How to Add Crystals to Outfits in BDO

In BDO, outfits will allow you to improve the stats of your in-game avatar. It is done by wearing certain types of clothing to boost a few stats, such as melee damage and HP. Wearing a complete set of clothes of the same type will grant your avatar a bonus, such as increased damage to one group.

Raising your stats in this way is done by using outfits and modding. Outfits boost base stats (such as melee damage) or give bonuses when wearing a complete set. Modding can give your avatar new outfits that are not available in the store or give you the ability to wear outfits of a lower tier than the one you already own.

Follow the simple procedures shown below to make your character as strong as possible!

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Items Required to Open up Crystal Slots on an Outfit

1. Outfit

First, you must purchase something bought at the “Central Market” or the “Pearl Shop.” Three methods to add Ancient Spirit Crystal to your garments are speed, viper, and valor.

2. Speed, Viper, or Valor Crystals

Crystal of the Ancient Spirit – Speed:

Speed Crystals are a type of item that you can apply to any non-marketplace clothing, like travel clothing, Calpheon Noble, or Serendian Formal Suit. 

A Speed enchantment can be added to an item to increase the player’s movement speed. The higher the enchantment level, the more significant the increase in movement speed. Provide + 2 speed

Viper Crystals: 

Shroud Knight, Jarette’s, Black Leopard Armor, & Jordine’s Casual may benefit from viper crystals. This skill allows the user to move faster and attack faster. The effect is increased by +1.

Valor Crystals:

You may upgrade Ahon Kirus,  Serendian, as well as Delphe Knight Armors with Valor crystals. A critical hit is a single successful attack with a weapon or skill that deals damage or ability that causes harm, such as poison. Increase +1 critic.

We will primarily focus on the Ancient Spirit Crystal Speed as it is the most helpful of the three. Though it has a high-level requirement, it is worth investing in its unique healing and defense properties. It also regenerates (not heals) your HP faster.

I suggest you select the one to ensure you reach level 5 in your capability. When you have a deficiency, try to pick up items that can counter it. If you need speed, go for the speed crystal. If you need protection, pick up some HP crystals and so on. 

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Claw of the Black Spirit

To make a Black Spirit’s Claw, you’ll first need to buy three pieces of Black Spirit’s Claw at the Central Market.

After collecting them, place them in a straight line. Click on the “plus symbol” to combine them into one Black Spirit’s Claw.


You’ll also require a costume. The third component is the item of clothing that contains the additional effect or buff. It may be made at Heidels Customers Mill and purchased at the Central Market.

If you’re not sure what a certain item performs, hover over it. For example, if you spend an equipment tailoring voucher on your character, you’ll obtain the exact item as a costume but with the added effect of Movement Speed +2. It is the desired effect.

Coupon for Equipment Tailoring

The second type of coupon is the Equipment Tailoring Coupon, which you can obtain at Central Market and Pearl Shop.

Including Crystal Slots in Your Outfit

If you’ve obtained the costume, pearls, Black Spirit Claw, and Equipment Tailoring Coupon, use these coupons to purchase, check your inventory, and find Black Spirit’s Claw, which you can right-click.

When you tap the “Enhance” button, a small window will pop up on the right side of your screen. You can then click on any costume that’s available to equip.

The Black Spirit’s Claw and the costume have been added to your enhancement tab. To add another gem, click the ‘Enhance’ option below. You are now wearing a necklace with an empty crystal slot.

How Can I Add Crystals to a Newly Added Outfit?

If you notice that you don’t have enough inventory space, go back and add an extra slot. Then return to the menu and check the Outfit Stats tab to ensure your added crystal is correctly placed.

To access the Equipment Tailoring coupon, right-click on it in your inventory. When you click on any piece of clothing to create it, right-click on it and select ‘Switch Equipment.’

It will provide you an outfit made of crystal, so to take it off, you will need to heat the product. When you select “Heating” from the “Processing” option, right-click on the new costume item in your inventory and select “Switch Equipment.”

At this point, the Ancient Spirit Crystal (Swiftness) will appear in your inventory. Click on the crystal to access its ‘Transfusion’ option. From there, you can pick the outfit and crystal you want.

A pop-up window titled “Insert attachment into Socket” will display. “Yes (Enter)” is an acceptable response. Clicking on the “Yes (Enter)” option will result in a new benefit added to your gear. Congrats, you have now increased your character’s stats!

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