How to Get Mega Engineering in Stellaris?

Stellaris is a grand strategy game that will keep you engaged for hours. Although it could be a little hard to figure out the interface and the basic game features, it is still a rewarding game that many enjoy playing in their free time.

If you’re a Stellaris newbie, let’s start off with what the game is all about. Stellaris is a game where you explore space, discover new planets and can colonize and inhibit these planets to build and expand your empire. One of the options in this game is to make sectors out of the planets and colonies you have.

Today we have yet another discussion about one of the most useful things in Stellaris. These things are the megastructures and many many more. So now let’s immediately start diving into our topic.

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Megastructures in Stellaris

The megastructure is basically a big construction that will boost your technology and economy even though such megastructure buildings take quite a long time to be built and also plenty of time to getrepaired. However, the benefits this megastructure building provides make up for the time consumed to make them. 

Every megastructure building starts with the construction ship, which will help in completing the very first stage of the megastructure building, but it will no longer interfere in the other stages -if there were any.

Different Types of Megastructure Buildings

Well there are a few types, let’s see them together: first, we have a ringworld which has about 5 stages to be fully complete. We also have a dyson sphere which also has about 5 stages to be completed. We also have a science nexus; this one has about 3 stages only to be fully completed. Then we have a sentry array. This one has about 4 stages as well as a matter decompressor. Also, we got a mega art installation and interstellar assembly which both have 4 stages to be fully done. Lastly, we have a strategic coordination center and mega shipyard, which both have only 3 stages to be fully completed.

All of these megastructure buildings will cost differently and give you different benefits. 

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What if These Megastructures Were Ruined?

Well if you saw a floating megastructure through space then probably it means that this megastructured is ruined. However, what if you decided to get it? Although owning them won’t be counted as a victory. Still, instead, I would love to see it counted as an opportunity, especially if you have the mega engineering technology. 

Now you may be wondering what do we mean by that?

Mega engineering technology can be used as a tool to repair these ruined megastructures and turn them into fully functional megastructures. Now you can see how this could be counted as an opportunity.

This is exactly what I meant when I said opportunity.

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How to Get The Mega Engineering Tool in Stellaris?

Well, this question is a bit rough. Although the mega engineering tech has pretty easy requirements, it is in fact a rare technology to unlock, which creates a dilemma. So aside from all the negative talk, what are the things you need? You need to have some citadels, battleships and zero-point power. In addition to that, don’t forget to have about six T4 engineering techs in total to unlock this technology. If you were lucky enough to get this technology, then now you can repair probably any megastructure you wish.

A question that many of you might be asking is “Do I really need master builders in order to get mega engineering?” To answer your question, we have to say that even though there are no requirements to have them, they are indeed very helpful to ease and speed the whole process. It will provide a higher chance that mega engineering will appear in case you have a megastructure in one of your systems. This is something that could be very handy with such a rare technology like mega engineering. However, at the end of the day, it is mainly your choice whether to use it or not. 

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