MapleRoyals Meso Guide For Beginners! 7 Ways To Make Mesos!

If you’re reading this MapleRoyals meso guide, you’re likely new or you’re struggling to make mesos to support your character. This article is made particularly for people who can’t achieve over 100m mesos. Let’s admit it, making that first 100m is the toughest part of the journey.  But it gets easier, I promise.

MapleRoyals Meso Guide For Beginners

You’re strolling Maple Island one day after spending a good minute on creating your character name. You hear the background music and it reminded you of the “good old days.” Nostalgia hits you and it hits you pretty damn hard. You completed one quest after another and finally, you’re level 10.

Without hesitation, you headed to Southperry to meet up with Shane because you know that’s your connection to Victoria Island.

“This is only a private server. This shouldn’t be too hard.” You said.

As you’re leveling, you noticed other players out damaging you. You see them sitting on chairs you’ve never seen before. You want to be as strong as them, right? You decided to trade these pros players and asked them for the price of these items. Each item ranging from 5m mesos to 150m mesos.

But what they don’t realize is that you’re going to be the best money-making machine out there.

After seeing all these “pro players,” you finally realized that this private server isn’t as easy as you thought. Without the proper gear and funding, you’ll:

  • struggle to kill monsters.
  • become the last priority when it comes to party quests.

You decided to visit the free market to find decently scrolled gear for your character. Looking at your inventory, the 500,000 mesos couldn’t afford a single worthy thing and you suddenly feel desperate. Your desperation made you trade every player in the free market begging them for mesos.

mapleroyals meso guide

Players were catching on as you’re trading their mules and friends. Cancels after cancels, you decided to give up.

mapleroyals meso guide

Until one day, a good friend of yours sent you a link to this article. You didn’t realize that such valuable content existed. You read this article about yourself and finally discovered the blueprint to your first 100m mesos.

Your Blueprint To 100m Mesos

And here it is, your MapleRoyals meso guide to 100m mesos.

MapleRoyals Meso Guide: Starting Off With 500k

When you’re starting off with 500,000 mesos, you won’t have enough to invest in the bigger items or even a good number of things. Let’s assume that you’re not level 50 yet and you’re saving up NX to sell ability point reset (APR). The first NX item you would want to purchase to earn mesos is a store permit or hired merchant.

mapleroyals merching guide

While hired merchants are expensive, it’s worth the investment if you’re starting out. If you’re worried about spending too much NX and can afford to leave your computer on, then a store permit would be great too knowing that they last 90 days.

Reselling Bathrobes For Men/Women

Now that you have your store, let’s stock it up. What I would do if I had 500k mesos is head to Showa. When you’re in Showa, you can enter the bath place and buy bathrobes for men/women from the NPC for only 30k mesos. Believe it or not, players will buy these in the free market for 500,000 mesos to even 1m mesos.

Here is a perfect example of a player reselling bathrobes:

mapleroyals merching guide

Every Man/Woman’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

You’re out of mesos! But you wasted your mesos the proper way! While you’re waiting for your bathrobes to sell in your shop, you should be finding another method to make mesos. One of the best ways to get free stock for your shop is to go to the most popular gachapon spots. There are a few.

  • Mushroom Shrine
  • New Leaf City

Once you’re there, head to the gachapon NPC. I recommend changing channels every second to find players that are gaching. The best way is to find people that are actually gaching is through the gachapon megaphones.

mapleroyals meso guide

Once you track these players, you will most definitely find them dropping scrolls and equips that they don’t need. These scrolls can sell in the free market for 50k to even 1m mesos. If you find a 30% scroll, you’re likely to earn at least 300k to 500k mesos selling them. There are scrollers out there that believe in “dummy scrolling” and are happy to pay you that price.

This is a great way to get supplies for your shop. One of my guild members does this and she’s earning over 10m per day from this simple method.

Selling Your Monster Loot

I’ve seen players not caring about loots. Looting can add up a lot. When I was starting off, I was NPCing my ores. I didn’t realize the demand for certain ores. When you’re training or farming, certain items like these are great for reselling in the free market.

mapleroyals meso guide

  • Mithril Ore – 200,000 mesos
  • Steel Ore – 150,000 mesos
  • Mushroom Omok Piece – 800,000 mesos
  • Slime Omok Piece – 400,000 mesos
  • Emerald Ore – 400,000 mesos
  • Monster Card – 80,000 mesos
  • Squishy Lid – 20,000 mesos
  • Leather – 40,000 mesos
  • Sap of Ancient Tree – 500,000 mesos

For leathers, I would recommend crafting them into work gloves and reselling in the market for 1m mesos each. You can craft them in Kerning City. These will eventually all add up and you’ll thank me later.

MapleRoyals Meso Guide: 25,000,000 Mesos Now! Where To Go From Here?

Congratulations! You made it to 25m mesos. What I would do from here is to find someone knowledgable with price because you obviously can’t afford owls (3m mesos per search) to merch yet. When you’re at 25m mesos, you should be doing what you did before. But to speed things up, you should also be browsing the free market and learning basic prices for certain items.

mapleroyals meso guide

With 25m mesos, you can find items like Spiegelmann’s Necklace for around 500k and reselling them for 1.5m~2m mesos. If you’re lucky and find a Spiegelmann’s Necklace of Chaos for around 10~20m mesos, you can easily resell for 30m mesos. That’s a whopping 10m profit!

The possibilities of finding a good deal are endless. New shops are being updated and open every minute on this server. You’ll just have to scout and keep searching. You can find level 25 capes for 15m~20m mesos and resell for 25m~30m mesos.

As you’re doing this and learning prices, you should climb up to 50m mesos in no time.

MapleRoyals Meso Guide: 50,000,000 Mesos! You’re Halfway There!

You’re finally halfway to achieving your 100m mesos. What can you do when you have this much money?

When you’re at 50m mesos, scrolling items becomes less risky if you’re using the right scrolls. You can find overall armor for dex/luk/str 10% for around 500k to 1m mesos in the free market. You can either resell it for more, or you can start taking small profitable risks.


When I had 50m mesos, I would buy around 10~20 overall 10% scrolls and try scroll bathrobes. If one succeeds, you can resell the bathrobes with 9 slots for around 15m to 20m mesos. There are many affordable scrolls in the market that can be profitable if you scrolled the right items. While applying what you learned from the previous section, you can add another meso streamline by scrolling.

By applying all the steps from this article, you will easily soon be able to afford all the gear and chairs you want.

MapleRoyals Meso Guide: Congratulations! You Made It!

If you enjoyed this article and find it helpful, please feel free to share it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will gladly answer all of your questions. – Andy


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