How to AFK Fish in Black Desert Online?

The main aim of this guide is to help beginners with AFK fishing on Black Desert Online. Presently, there is not much clarity or information available for new AFK fishers in general.

After reading this article, AFK fishing enthusiasts will be able to grasp the tips and tricks regarding how to AFK fish in Black Desert Online.

All details covered here will add to the confidence level of those in AFK fishing.

AFK Fishing – Fun for Auto-Fishing Away From Keyboard

Fishing in BDO is a very simple yet fun activity. To begin, go to the docks, get a fishing rod, right-click on it to equip, and press space.

AFK fishing is quite different from standard fishing online. In normal fishing, pressing space and playing fishing minigames will help you catch fish even after getting a bite. However, if you are here to learn AFK-fish, the rules are not the same. You will have to press space but not before checking the box against throwing away useless items caught during auto fishing and letting the game begin. Whenever there is a bite, auto-catching of the fish begins only after a gap of 3 minutes, keeping you on wait. 

Once fish catching is over, the game will re-cast for auto-fishing. With this, you can get enough time to try something else along with Black Desert Online. Just do whatever you want; go to bed, drive to work and get back to see an inventory of fish that you can sell for silver.

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Key Points for AFK Fishing 

  1. There is a 3-minute time gap between casting and recasting your line in AFK fishing after you have a bite.
  2. Fishing speed has a negligible role in AFK fishing online.
  3. The success of your AFK fishing depends on the size of your fish inventory and the durability of the fishing rod you choose and use. The more inventory space and the higher the durability of your fishing rod, the better will be the outcome of AFK fishing.
  4. The durability of your fishing rod lessens while catching a fish. Make sure to use the blacksmith to repair the rod for a small cost (silver) before a new session starts.
  5. Some of the best fishing rods including balenos rod, Epheria, and many more are there in the BDO game with which you will be able to reduce AFK fishing time to some extent. Consider purchasing them in the Central Marketplace>Life Tools>Fishing Tools. 

Tips to Reach +5 Fishing Speed

Reaching +5 fishing is best to lower the duration of each casting session you have, bringing you more profit at last. Here are quick to follow tips for getting +5 fishing:

  • Register with a guild offering +2/3 bonus in the fishers.
  • Fetch +2 Silver Embroidered Fishing outfits for +2 bonuses in fishing.
  • Carry Fruit Wine and Balenos Meals to add +1 and +2 in AFK fishing respectively.
  • Having a Splat Fisher costume will add +1.
  • Getting a penguin pet for AFK fishing will add +1 to it.

Best Pets for AFK Fishing Black Desert Online

The penguin is considered the best pet to use in AFK fishing. It is worth choosing for decreasing the auto-fishing duration and increasing the chance of more inventory slots.

Brand Stone BDO

Brand stone reduces the loss of the durability of a rod working at the time of getting bitten or killed. It also works in favor of AFK fishing. It takes durability to 140 in place of 70, which boosts the AFK fishing time to 2X.

Pearl/Cash shop Outfit

Feel free to find a cash shop outfit for the kind of help you want. However, it is not as necessary as the processing outfit, without which you can’t do any kind of processing.

BDO – Where to Fish and Sell

You can’t afford to fish at any location as a beginner as more fishers come to that place, and resources may fall from abundance to average. Though it has nothing to do with the quality of fish you catch, it may extend the time you need for a catch.

If you care to go to small pockets of the ocean called hotspots that inhabit lots of high-quality fish than other locations, you will be less likely to wait for more to catch fish and not junks. If you want to optimize your AFK fishing efficiency, just avoid fishing in any exhausting location without a +5 fishing speed. It will save you from hanging on there for longer.

Being a novice, you can talk to and take fish by Heidel or Velia to start selling them without going through the hassle of catching them. Now freshness of the fish and the 3 hrs window also matter at the time of selling them. It will ensure you a reasonable price, or else it will start to depreciate gradually.

There is also an Imperial Fish Trader closer to the location of your fishing that is ready to offer the best price for the quality fish you have. You are less likely to strike a good margin with the trader in the initial stage of AFK fishing.

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How to trade for Ancient Crystal Relic shards in AFK?

Ancient Relic Crystal Shards drop when you AFK fish or farm throughout the night or for an extended period. There is a way to make something valuable from them.

If you are at a low level, you can save them and keep them together in inventory in the form of a + shape. Using a tiny button, you can combine shapes, creating a small ball-like crystal. It is called relic crystal summon scroll when made to run by Keplan.

Relic crystal runs often bring you improvement resources like black stones, memory fragments, and hunter seals. All these can be exchanged for black stone weapons or armor. You are recommended to either save or use relic crystals before they expire in a week. It’s simply because you can earn black stone armor in exchange for two hunter seals.

AFK fishing is largely the easiest and simplest way to advance AFK skills in the online world. It is an excellent source of money-making that may end in multi-million silver. Hopefully, you found this guide useful in your journey of AFK fishing in BDO.

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