MapleRoyals is a private server based off of MapleStory. This private has grown throughout the years due to players losing interest in the original game. MapleRoyals has been running for over half a decade and is still growing strong.

pokemon magikarp jump tips and tricks

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Tips And Tricks

In this article, I will provide you with the top Magikarp Jump tips and tricks. Shoutout to all the Magikarp fans. Before we get started, feel free to take...

mapleroyals christmas

Economy’s Last MapleRoyals Post

I remember my first week back on this game. I remember coming back to good old 'Economy' after realizing that I had an unforgotten account. My account was made many...

mapleroyals end game

Economy’s MapleRoyals End Game

Almost all players aim to achieve their MapleRoyals end game gear and the goal of making it to level 200. There are even players out there who are aiming to...