How to Get More Colonists In RimWorld? – 6 Easy Ways

Are you looking to increase your number of colonists in RimWorld? The main thing that you should know about it is that the storyteller that is being chosen by you when creating the game has a significant impact on the number of colonists you get in your colony at the start. Although your colony can have as many people as you wish, every storyteller has three variables that can influence the population in any way: minimum intended population, maximum intended population, and critical intended population.

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Population Variables of a Storyteller

The storyteller would attempt to provide you with the minimal desired population. You’ve probably seen that you get an escape pod and prospective new colonists quite early at the start of the game. That usually happens when you start a game with fewer players than the storyteller’s minimum population requirement.

The storyteller’s maximum intended population is the amount at which they will try to hold you as it gives the moderate number of colonists. There will be many other events if you have fewer colonists, which may lead to more individuals connecting to your colony (crashed discharge pods, people escaping from enemies, and so on).

The storyteller, furthermore, will try to suffocate the number of your colonists by activating enormous events once you reach the essential required population figure. It will also turn into a more complex, but not impossible, way to recruit inmates in that situation. These situations make it more challenging to build massive colonies that are dependent on the storyteller you choose, which brings the colonists to the next problem.

RimWorld is somehow intended to be played with a colony with 13 to 18 colonists in it, except for Randy, who is intended to be unusual. If you plan on establishing a large colony, Randy will let you get up to fifty colonists without causing you any trouble (or at least not any more complicated than he does even now), so you should choose him.

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Different Ways of Getting New Colonists

There are six ways of getting more people to join your colony. The list of certain events that can become the reason for many individuals joining your colony is as follows:

  1. The random person decided to join by seeing that you are in need. This event is often triggered as the storyteller of the game tries to fill in the gap of the minimum population at the beginning of a game.
  2. A wanderer whom you helped decided to join you. If you help someone in their hard time, they somehow consider themselves in your debt and will immediately connect to your colony. As of now, you’ll deal with his outcomes.
  3. By capturing downed raiders. During an assault when invaders have been knocked down, instead of being killed in your colony, you can catch them and then eventually recruit them as prisoners. The chances of urging a prisoner into joining your colony depend on the social skills of the warden of your colony. Also, keep in mind that if the captive is of some other group type, then that means you caught a local while playing as a colonist or as a clan. Although there is a considerable consequence to the chance of your recruitment, it’s still not impossible.
  4. By rescuing an injured person whose pod has crashed into your territory. It is the same as you helped a wanderer. If you rescue a disabled individual that crashed close to your colony, quite possibly he will choose to join you. If you desire to assure that person won’t leave you after getting healthy, you had better seize him instead of rescuing him. Then at that point, you can try and persuade him to join you like a normal prisoner.
  5. By buying slaves from slavers.  If you have enough money to buy one, you can buy a slave from traders that trade slaves for money. A slave’s price is determined by their health and abilities and normally ranges from 2000 to 3000 silver. Slavers can be found by visiting slavers’ colonies, or you can wait for them to visit your colony.
  6. By arresting friendly visitors. You can capture nice tourists and traders if this isn’t an ethical concern for you. Simply draught one of your people in your colony, right-click a pleasant visitor, and choose “Attempt to arrest.” It’s worth noting that there’s a potential he’ll oppose, causing his mates and the whole group to become enraged.

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