How Does Stellaris Multiplayer Work in 2022?

So you’re interested in learning further about Stellaris multiplayer? Although Stellaris is mostly geared at single battles against AI opponents, like most of Paradox’s legendary solid strategy games, it can be played in multiplayer too. In Stellaris Multiplayer, over 32 players can fight for galactic control, but small teams can always join together and in co-op to conquer the other AI-powered civilizations.

Multiplayer of Paradox-strategy games has always been a smidge of an inconstant element of the game – the server-side infrastructure was a bit shaky in the past, desynchronizations can occur regularly, especially with a lot of competitors, and active players represent a small proportion of every gaming community (it may vary for every game).

Stellaris has started using the Nakama technology to run their multiplayer backend since August 2021. This was created by a third party that replaces Paradox’s existing core systems, allowing multiplayer between retailers across platforms. The new version, according to the makers, is considerably more stable than the old one, and it has already been pushed out to other classic games like EU4.

Apart from that, there are just a few additional things to keep in mind when playing Stellaris multiplayer, which we’ll discuss below.

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Setting Up & Holding a Match

The game must be hosted by one person, who has complete control over every aspect of game production and any special rules established at game setup. If you are using Steam, you may invite members to join through the Steam interface; meanwhile, players can look for matchups in the game’s lobbies.

  • If somehow the host has password-protected a match, you must input it since that’s the only way you can participate.
  • You can choose whatever empire you want to play as if the host opens a new game. Choose between one of the defaults or one of their own original designs.
  • If you’re going to play using mods, you’ll need everyone to have the same mods downloaded to play together.
  • In such a multiplayer game, just the host requires DLC to access DLC content.
  • To join in the match, you should have the same match benefit of keeping as the host.

Hot-joining in the middle of a match is possible in Stellaris multiplayer. However, hosts can either load a saw or host a session. In any case, instead of constructing your new empire, you must choose from the list of empires currently in the game. The only person who can change the speed is the host, although everyone can pause at any time.

Lastly, the impact of human players has a significant impact on certain features of the game. Diplomacy, for example, is no longer reliant on empire-to-empire approval; instead, real players make decisions.

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Tips to Play 

Many players find that dominating the galaxy gets simpler after a few sessions of Stellaris. However, more than any AI Empire — as much as the Guardians, Fallen Empires, Crisis Forces, and Marauders combined — there is an opponent out there who will always pose a genuine threat to your Empire’s existence. That’d be the other online multiplayer enthusiasts of this game.

Most people who test multiplayer for the very first time are unlikely to stick around for long. Veteran players, unlike with the AI, generally play fiercely and are far better at managing Empires and starting wars. Every match is different, and no approach is guaranteed to work, but these pointers can help you survive and, perhaps one day, triumph in multiplayer.

Irrespective of the nature of the session, having a strong military fleet is undoubtedly the most critical objective of any Empire. They serve as a means of defending your area as well as a deterrence to war. As soon as possible, finish studies on new ships, weaponry, defenses, and fleet strength.

To improve your ship manufacturing rate, go to the policy menu and pick a militarized economy. This will cause alloy foundries to manufacture more alloys at the expense of consumer goods production. Since most Empire battles would start in the 2230s, trying to build up the warships some few years ahead of time will save you money on maintenance while also ensuring that they are ready in the event of an attack.


One of the benefits of playing Stellaris multiplayer is that you could meet a friend who also knows how to play and ultimately ends up on the same server as you. As major allies or perhaps a federation, you may work together against the rest of the galaxy in this way.

If you don’t even have any game-playing buddies, getting to know individuals who do might be beneficial. You can construct an alliance and fight together against other dangers if you use text chatting or earphones and a mic to communicate with some other players. This could provide a numerical superiority in ships because Federation fleets do not count against your fleet capacity.

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