The Ultimate Sailing Guide for Beginners in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an amazing fantasy-based game. It allows many players to play their roles in the game. It will enable us to run a colony or an area. We are provided with certain players who have significant skills, and our level increases as we complete the game’s quests. If you love sailing and life at sea, it also allows you to live that moment in the game. 

Although it’s not like a real-life experience, it fulfills our desires to some extent. However, as a beginner, you may find it difficult to sail at sea. Well, here’s your guide. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about sailing at sea in Black Desert Online. 

In the recent update, the devs have updated many aspects of Black Desert Online. They updated the sea and also updated the sailing mechanism. The new version of Black Desert Online offers many new and exciting aspects to life at sea. You can buy a new ship, you can upgrade it as you like, you can hire more sailors, and you can increase their experience by completing daily quests. 

This way, you will live a life at sea to the fullest. In this guide, you will get to know everything about sailing in this new version. We will explain how to obtain the first ship as a beginner, how the shipbuilding has changed, how the latest barter system works, and everything about sailors and new sailing skills.

Acquiring Your First Ship

You’ll need something to sail before you can start sailing. Only rafts, fishing boats, and rowboats were available in the past. While previous ships are still useful, the Bartali Sailboat is the first ship you must acquire now. 

The best way to obtain the Bartali Sailboat is to begin the quest chain “[The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye.” The Black Spirit can begin this questline with the quest “Vigorous Velia” at level fifty. You will receive a free “Ship License of Bartali Sailboat” after completing a few quests. If you desire to have more than one ship, you can buy the Ship License of Bartali Sailboat piece from Proix in Velia for ten million pieces of silver. 

Once you’ve obtained a ship license, you’ll need to go to a Wharf Manager in Velia, such as Croix, and utilize the license to get your ship. You can take the ship out when you’ve registered it. Try it out and see what you think.

Sailing of Your First Ship

The control of your ship is rather simple. You can control it with the WSAD buttons or with the help of your mouse as usual. The only thing you need to consider is whether or not your sails are folded. When sailing against the wind, your sails should be folded, but they should be unfolded when sailing with the wind behind you. You can’t do much about the sea current, but sailing against it will cause your ship to slow down. Also, if your ship gets stuck for some reason, you should release the steering wheel, and by doing this, you will get the control of your ship back to unstuck her.

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Information Screen of Your Ship

You can receive all the information you need about your ship on the ship information screen. Depending on where you are on your ship, you can access the screen by pressing either the F5 or R buttons. In this way, you won’t need to worry about the location of your ship during sailing. 

Stats of The Ship

There are the following stats of the ship:

  • DP: This is the armor class of the ship.
  • Durability: The hitting points of the ship.
  • Cabin Status: The number of available empty cabins and how many are already in use.
  • Weight: How much weight your ship can carry and how much load it is taking right now, including the sailors of the ship.
  • Accumulated Barter: The overall number of Barter deals you’ve done on that ship.
  • Rations: The overall number of rations you have and the most you can carry. Rations are regularly depleted while sailing and engaging in “Bartering” activities.
  • Sea Storm Resistance: How your ship is affected by sea storms.
  • Speed: The basic speed at which your ship can travel.
  • Sea Current Resistance: How your ship is affected by sea currents.
  • Acceleration: The rate at which your ship can accelerate.
  • Damage: Any bonus of ship damage that the ship’s cannons receive.
  • Brake: The rate at which your ship can slow down.
  • Ration Efficiency: A higher number indicates that your rations are more efficient, and a lower number suggests that fewer rations are used.
  • Resilience: Still uncertain.

Gear of Ship and Their Advantages

The ship gear can be equipped on this screen. There are five different types of ship gear to choose from, each with two tiers: blue and green. The blue grade, as is customary, is costlier but provides slightly better data. There are two variants of each blue-grade piece of gear and different parts for sailboats and frigates.

The Epheria Sailboat piece of gear can be used by Bartali Sailboat, and you can buy that gear from the manager of Wharf.

Croix, the manager of Wharf that lives in Veila, also sells green gear. To obtain blue gear, you must either have to create it yourself or purchase it from the central market. The level four (4) workshop of ship gear is required to make a blue ship gear. There is one spot present in Port Epheria. 

Abilities of The Ship

Finally, if your sailing skill reaches a particular level, you can see the additional abilities of your ship. Many players strive for a skilled one since it allows them to utilize the Breezy Sail talent, boosting the ship’s speed.

The next thing we must learn is how sailors work.

Work of a Sailor

To hire a good sailor, you must first get a “Contract Certificate of a Sailor.” Philaberto Falasi near Epheria, Croix near Velia docks, and Islin Bartali at the Inn of Velia all sell these certificates. Once you have a certificate, you must locate and speak with a sailor seeking employment and then hire them via the chat interface. 

You can ask Philaberto, Islin, or Criox about recruiting sailors to find out where sailors are searching for work. This will show you where sailors looking for work can be found, which is on the beach in Epheria, inside the Inn of Velia (not the one present at the docks), and at the harbor of Iliya.

Sailors on the lookout for workwear have a tag that identifies the type of sailor they are. You should refer to the information about every sailor before purchasing a new sailor because all of the starting stats of each kind of sailor are important. These stats will improve to some degree as your sailors acquire experience. 

There are the following types of sailors:

  • Ambitious
  • Calculating
  • Born in the sea
  • Confident
  • Diligent
  • Experienced
  • Enamored
  • Innocent
  • Honest
  • Powerful

Which type of sailor is best for you depends solely based on your ship’s purpose. If you plan to use your ship for commerce and bartering, sailors with speed increases and low weight, such as ambitious and innocent types, are best. On the other hand, sailors who provide your ship superior turn, acceleration, and break become more vital if you plan to use it for battle circumstances of some sort.

Explanation of Sailor Stats

The first statistic is the sailor’s hunger, which is the number of rations consumed per cycle, and the second is cabin cost, which is the amount of cabin space used by the sailor. Weight is also significant because it is subtracted from your ship’s total carrying capacity. As a result, having an overweight crew member limits the number of items you can transport without slowing down. 

The sailor’s abilities come next. Endurance (Speed), Awareness (Turn), Wits (Acceleration), and Strength (Brake) are the sailor’s initial four talents. With these skills, the sailor’s ability is directly added to the ship’s stat.

Whenever level ten is given to a sailor, he or she gains the final four skills. Seasoned Sailor minimizes the negative impacts of sea currents, Son of the Wind minimizes the effect of sea storms, abstain, decreases the number of rations required each cycle, and Natural Born Soldier increases the ship’s resistance.

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Sickness of a Sailor

A sailor’s condition can deteriorate if he or she runs out of food while at sea, for example. To get your sailor back in shape, you’ll need to give him raisin bread. Raisin bread can be purchased from the same NPCs that offer sailor contracts or from the central market. When a sailor’s condition drops to zero, he becomes ill. You must provide an Elixir of Regeneration to him to heal him. 

How Do Sailors Acquire Experience?

Everyone wants an experienced sailor in BDO. There are two ways from which your sailor can get or acquire experience. The ways include:

  • From Bartering
  • Randomly During Sailing

Acquiring More Sailors

You begin with just one slot for sailors. To get more sailors, you must get “Sailor Oaths,” which are items that, when utilized, provide you additional sailor slots. The best way to obtain them is to continue the previously described Great Expedition questline. The one that began with the quest “Vigorous Velia” given by the Black Spirit after you reach fifty levels. You will also get five oaths of sailors after getting Bartali’s Sailboat. You can then spend those oaths to increase the number of sailor slots you have. 

Quests for a Career in Sailing

If you want to live a life at sea, there are a handful of quest chains you should finish. Exploring the Balenos Sea and Exploring the Calpheon Sea are the two available options. You’ll find them under the quest tab, which you may access by hitting the “O” key. After completing these quests, you will see that you have somehow discovered all of the islands present in the north area between Epheria and Veila. 

Getting Experience in Sailing

Now that you’ve gotten to know your ship and maybe even purchased an Epheria sailboat, it’s time to start working on improving your sailing skills to at least skilled ones.

You’ll need to accomplish a couple of daily quests to do this. You can sail around in the Margoria Sea, but this is a relatively slow method of gaining sailing experience.

Daily Quests to Increase Experience in Sailing

In Veila from Miya

  • In this task, you have to deliver some goods to a specific island.
  • You have to barter three times successfully. 

In Veila from Proix

  • You have to kill ocean stalkers or Hekaru at least three to complete this quest.
  • You have to kill overall twenty pirate flags, drunk snipers, or barracks.
  • You have to recover sick soldiers by cooking three chowders and then giving them to Proix.

In Veila from Croix

  • You have to kill any treasure hunter in the ocean, such as ocean stalkers.
  • You have to kill the outlaws present in the ocean.
  • You have to kill Goldmont Large and Small Battleships by staying sharp to increase your experience.

In Port Epheria

  • You have to kill any treasure hunter in the ocean, such as ocean stalkers.
  • You have to kill the outlaws present in the ocean.
  • You have to kill Goldmont Large and Small Battleship by staying sharp to increase your experience.

In Port Ratt from Sihuram

  • You have to deliver some stuff to one of the four locations for which you have to pass through rough tides of the ocean.

Some of these quests are quite easy, and some are hard to complete. So to gain experience in sailing, you have to work hard to complete these daily quests.

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Upgrading Procedure of Your Bartali Sailboat

You can improve your Bartali Sailboat to an Epheria Sailboat or an Epheria Frigate as the next stage. This is a crucial stage because it determines the shipping path you will pursue from there. The upgrading way from the Bartali Sailboat can be depicted. A sailboat is a better choice if you want to concentrate on bartering, but the Epheria frigate is a better choice if you’re going to hunt a sea monster or participate in combat.

To improve your ship, you must first increase all of the green gears of the ship to +10. You’ll also need to gather some materials.

Materials that are required for the up-gradation of an Epheria Sailboat:

  • Timber Squares (800)
  • Pine Plywood (1500)
  • Flax Fabric (300)
  • Steel Ingots (600)
  • Solid Pillar (100)
  • Permit to Upgrade the Ship

Materials that you require for the up-gradation of an Epheria Sailboat:

  • Timber Squares (1000)
  • Plywood Coated with Pine (1000)
  • Coral Ingots of Jade (800)
  • Improved Flax Fabric (450)
  • Hard Pillar (100)
  • Permit to Upgrade the Ship 

You can transport your Bartali Sailboat to a town with a harbor and then use the manager of Wharf to improve your ship into an Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate once they are in storage. 

The same process can be used to improve your ships even further, allowing you to focus on upgrading one or two of them rather than continuously buying new ships. 


For those of us who enjoy playing on the water, the bartering system is a fun addition. In simple terms, it’s a method for gradually converting land-based reserves into bartering items, from level one to five, and then converting the level five items into sea coins.

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Why Bother Ourselves with Bartering

Bartering is the source of trade in the open oceans as there are only the things that you have in hand. If someone else has the thing that you need and you have something that the other guy requires, then you barter. Some of the materials required for a higher grade of ships can only be obtained through trading. Also, unless you don’t care about the Black Deserts Ocean content, you’ll need to upgrade your ships and ship gear.

Bartering can also be a good way to acquire some silver, especially as you get to the higher tiers. Also, I would say that bartering is one of the best ways to increase the level of your sailors.

Bartering Methods

It would be best if you utilized a Bartali’s Sailboat or a ship with a higher tier level to barter. Bartering cannot be done in a boat used for fishing or a rowboat. You will also need to store the materials you’ll be bartering in the ship’s cargo hold. The cargo hold of the ship can be loaded and unloaded at the Wharf manager. 

A bartering interface can be used to see what materials are required to start a bartering chain. Whether you have found the island with the bartering option or not, you will see all of your bartering possibilities in the bartering interface.

Putting Together a Bartering Chain

At the beginning of bartering, there is only one bartering chain that you will see. You will eventually end up having a sea coin in a bartering chain. On every step of a bartering chain, you will be able to get a similar amount of your bartered item or more, depending on the item’s rarity. That means that after completing your bartering chain, you will end up having a lot of stuff. This stuff can be used to help you achieve the next bartering chain faster. 

After completing a bartering chain, you have to open the option that says “Barter Information” on the screen to know about the promising barters that you can make. You can refresh your barter information before completing the bartering chain, but I would recommend you do this after completing the chain on your first barter run. As you continue to barter, you’ll have access to more chains and a greater range of bartering possibilities. In the end, you will become a trading master by doing these bartering chains. 

Black Desert Online is a pretty challenging game when it comes to management. Of course, top-notch managerial skills are required to run your colonies. It could be perplexing for you to keep a check on the resources and skills you require for this game. That is why we suggest you contact different professionals and OGs of this game. This way, you can learn practical tactics.

So that’s all about sailing in Black Desert Online for beginners. After going through every step of this guide, you will surely be able to sail in the Black Desert Online. We have tried our best to cover every possibility that could occur during sailing in BDO. Still, if something is missing and you face any trouble while sailing in Black Desert Online, feel free to leave a comment below. We would try our best to solve your every query regarding Black Desert Online. So, that’s it. This guide comes to the end. Happy Gaming!

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