Is It Possible To Remove Gender Locked Classes In Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is truly an oasis, a breath of new air in a genre that is becoming extremely conservative and completely free. It is an MMO equipped with the gorgeous fantasy realms and lots of slogging that you’d expect from a Korean MMO. Furthermore, there are many creative, interconnected processes that breathe new life into elements like commerce and debate that are usually overlooked.

BDO is an adventure series RPG. Therefore, it includes a lot of complicated elements, most of which are puzzling. They will become obvious after finding out how they function and how they can help you develop a better character.

The unusual style of the game means that there is still a lot of knowledge, including for expert MMO explorers. The crucial knowledge expected to get one’s mind around the diversity of current platforms is sometimes buried away or not given when it is required.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about whether it is possible to remove gender-locked glasses In Black Desert Online. Keep reading to learn more.

Is It Possible To Remove Gender Locked Classes In Black Desert Online?

Gender and racial restrictions apply to Black Desert Online classes. While they all wear the same armor, only a few of them use the same weapons. All classes are gendered. Awakening is just a new weapon; it’s doesn’t modify the class or enable you to switch genders. 

If you don’t like gender-locked classes, then BDO won’t assist you much. They can take advantage of it. A class is a gamer character’s role and playing style. Classes within Black Desert Online are gender as well as racial restricted. Although they all have the same armor, only a few of them have the same weaponry.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Black Desert Online

1. Learn Skill Levels

Whenever you hold over a skill, whether on the Hotbar at the bottom of the display or even in the skill tree, the image of the skill will appear. You’ll also see a button combo required to perform the skill.

Skill points are earned by battling and completing specific objectives. Because each character has various skills, it is a smart option to plan ahead of time and not purchase each skill that is offered.

Some skills may only be obtained by completing specific missions and obtaining them from either a Skill Trainer. All other skills can be learned wherever and anywhere you choose as long as you fulfill the levels and skill points criteria.

2. Get Contribution Points By Leveling And Questing

In contrast to typical games, you do not advance your character by completing tasks. Only by beating adversaries can you advance in the game. Quests are still essential since they grant you items like contribution points, skill level, additional inventory slots, as well as other benefits.

Contribution points are also used to perform various activities in the game, including purchasing homes and establishing nodes. Also, even though you want to develop rapidly by killing monsters, it’s a good idea to do assignments regularly.

Whenever you speak to a quest provider, you may look over the prizes before agreeing to determine whether it’s a mission you want to do.

3. Get The Gear System

There is no necessary level for gear in Black Desert Online. You will not have to update your equipment as frequently as you would in other games, and you’ll still develop.

Each character has a primary weapon, a post, headgear, a jacket, gloves, a buckle, boots, a collar, two earrings slots, and two ring slots.

Once you reach the 10-20 level, you will begin to get gear with additional effects. This is also what matters when deciding what gear to buy. You may improve early gear and utilize it as “endless mode” gear if it provides the desired benefits.

4. Purchase Trade Items

You may purchase Trade goods through Trade Director NPCs. These products serve no purpose and are solely utilized to sell to those other Trade Managers.

Whenever you purchase them, you may see whether the price is greater or less than usual. When you sell, you may see just how much profits and losses you will make by selling to an NPC. You are penalized for failing to build Nodes in the region in which you trade.

The goal would be to purchase a trade item through one person and afterward resell it to another who could pay you more than you spent for it. When traveling with such a trade item, you travel quite slowly and can only stroll or sprint.

If you have a wagon, you may load trade items onto it and transport them to a Trade Manager. Thieves can target you when you are transporting trade products, so be cautious.

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