Economy’s MapleRoyals End Game

Almost all players aim to achieve their MapleRoyals end game gear and the goal of making it to level 200. There are even players out there who are aiming to become the strongest. I’m not one of them.

People often ask me if I actually “play” the game and I often tell them that my end game goal is completely different from the majority.

mapleroyals bossing

I’m not here to level up. I hate leveling and grinding. I hate completing quests after quests. I bought leech for my fighter and I still haven’t job advance my character at level 118. I tried selling leech and gave up after the first ten minutes.

My MapleRoyals end game?

“I just want to get rich. To get rich, I need to be smart about this game’s economy. I want to achieve 100 billion pure mesos.”

While having this goal is difficult for a low rate server, it’s taught me a lot about self-discipline. There’s no doubt that I would achieve this much mesos if I never plan on scrolling. C’mon Andy, self-discipline is the way to 100 billion mesos.

Economy’s MapleRoyals End Game

In 2004, I was in the 4th grade and was barely introduced to Global Maplestory. It was an exciting time to be alive, I have to admit. My first online gaming experience was the spark of everything.

maple island

Job Inspiration

During the time, I was in love with “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy. There were days where I binged watch all three movies. Seeing how epic the movies were, I wanted to create a character similar to Legolas because he is a true badass with his bow and arrows. I chose the path of a bowman during my early maple days.

the lord of the rings meme

Since the creation of my character, I played for hours every day after school and I had no knowledge of what to do except grinding. I just knew that I should get to a higher level and compete with my friends to see who can level the fastest. We didn’t care about our stats. We didn’t know how important it was, so we just raised whatever seems right. It took us at least a month to achieve level 30.

Fascinated with our first online gaming experience, we spent most of our time meeting players. How cool was it that you can play games with another person from the other side of the globe?

Technology man, it’s fascinating.

The Spark of A Merchant

Back in the days, leveling on GMS was extremely difficult. Every level was an accomplishment. I put in numerous hours into grinding and eventually, it got boring. During that time, I had around 100,000 mesos. I felt rich. I spent an hour in the FM selling defense scrolls to merchants. I didn’t know the type of scrolls they were merchanting. They canceled on me.

mapleroyals meso guide

I browsed the market with the idea that every scroll is valuable. I saw a 60% glove attack scroll sold for 5.5m mesos. I thought to myself…

“If this 60% scroll can sell for 5.5m, I’m pretty sure I can sell mine for at least 1m.” 

Well, it didn’t sell. Some players felt bad and even gave me mesos. Browsing shop after shop, I slowly started to grasp the idea of how everything works. As a kid, having $10 in your pocket was a huge amount. I bought my first $10 Nexon card and redeemed it.  I bought my first store permit and that completely changed my life.

MapleRoyals End Game: The Early Days Of A Merchant

When I was learning about the free market, I made many mistakes. I sold items for cheaper than they should be. I continue to learn and browse the free market while dealing with many avoidable mistakes. But the more I browsed, the more I understood the value of certain items and became better.

Weeks and months later, I had one of the best advantages in the free market. I knew prices for almost every item. I knew when it was cheap or when an item is expensive. Now I have a better understanding of what people meant when they tell me that “knowledge is power.” It applies to the real world and even games!

I have never surpassed level 100 even after a decade of playing GMS. I did, however, became one of the richer players in-game. I was in an FM guild by the name of “FMHero.” I did buy leech for my character as an investment, but I enjoyed the concept of merchanting much more. Merchanting on GMS led me to digital marketing, learning about the stock market at a young age, and improving my sales skills.

In 2018, I decided to share some knowledge and created a website:

Joining MapleRoyals: A New Era

You know that feeling when you miss something, and you want to go back to it? MapleRoyals gave me that chance. In August 2019, I decided to join MapleRoyals. When I created my user ID, it was already taken.

“Why was it taken? Who would take such a unique ID?”

I realized that I completely forgot about my account that I made from 2014. That explains the IGN “Economy” and “2006.” I forgot the reason why I stopped playing MapleRoyals in 2014. I just remembered that I quit many private servers due to slow markets or barely any markets existed at all.

That was my love for merchanting. I was in search of private servers where I could merch on.

After logging into Economy, I repeated and did exactly what I did in 2004. I immediately browsed the market and started learning price. When I first started again in August 2019, I had only 25m mesos. It was good enough for me. In my first week, I made my first 1 billion mesos.

mapleroyals merchanting

Unfortunately, I came from another private server that was extremely strict against scammers. I came to MapleRoyals immediately trusting everyone and got scammed 700m shortly after achieving my first 1b mesos. It was the worst feeling and I truly hope that person got banned.

Goal Setting For MapleRoyals

Moving on, I continued to merchant on this server every day. I had the greatest advantage on here. Just like GMS, I knew what’s cheap and what’s expensive. I decided to set a goal of collecting every flaming katana out there and having 100b coins. There were certain circumstances that was stopping me from achieving it my MapleRoyals goals.

mapleroyals flaming katanamapleroyals mesos

What’s Preventing Me From My MapleRoyals End Game?

Throughout my MapleRoyals journey, I have a lack of self-discipline when it comes to saving mesos. I would always make poor decisions and spend my mesos on chaos scrolls. I have calculated my total loss and it comes out to be over 65b mesos. Don’t believe me?

mapleroyals spectrum goggles

Around November 2018, I had a 15 Dex 7 Str Spectrum Goggles. Instead of selling it, what did I do? I decided to chaos scroll it and it became 10 Dex 3 Str. Poor decision, right?

“All I need is self-discipline.”

In January of 2019, I had 2x 10 attacks and 4 slot Stormcaster Gloves. I also had 9 attacks and 4 slots. During the time, a 10/4 Stormcaster Glove would range from 9b to 10b mesos.

You guessed it again. I messed it up with a few chaos scrolls. The dream of achieving a 15 attacks 3 slot is quite slim but that’s still a chance of increasing my meso net worth. Unfortunately, it took the wrong turn. If it were to pass and land a +5, I would have a Stormcaster Glove that’s worth over 50b mesos.

In February of 2019, I finally achieved 25b mesos again. I went out with a few friends, decided to get drunk, and came home to MapleRoyals. My drunk self decided to chaos all the Facestompers in the market. That also took the wrong turn. I lost 20b mesos just like that.

While I did lose a huge chump of mesos, I did make one perfect item. This Purple Gaia Cape is all part of my chaos rage scrolling. I got lucky.

My advice?: Don’t rage scroll!

mapleroyals gaia cape

MapleRoyals End Game: My Thoughts

For those that are asking me if I actually play the game, I do. My way of playing this game is very different from the majority. Yes, it may seem boring for you, but it’s something that I find enjoyable. I find merchanting to be extremely therapeutic. Not only that but merchanting on MapleRoyals taught me certain skills for the real world when it comes to the finance niche. Am I going to achieve 100b mesos?

You bet.

If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe and share. I will soon be creating a price guide for the community. Have a fantastic day! – Andy


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