the game, he is a member of the Warcom faction who has previously served as a member of the Canadian special forces.

1. Bloodletter – Nikto

Bloodletter is an operator skin that lives up to his name; he has several ways to make your enemies bleed. Although this skin is great, you still have to rely on your skills to put fear in the hearts of your enemies.

Nikito dresses almost like a ninja with dark skin and blood-stained dresses. One look on this operator’s skin, and your enemies will run the other way. This operator skin will make Verdansk mission a breeze and help you easily blend with your surroundings.

However, to unlock Nikito, you’ll have to purchase the Nikto Operator Bundle in the store for 2400 CP.

6 Things to Avoid Doing in Warzone

1. Don’t Ignore Loadouts

Loadouts come once in a while during gameplay, and these packages carry several valuable perks. Make sure you pick these packages as soon as they are available, as they can provide you with a competitive advantage during the game.

2. Don’t Fly Solo

Although Warzone allows you to fly solo, this is never a great idea. It’s going to be easy for coordinated teams to finish you off in minutes. You can team up with friends or, better still, a total stranger. This way, you can review each other and help restore one another’s lives.

3. Wasting Killstreaks Is a Mistake

You will not get very far if you keep on wasting killstreaks. Killstreaks are valuable and useful in most situations. For example, UAV helps to reveal your enemy’s location. It’s best you purchase or pick up these killstreaks as soon as they become available. 

However, using these streaks at the wrong time is almost the same as leaving them on the floor.

4. Don’t Leave Armor

Never miss the chance to purchase or pick up armors during a loot. One of the worst things that can happen to you during gameplay is running out of armor. Spend money on armors or locate them on your map.

5. Don’t Ignore Contracts

Completing contracts is a great way to make extra cash and grab a few other incentives. Engage in safe contracts and fill up your wallet as much as you can.

6. Ignoring Your Corners

Enemies love to hide in corners ad hit you by surprise. Check your corners if you want to survive in the game. Check behind open doors and outside of your peripheral.

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Using the best operator skins in Warzone will make you look harmless and give you an edge over your opponents. Some skins will allow you to blend with the surroundings and stay hidden, which gives you a better advantage to attack.

Though it is also advisable to stock up your supplies and gear, choosing the best operator skin is vital in creating a unique look and better gaming experience.

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