Best Grinding Spots In Black Desert Online in 2022

This article will show you the top ten spots to grind in Black Desert Online. All places in this list are listed in order of how much cash you can get each hour. It is also recommended what gear you should bring when grinding at these sites as a bare minimum.

This analysis was conducted with nearly maximum gear (300+ AP). Therefore, you won’t gain as much money if you have the required AP.

Best Grinding Spot In Black Desert Online

Location 1 :261+ AP, 309+ DP for Star’s End

When you’re at the top of the game, such as with an effective grinding class like a fighter or a semi grinding class like such a mystic with greater AP, you may collect about 2.5 billion silver every hour in this area. You receive an earring for a little under 10k garbage loot. The earrings you obtain are worth about 3 billion silver, making star’s end an excellent place to grind. Sycraia, on the other hand, is a great grind location if the distorting earrings dropped below 2.5 billion silver.

Location 2: 269+ AP, 330+ DP Destroyed Monastery

This location may provide you roughly one earring each hour in a destroyed Monastery. In this location, you can also obtain around 1.3 million silver every hour. The 340 is for use throughout the day. The crowds in this location are vicious, and you might just perish at night. As a result, make sure that you adhere to the appropriate attack points and defense points. When visiting the Destroyed Monastery, you must also be cautious.

Location 3: 235+ AP, 301+ DP Hystria Remains

Hystria is a good area to grind if you’re looking for anything in the middle of the pack. It was once the best grinding location in the game, with a ton of excellent drops. Unfortunately, it’s no more a particularly attractive location. However, certain parts are still available in Hystria, and you might just locate them in plenty in this location. At Hystria, you may earn 15.3 billion each hour. Even if it is no longer the best, it is still a very famous site.

Location 4: 269+ AP, 320+ DP Sycraia Deep Ruins

You may acquire about 270 million silver every hour in Sycraia. Stars Ending and Sycraia will even out if errors decrease to approximately 230 million. They are quite comparable regardless of the quantity of money you may earn each hour. Although Stars End is considerably better at the moment, Sycraia’s money is more constant. In this location, there is indeed a lot less variation in the drops.

Location 5: Kratuga (215+ AP, 349+ DP)

Kratuga is a one-of-a-kind location. The cash you get is primarily from uncommon drops, which are plentiful in this location. You may obtain a variety of uncommon things here. The uncommon drops at this location will make up for all of the garbage stuff you’ll acquire and making your journey here worthwhile. It has a one-of-a-kind partnership with AP. Although there is no AP maximum, you must start with 245.

Location 6: Aakman 245+ AP and 301+ DP 

Aakman is similar to Hystria in appearance, although it doesn’t have nearly as many uncommon drops. In terms of the quantity of money available, you will get less money in Aakman as compared to Hystria. Aakman will only offer you 1.3 billion silver every hour. However, certain classes grind quicker in Aakman than in Hystria (for instance, Lahn), as well as inversely, so if you’re planning on grinding here, make sure you test both and analyze them.

Location 7: 260+ AP, 228+ DP Manshaum Forests

Manshaum Forests provides around 2 billion silver every hour if you don’t have the endless potion or might not want to go for it. Despite the higher profit, players must still grind at another location indicated beneath because the potions components are available there.

Location 8: 230+ AP, 220+ DP Bloody Wolves

Every hour, Bloody Wolves pays out about 1 billion silver. Unless you’re a rookie player with less than 230 AP, here is the location where you should stay till you obtain the potion component. You’ll almost certainly have the AP for Sherekhan even by the minute you get the potion component.


Black Desert Online is a fantastic game to play since it has so many elements that will captivate you and make you want to play it again and again.

Grinding is preferable to questing since it is the quickest power leveling in the Black Desert till you reach level 54. If this is your first character although, it is strongly advised that you take your time playing the basics and completing the main quest. In Black Desert Online, the above article explains all of the best places to grind.

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