How to Remove Traits in RimWorld (Quick Guide)

What can you do to make your pawns absolutely amazing in Rimworld? Of course, you need to modify their traits.

In Rimworld, traits define everything your pawns can do. From the speed of your pawns to their accuracy, traits control every aspect of pawns. Even more, traits define your pawns’ personality, which can be a crucial game element.

But the point remains, how to remove traits in Rimworld? The game information sadly provides no help in this.

Help is near, though! Here is a comprehensive Rimworld remove trait guide for you.

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“Vanilla” Rimworld

First things first. If you want to stay away from getting your hands dirty with code, or you have sworn to be resistant to all mods, you cannot change pawn traits in Rimworld. Period.

Sadly, that is just the way the game is set up. Rimworld provides you with no magical keyboard shortcuts that you can just punch and watch your pawns grow big and powerful.

Neither is there any convenient “Rimworld dev mode remove trait” setting that you can quickly toggle to get those much-needed pawn traits.

 Truth be told, there is absolutely no way that you can modify pawn traits in “vanilla” Rimworld. You cannot modify or control pawn traits as you are in the middle of a game. The gameplay provides no options for that.

However, what you can do is tinker around a bit with a text editor like Notepad++ and use a little geek skill. To change pawn traits in Rimworld, you need to put your hacker hats on and crack open the game save files!

So, let’s do that now.

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A little bit of code – Hack your pawn traits

There is a certain thrill of hacking your favorite game and beating the designers at their own game (pun intended). And if you are really passionate about your games, you would not want to take the ready-made mod route to hack your way into gaming glory. You would want to do things from scratch at the code level. 

The code to do this is not too intricate. It is just some minor tweaks you need to make in the game XML code base.

So, just take out your favorite text editor and follow along. We personally like Notepad++ a lot, but you can choose your own thunder.

We are going to edit the Rimworld savegame file to gift our pawns the traits that we desire of them. As a note of caution, please back up and save a copy of this file in case things do not go as planned.

Open the file with the name of the inhabitant of the colony whose traits you wish to modify in Notepad++ (or the text editor of your choice). You will spot a section in there titled <thing class=” Pawn”>.

Inside this tag, you should see another section labeled as <name Class = “NameTriple”>

Moving further down the tag hierarchy, there will be a <traits><allTraits> section inside this section. The section marked out by these <allTraits> tags should be populated with a list of all the traits of the chosen inhabitant of the colony.

 From here on, you just need to find the particular trait and change the text enclosed by the <def></def> tags to the new trait. Alternatively, you can choose to delete the unwanted trait.

Use Off-the-Shelf Mods

If you are looking to get the job done quickly with the help of some noble souls who have already done the coding for you, then you can use ready-made mods.

Many good Rimworld mods can change the traits of your pawns just as you want. For instance, you can manually control each individual trait of your pawn by using the wonderful Polarisbloc Core Lab mod. 

If you would want to be hands-off, though, and let the changes happen automatically, you can go for the People Can Change mod. This mod will enable the pawn traits to change organically over time.

Some gamers also use mods to increase game challenge. The People Can Change mod can be used in this way. As it modifies the traits organically outside of your control, there will be a greater challenge for the player in dealing with unexpected changes.

On the other hand, the Polarisbloc Core Lab mod can make the game easier as it lets you control the pawn traits with absolute precision. This might help you reach the higher levels in the game.

Now that you know how to remove traits in Rimworld, you can endow those pawns with any ability that you like. Try experimenting with a few combinations, and we wish you the best to develop a unique winning game plan. You are only limited by your imagination in this!

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