How to Form a Federation in Stellaris?

Hello there, Stellaris players from all over the internet. It is really nice that we can share our journey through Stellaris together. Today we have yet another very interesting discussion about a much more interesting part of Stellaris. Today we will write about federations, how to make them, their types, what are the consequences of leaving them, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Exactly is a Federation?

The federation is basically a union of nations and empires which you can make with other empires and nations with whom you share the same threats or the same goals or interests. After forming the federation, you will notice that you also share the same color with other empires in the federation with you. In every federation there are laws, rules, and perks which only relate to that federation. Note that you also can give a name to your federation or leave it as is with a random name. 

So now you might be wondering to yourself: what are the types of federations?
Well, there are about five types of federations in Stellaris, and they are: Galactic union, (the one that is already set by default), trade league, martial alliance, research cooperative (which provides the members of this federation with research free agreement), and lastly hegemony. Each type of those federals has 5 levels which each gives you different perks and benefits.

Every type of federation differs in the perks it gives and the initial requirements you need to have to form it. Note that you can change the type of federation later on, but be aware that this will send you back to ground zero and you will need to start again from level one. Another side note being part of a federation means that your energy output will be decreased by 15%, but this won’t apply to the energy gained by trade.

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How to Form a Federation in Stellaris?

Don’t worry about that, my friend, as we have got your back. First of all, before everything, you need to have some proper technology and perks. You will also need around 4 nations as alliances as you won’t be able to form a federation with less than that. Also, don’t forget your diplomacy cause you will need it too. 

There are 3 main ways to form the federation: the hard way, which is forming it late in the game through winning “war in heaven” as you will be able to make a federation even with empires with non-aligned powers. A little easier way is from the diplomacy tree which will help to form a federation with other empires and nations that have the same traditions and Cohesion with each other. The last way is the Barbaric Despoilers civic as the empire with such ability can form a marital and hegemony federation.

Now can you leave a federation? Pretty much yes, you can. Whether you want to leave a federation or somehow are kicked out from it, this will lead to having -200 opinions with all the members and also a truce with the federation. Some might even argue that it isn’t worth it.

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Stellaris Federation Laws – Explained

Since the laws of the federation control every aspect of the federation, any member can ask for a law change and get the law changed through a voting system. Unfortunately, if the voting fails, the federation will suffer a loss of 10 Cohesion points. It is also worth mentioning that the more centralization of the federation, the more it can control its members, and the more it suffers losses of cohesion. 

Although there is much more to uncover about the federations, we will leave some for you to experience and uncover while playing the game.

Wow, that was a journey, wasn’t it? From forming a federation to leaving them, we learned quite a lot today. Have you already decided on how you will form your federation? I know it could be a hard decision and even harder to apply but that is what makes Stellaris a great game to play. It is all about the challenges.

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