How to Increase Strength, Breath, and Health in Black Desert Online

In BDO, you can improve your character’s physical prowess by investing in breath, strength, and health. Characters with a high level of these attributes will break down barriers and enemies faster than others. The character will have specific attributes that will affect how they handle themselves in a battle.

These can be increased by leveling up, but some are inherent to the character’s class. For instance, a mage will not be able to increase their strength but will increase their Magicka.

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Increase Breath

Among the three, Breath is by far the easiest to learn. Running and walking can help to discipline and tone the Breath. You don’t have to bother about manually training it because just sprinting for it well enough, which you’ll be doing while grinding, and as a result, you’ll earn a lot of Breath.

I’ve never tried to encourage Breath with this character, and I’m only level 25 due to grinding. I never had to worry about my health during the whole run since Breath enabled me to face most of the enemies I met while grinding.

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Heath is also a pretty simple skill to master. Heath receives a new skill point to spend on his talents every time you level up. You eat food to have a Health experience, which will cause you to grow healthier.

Eating yellow foods might be challenging due to their scarcity. Eating yellow foods is essential for good health, but it isn’t easy because there aren’t enough of them. All yellow foods acquire the same amount of Health level.

Depending on what I’m doing, either Serendia or Balenos will get eaten. Serendia is perfect for action, accuracy, increasing AP, and critical rate, though meals for Balenos may be suitable for anything, e.g., movement, speed, fishing, and gathering.

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Increase Strength

Increasing strength is the only item on the list that is somewhat different is strength training. If you are looking to improve performance, increase power, and decrease your risk of injury, add a little strength training to your routine.

Strength is a skill that doesn’t come up often in this persona. It only provides you a weight limit and some bonus weight for each level. So you should go to the shop dealer and buy something.

Wearing this bag places additional weight on your back. Just walking around with it will get your Strength experience up.

Now, navigate to a location on the map where you can loop a character back and forth. When you find one, press “autoloop,” and your avatar will sprint back and forth, gaining level experience. The longer you let a character run, the more experience your character will get.

After that, you may keep your pc on for a few hours without shutting it off. It generally takes forty to fifty hours to perfect a habit thoroughly.

Meanwhile, you’ll be aware of your Strengths all that time. 

You’re likely to become more in-tuned with who you are, what your strengths are, and how you feel about them. You may even begin to build self-confidence. Therefore, I feel you also benefit from doing this.

If you want to start your trade route, make sure you do it within the town’s walls since bandits will come and attack. The only way bandits arrive is since you have trade items on you. Try and do this within so you’re in town do not have to worry about being murdered.

Strength, breath, and health are developed by doing any of these three activities. It’s as easy as walking, running, or walking in place when grinding or investigating. It’s essential to eat food that’s going to give you energy. Ensure you eat the right foods like vegetables and fruits and stay away from greasy or sugary foods.

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