Resident Evil Village (RE8) Dimitrescu Armory Guide

To complete Dimitrescu Armory’s objective in Resident Evil 8, find seven things in this section. Remember that Resident Evil 8 (Village) was developed by Capcom.

Once you beat Dimitrescu’s Daughter, the Resident Evil Village Armory, located on the second level (2F) of Castle Dimitrescu, is very easy to browse; nonetheless, some items may be overlooked. As a result, the locations of all Resident Evil Village Castle Armory objects required to make this region blue on the map are listed below.

Castle Armory Items

Before we get started, keep in mind that you’ll enter the castle bypassing the Pleasure Hole’s Western Hall. Don’t worry if you didn’t investigate that region; you’ll be back there in a few minutes.

After entering the Armory, the first hurdle that you will face is the boss fight. Here your priority is to defeat the boss. Try to use Pipe Bombs on the damaged or broken wall to accomplish this. After you’ve finished with her, grab the following stuff.

Crystal Torso

Since Dimitrescu’s Daughter drops it first, the Crystal Torso is the first. You can resell it to Duke if you get it.

Lock Pick & Pipe Bomb

When you open the map, look in the room’s northern corner. With an Animal Skull over you, the right side is the crucial location if you’re facing the fireplace. There will be two critical objects on the table below: A Lock pick and a Pipe Bomb.

Mounted Animal Skull

Now, look for the Mounted Animal Skull, which is located over the fireplace. Look more closely at it using your inventory after you’ve picked it up.

To get the Animal Skull, rotate the skull and then remove the screw on the back. If you recall the Castle Dimitrescu Objective, you must place this item on the statue in the Hall of Pleasure when you receive the mask.

Handgun Ammo & Shotgun

As you leave the Armory, there are two barrels on the right side, facing the door.

Shotgun ammo may be found on one of them, while Handgun ammo can be found on the one next to it. You may also have to smash a crate.

The Armory Objective Completed flag should appear on your map once you have the last two objects; however, you must also empty the hallway between this chamber and the Hall.

Rusted Scrap

When you leave the Armory, walk down the hallway towards the Hall and look to the right as you approach the hole in the wall.

A window may be seen and some Rusted Scrap on a bit of shelf close to it. Take it, and you’ll be able to empty the Armory corridor. Now concentrate on the Chamber of Pleasure since you’ll have to locate a problematic Crystal Piece there.

How to Exit the Chamber? (Hall of Pleasure)

After picking the mask, turn to the sculpture’s right and slide through the chimney towards the Armory to exit the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil 8 Village. Grab the rounds of ammo, lock pick, and pipe bombs scattered across the Area. One of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters will appear in the chamber at some time, so you’ll have to combat her. Please pick up the Crystal Torso from her remains once you’ve defeated her, then head to the western corner of the wall and grab the Mounted Skull.

After you’ve obtained the mounted skull, go to your inventory and study it. You can “investigate” a bolt if you spin it to see the back. The skull will be removed from the stand as a result of this action. Return to the Chamber of Pleasure and investigate the origins of the Mask of Pleasure. By placing the skull there, you’ll be able to close the door. That’s how you get out of the Resident Evil 8 Village Hall of Pleasure while also creating a genuinely metal work of art.

However, as you depart the chamber, you’ll be confronted by an enraged Lady Dimitrescu, so be prepared to flee and quickly place the helmets in their suitable placements. Afterward, things are just going to become progressively worse. However, we will not tell you what happens; you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Boss Fight Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu would be at the peak of some steps when you retake access. Shoot her a couple of times with the human-like appendage sticking out of her back till she flees.

Smash the vase at the top of the steps to get the pistol, rifle, and sniper rifle ammo. Try to chase Alcina to the left. She’ll chase you around a central tower in the next Area. Just keep beating up and firing your handgun or shotgun at her most human portion. 

She’ll ultimately fly away and land on another portion of the palace. Continue shooting her with your sniper rifle.

She’ll rush after you again and pursue you around. Continue firing.

Climb the stairs towards the top when she slams into the central tower. Ammunition for handguns and shotguns can be found by smashing the vases. Continue shooting until she breaks through the roof.

You’ll finally appear in a new region and grab the Diamond Dimitrescu after a brief cut scene.


Standing on the opposite side, swing left for corroded scrap. Take the stairs to the left for shotgun ammunition, and destroy the box for handgun ammunition.

One lockpick and three pipe bombs are on a table in the back right corner. As the last of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters arrives, grab those.

Slide the shelf to the side against the left wall. To dodge the daughter, use the pillar and the boxes in the middle of the room, then throw a hand grenade at the back wall you were exposed to.

Continue to kite her into the chilly air while defending yourself with your shotgun. Claim the crystal torso once she’s dead.

Check above the fireplace towards the west end of the room for a Mounted Skull. Examine your inventory by opening it and navigating to crucial goods. To transform it into an Animal Skull, turn it over and engage with the screw on the back. 

Return to the basement and pass through the fireplace.

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