Stellaris Titan Limit – Are Stellaris Titans Worth Building?

If you haven’t yet heard about Titans, then now is the time to familiarize yourself with them. Generally, Titans are large ships that come in three sections, including Aft, Core, and Bow. Unlike other boats, Titan ships don’t have various section types, but you can still customize the weapon loadout to a certain extent. When fielded, titan ships can consume sixteen command points.

Interestingly, Stellaris titans are definitely worth building because they help provide essential support to ships. Uniquely, their strength lies in their aura effect rather than their weaponry. The aura effects help offer different benefits to an empire’s ship.

While titans packs have enormous firepower with significant damage, some players don’t like them. For these players, they would prefer to take advantage of the 16 points of the Naval Capacity to create two battleships. These players believe the 16 points of Naval Capacity offers a better bang for the buck compared to others.

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Stellaris Titan Designs

If you’re looking to save some dollars on maintenance and the design, you can look for the tiniest reactor, providing adequate power needed for the design of the ship. Even with the advanced afterburners, the best you can do for titan evasion is within 12%. With this, resources can be spent elsewhere, especially when it has to do with equipping those auxiliary slots. 

You must use the optimal thrusters in the ship design stage, which can offer an evasion at around nine percent at its best. However, with costs and power consumption, the outcome might be affected. Nevertheless, for a good combat computer, the best option is undoubtedly the precognitive interface. Although it might have an increased weapon fire rate of about 15% compared to the sapient-combat computer that offers 20%, it still provides a 5% bonus in tracking.

Suppose you want to set up the Stellaris titan to perform quick kills. In that case, you can use the 2 auxiliary fire-control computers and the targeting-grid defensive aura that offers additional 10 trackings to the ship’s system. This helps to make your ship design very effective. 

However, if you know you will win in a battle, you can equip the Stellaris titan with the subspace snare. It helps reduce your enemy’s disengagement chances by 20% while increasing the emergency FTL jump by 100%. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as motivating an outmatched enemy ship to stick around for a little while to increase your points.

Furthermore, you can equip the titan with neutron launchers for an efficient design to melt armor away. Although they don’t work as well against shields, they do offer a high potential for destroying hulls and shields at long ranges. 

When designing a Stellaris titan, the most essential thing to keep in mind is its aura ability. However, the ship design would depend on the particular enemy you confront. The aura effect is effective in every system as it offers the same aura abilities. 

Nevertheless, if you possess an aura ability with different abilities in the same system, it can be an advantage for you in any battle. You can always refit your titan to counter any immediate threat coming your way.

Stellaris Titan Limit

Each titan has 200 naval capacity; therefore, you can have up to 20 titans. The first titan can count against a naval capacity of 200 or less. However, you can build a second titan when the naval power is between 200 and 400. Furthermore, the third can be created when the naval capacity is between 400 and 600. The building process continues in such a manner.

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Stellaris – How to Get Titan Ships

You must complete the research on the titan technology battleship to take advantage of the system. Titans are a tier-five technology, even though you have to complete research items. Notwithstanding, the Stellaris wiki provides a comprehensive breakdown of each tier’s offers and how to navigate your way if you face any trouble. 

Stellaris Titans – Upkeep Costs

The upkeep cost of Stellaris titan is high. Having a titan with 6 kinetic batteries, 6 large shields, a perdition beam, 6 large Nano-composite armor, targeting grid defensive aura ability, dark matter thrusters, precognitive artillery interface battle computer, Tachyon sensors, PSI jump drive, antimatter reactor, and 3 auxiliary fire control computers costs you 21.95 energy credits. However, the maintenance costs per month are 4.66 alloys.

Ship Sections

The Stellaris titans have 3 sections – stern, core, and bow. The bow section has space for a single weapon, whereas the stern and core sections have 6 large weapon slots combined. 

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