Economy’s Last MapleRoyals Post

I remember my first week back on this game. I remember coming back to good old ‘Economy’ after realizing that I had an unforgotten account. My account was made many years ago when this private server was fairly new. I remember why I stopped playing and it was due to it being a small economy.

mapleroyals economy
Good old, Economy.

“I was in love with the idea of merchanting.”

Achieving higher numbers fascinates me and it felt like a reflection of my reality. My addiction to this game was unreal. I felt like I was day trading again except that it was on a game. Unfortunate news happened in early April 2020  that led me to my downfall after I took my short break. After failing miserably gambling with chaos scrolls, I took several days off of the game only to log back on with the unfortunate message that I’m permanently banned. This article is to provide an explanation about my ban and to revisit the unforgettable memories because…

“I owe this post to you all.”

My First Month Back: Careless & Desperate For Friends

I came back to this server around August of 2019. The server was highly populated and it was full of excitement due to everyone being on summer vacation. I had only 16m mesos and a buzzcut at the time. Players were complimenting my IGN (in-game name). The FM was crowded. I was ready to take on the game to become the richest player — or so I thought.

Without following the proper rules, I was making jokes that were against TOS (terms of service). I was warned by my new friends that I could be permanently banned from saying certain things. I did what every new player would have done (skip the TOS). I was just the average MapleRoyals player who decided to skip reading TOS and get on the game as soon as possible. Respect to all the players that actually read the terms of service.

Did you know?

According to a survey from BusinessInsider (2,000 people), 91% of them said that they press accept before reading the terms and conditions. This is not even gaming-related, so I’d imagine the number would be much higher if it was a survey involving gamers.

PS: By no means am I against any GM (gamemasters). 

Merchanting is Life: My First 1B

When I came back to this server as a newbie and 16m mesos, the first thing I did was browsed the free market. I was craving for great deals and becoming rich. I was learning prices and selling clean bathrobes and junk items. One item sold after another, it all added up quickly. I decided to open up more hired merchants to multiply my earnings. It took about a week for me to achieve my first 1b. I’m not going to lie but achieving that first billion was the hardest.

“But I wanted more.”

I came from a previous private server where scamming is strictly prohibited. I carried on the same mindset to MapleRoyals which was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a newbie. After achieving my first 1b, I got scammed 700m from an infamous player (it was still my first week) during the time. I felt like crap and like quitting (looking back, that was silly).  To a new player like me, 700m was almost everything.

What I didn’t know was this led me to greater friendships.

Meeting The Right People

The greatest thing on this game is when you end up having great people on your buddy list. The worst thing is when you never see them online ever again. After getting scammed, I was approached by one of my first friends (Ginwolf), Gina, who gave me the mesos that I lost. What she didn’t know was that it influenced me to help others later on in the game. I continued playing because of her kindness. From a regular player to someone who wants to focus on the betterment of the community.

Throughout the months on this game, I’ve met numerous people and eventually became good friends with them. It led to many more memories.

Shoutout to my first few friends: Ginwolf, Tights, Tulsa, Boondock

Unforgettable Moments

It is without a doubt, that we will all someday move on from this game. I decided to write this and leave it here as a reminder that this was a truly memorable experience. Hopefully, one day, we all will look back to remember. Nostalgia is every persons’ weakness. Do you remember when you were…

mapleroyals christmas
MapleRoyals Christmas Event
  1. Finding great deals only to have your merchant friends scream at you for being too late.
  2. Helping a random newbie in FM without realizing what an amazing that person might become.
  3. Finding your lucky scrolling spot. We were superstitious.
  4. Hosting giveaway events and seeing how exciting the newbies are and seeing all the bored players gathering in one location.
  5. Killing players with summoning sacks.
  6. Known as the luckiest person just because you hit +5 with a single chaos scroll.
  7. Known as the unluckiest person because your addiction to scrolling has gone too far and nothing is going your way.
  8. Creating “Wealth” and turning it into one of the biggest FM guilds.
  9. Seeing your friends rage scroll.
  10. Getting jealous of your friend’s luck in scrolling.
  11. Watching all the smega wars and laughing at the popcorn comments on buddy chat.
  12. Having a buddy rant to you all night about their problems.

“You don’t know if it’s the good old days until it’s gone.”

Creating The Best FM Guild

Several months later in the game, I was in search of an FM guild. Sadly, there weren’t any active ones. After all, this server is not like GMS where there were tons of merchants and FM guilds. I decided to create my own. Without a doubt, this led to greater friendships and meeting many more players. It led to the birth of ‘Wealth’ around September 2019.

I was content. I’m finally in an FM guild. I remember the first few members joining: YumiAttached, Tulsa, Driggle, AuctionHouse, JoySpirit, Chandail, FMTinyRick, FmBoss, ray8787

It was like yesterday.

Giving Back

I’m this far into the game now — why am I focused on only myself? As a person that loves to give, I decided to help improve my community by giving back on a weekly basis. I have no real goals on this game and I usually end up losing when I scroll. Why not give back?

Giving back to the community feels 100x better than scrolling. I even made

  1. MapleRoyals Price Guide
  2. MapleRoyals Meso Guide

The truth is, I wanted to cover as many topics as possible on my blog for MapleRoyals. It seemed like many players needed help.

The Best Merchant

After having close to 100b+ mesos net worth and almost 100b in pure mesos, I felt like one of the richest. I wasn’t and it was still not enough. It was like a never-ending addiction and a craving for more. The truth is, nothing is ever enough whether it’s in-game or life.

My Ban

In early April of 2020, I logged on to see a message that I was banned. After reading tons of ban appeals in the past, I felt that it’s going to be impossible to get unban. After all, when players are against a rule or any small things on this server, the game masters will be in favor no matter what the situation is. Even when the majority agrees, the game masters will always be right.

In the coming days, I posted my ban appeal to find out why my account was banned. It was banned for botting.  After getting banned, there’s no need to lie. I have never in my life botted on MapleRoyals. I have zero experience in botting and there’s no reason for me to risk my account after making it so far. I have friends that would break TOS, but I’m not against them. In fact, I’m not against anyone because I rather enjoy the game and focus on myself.

Why A Blog Post?

Now that I’m receiving around 100+ visitors per day from MapleRoyals and traffic from the search engine, I feel it’s best to post on my website. I have complete control of what I say and how I feel.

Why Did You Bot?

I’m not sure where you found this evidence but I have zero knowledge when it comes to botting. There’s no reason for me to bot. On March 28th, 2020 right after the server check, I farmed for 4+ hours because of the increased drop rate. I was farming for 7 INT shoes at bubbling slimes (couldn’t find any because of my terrible luck), I farmed for helmet dex 60% scrolls at Master Chronos and even leeched some players while I’m at it. Throughout the weeks, I even farmed at ULU1 offering more players free leech during my farming session. I used smegas to offer players free leech. I could care less about levels because my end game goal is different.

Before and after every session, I would browse the FM looking for deals to restock my shop. If you browse the market 2-3 times a day, there’s no doubt that you’ll find deals. I used 20-30+ owls a day to learn prices and finding more items in the FM because of it. There are days where I stand in channel 1 FM just spamming that I’m buying items. My time spent these last few weeks was mainly me scrolling items and creating guides.

If I were botting, there’s no reason for me to waste my time with farming or even put my account at risk. My internet connection is the worst if botting requires a good internet connection.


I appreciate every person that supported me in this game. Thanks for all the good times! Words cannot describe how grateful I am!

What will I be doing? After all, I can finally put my time to good use. I will be more focused on affiliate marketing and writing blog posts as my traffic increases. I have goals that I want to accomplish in the blogging world. It’s a great time to step away from the addiction.

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