How to Bombard a Planet in Stellaris

For a newbie that wants to enjoy a combat game, Stellaris is a good option and can satisfy your gaming fantasy. This game can be played on different devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. However, a device that favors this game is the Xbox series. There are various versions of the Stellaris game, the most pragmatic being the Synthetic Dawn. It is not only fun, but also easy for a beginner to understand. 

There are various hurdles for a beginner to cross when playing this game, one of which is bombarding a planet on Stellaris. At this point, you may be curious about how you can play this game effectively to maximize all the benefits of the game. A major delight of playing the Stellaris game is bombarding a planet with explosives in order to defeat your assailant, which is also the main focus of today’s article.

One thing to bear in mind when playing this game is that any fleet can bombard a planet by targeting its enemies with superior fire power. However, the fighting mode of the game has to be in warfare for this to occur.

Another thing to be sure of is to make sure that the planet you are trying to bombard belongs to you and not another empire. If you bombard a different empire, it may prove counterproductive as the game is not designed to work this way. 

You need to have selective bombardment in order to effectively bombard and eliminate an entire planet. If not, an attempt to bombard a planet will be futile as the enemies will keep multiplying.

To effectively eliminate the entire assailant, the speed of your selective bombardment needs to be high to prevent the enemies from building and gathering assault enemies to counteract the effect that your action is having on them.

Bombarding a Planet in Stellaris

The basic way to bombard a planet is to place your fingers securely on the joystick and approach the said planet. On arriving at the planet, you need to right-click on the joystick. The next step will be to intentionally hover with the mouse over the planet, slowly; the defense armies will begin to appear on this new planet. Once this happens, you should reach out to the buttons on your fleet window. A drop down menu will appear here. There are different options available at your disposal. Depending on the type of warfare you want to wage, you may choose the light or heavy bombardment option to attack the assailant. 

For some planets (gas giant planets), you will need to aim at the moons before you can effectively attack the colonies. It may be difficult to get to the colonies if they are hidden in the moon, so you may need to get very close to the moon to avoid mistaking the moons for the colonies and bombarding them intentionally.

Another effective way to bombard a planet if their methods are proving abortive is to make use of a bait to lure the enemies into a less hostile planet; this will make them more vulnerable and susceptible to your attack. If the offensive armies take your bait and go back into space, you may use your fleet to serenade them and bombard them. This method of bombardment is very effective. You should try this method if you have not already done so.

However, it has been observed that the current version of the game does not show the actual damage of the game. The previous version showed how much damage you were causing the planet, how you created tile blockers but most interestingly, and how you killed the pops!

In this new version, if you bombard a planet at 100%, the planet just shuts down temporarily; there will be no more production or any other activity. After some time, when you have stopped bombarding it, the planet witnesses a 100% comeback. With this arrangement, there will be no collapsed buildings to repair, very few dead pops, and even when the pops die, they manage to come back quite quickly without any real consequence and in my experience, no real thrill.

The problem with bombarding the planet in an empire is that you may get stuck in an attempt to do this. This is so because only a few ships in this game can release so much fire power all at once. It is estimated that only 10 ships are capable of bombarding a planet at once.

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