How To Hide UI In Black Desert Online?

Black Desert is a game that has a lot of features. One of these features is the user interface (UI). The UI provides essential information on your characters, inventory, and other aspects of gameplay. Another important aspect is the mini-map which displays information about enemy locations or other vital points. 

The user interface contains a lot of important information, and some players might find it distracting. If you do not like having the UI on and wish to disable it while playing, you have a few options available.

Having the option to hide the interface in all modes would be great. 

Not only does hiding the UI provide more viewing opportunities, but it also eliminates the pesky UI.

In this article, we’ll go over what you need to do to hide your UI so you can enjoy more immersive gameplay and take a screenshot of the surroundings.

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What is UI in BDO?

The user interface in Black Desert Online has multiple aspects. There is the user interface shown on the screen as well as a mini-map. The UI is composed of several menus and smaller windows that contain information such as your character’s health, crafting slots, inventory numbers, and other valuable tidbits. It contains information that players need to make progress in the game. Several features may not be desired by players, such as the displays of enemy locations or other vital points. The mini-map is found in the lower right-hand corner of the UI.

Why do you need to Hide UI in BDO?

Players might enjoy playing Black Desert Online with the UI enabled, but many others find it distracting. Players may take screenshots or stream their gameplay and may not want the UI to clutter the shot. There is also the disadvantage of moving the camera around to display your character in portrait view.

When to hide UI in Black Desert Online?

Sometimes, you want to play the game and forget about your characters. You also do not want pesky UI information popping up on your screen while playing. Specific actions, such as attacking a player or mining resources, will display your character’s health and item levels. If you are crafting items, the UI will appear while the character is working on an item.

Don’t overconsume your screen space by hiding information you don’t need. For disguising information that you do not need out in the open when playing, there are options available to hide UI. Let’s look at the option and the benefits behind it, so you can make your own choice based on what works best for you.

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How to hide UI in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online has several options that will allow you to configure the exact display of your interface, so you can play with the items you need and get rid of those that are not necessary. 

To hide the UI, you need to press “Ctrl+U” simultaneously, and there you go, the UI should disappear. Now you can take screenshots of your character’s surroundings.

If you want to unhide the UI, you have to do the same thing. Press ctrl+U simultaneously, and the UI will be back, but this time you can press it again, and it will stay off.

That is only temporary because after you log out, the UI is not hidden anymore. You can use the same method to hide the UI when you are playing the game.

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