How to Improve Your Fame Level & Payout in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a fantasy game with excellent game mechanics and adversity. Players can do several exciting things in the game, just like in real life. These include cooking, farming, making potions, and getting family fame. It allows players to manage a colony or a region. Certain characters with essential skills are assigned to players, and your level rises as you fulfill the quests of the game. 

In BDO, your family fame is an integral part of the game, which you need to improve with time. However, some may find it difficult or have some confusion about improving it. So if you are also confused regarding family fame levels in BDO, here’s your guide! In this guide, we will discuss everything in detail regarding how to improve your family fame and fame payout.

Family fame is somehow an essential aspect of the game, on which you need to work if you want an improvement in your fame level. The daily payout of silver, which is often referred to as the fame fund of the BDO family, and lower taxes on every marketplace. Getting silver is one of the two of the advantages of your family’s fame. There are usually three different types of fame in Black Desert Online, which are as follows:

  • Combat Fame
  • Special Fame
  • Life Fame

Your overall family fame is calculated by adding the fame points from these three types. 

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Fame Points for Different Fame Types

Every type of fame gives a different amount of fame points. Let’s discuss each type one by one.

  • Combat Fame

Your battle fame score is the sum of all your characters’ combat levels over level fifteen (15). On the other hand, characters at level fifty-six get double the points to every level, while those at level sixty get five.

That’s why it’s critical to reach levels fifty-six and sixty to increase your combat fame with a significant amount of effort. Tiers of combat fame usually range from fifteen to six hundred plus points.

  • Life Fame

Your life fame points are calculated using each character’s total levels of life skills who has reached a professional one in life skills. This means that each character you choose to play gets fame points of life skill if they have a life skill equal to or above professional level one. Up to mastery, each level of life skill is worth half a point, and every level of guru point is worth one point. It’s fair to say that every skill level usually gives points, and not only the levels that are over professional ones, but they also don’t start counting the improving points until you reach professional ones.

When your life skills reach skilled ten and then professional one, you will receive an additional fifteen points. So, increasing some of your life skills to professional ones on your alts seems to be an excellent way to level them up. I usually achieve this level by having my alts use the cooking and alchemy dishes to gain experience, then spending some time processing threads or collecting water to gain speed in processing to the professional one. There may be a faster way to level up your life fame, but this is how I do it.

  • Special Fame

This is somehow the most difficult fame type to level up. Your score of special fame is calculated by adding the total knowledge you gained to your CP (Contribution Points). You can see the entire knowledge you gained by tapping on the button (H), which would be present on the left side of your screen. 

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Getting Silver by Payout System

The scores of your combat experience, knowledge, and life skills are usually compared to a tier list, with each one of the tiers granting you a specific amount of silver per day. At the end of every day, your daily silver amount is deposited in your chest from where you can collect them later. 

Different amounts of silver are paid to each tier of a certain fame type. In Black Desert Online, from all of the fame types, combat type pays out the most silver, then by life skills, and special fame type usually pays out the minimum amount of silver. 

The easiest way to obtain your first payout of silver through the fame fund of the BDO family is by increasing the level of a few characters. Ideally, two, to combat a level fifty-six, and then you can level some more by a few levels until you reach the second tier of combat fame. 

To gain the third level of combat fame, you must level one character to level sixty and a few others to level fifty-six, with a couple of other characters below 56. Alternatively, you must gain at least four to level fifty-six and then a couple more below that particular level. After that, you’ll either have to level up your characters or buy additional character spaces.

Increasing the level of life fame takes a long time, and special fame isn’t really worth concentrating on, but it will automatically rise as you start playing the game.

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Reduction in Taxes of Central Market

The final advantage of fame levels in Black Desert Online is the reduction in the taxes from your entire family fame. You usually get a 0.5 percent tax savings on every sale once it reaches a thousand points. Different points will get you a reduction in taxes. For example, 4000 points will get you a 1 percent cut, and 7000 points will get you a 1.5 percent decrease in tax. The overall family fame is calculated by summing the fame points from each type.

Now, this may not sound like much, but in a purchase of around a hundred million from market sales, the 1 percent will save you a large amount of silver. 

So that’s all about fame level and payout in Black Desert Online. If you have any other problems related to Black Desert Online, let us know in the comment section. We appreciate your feedback and will try to reply as soon as possible.

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